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Jackson Hewitt Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Jackson Hewitt Company Corporate Address:

3 Sylvan Way Suite 301

Parsippany, New Jersey 07054 USA

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Customer Care and Support Phone Number: 1-800-234-1040
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Email Help & Chat: Contact Page
Website: JacksonHewitt
Corporate Stock Symbol: Private Company
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Jackson Hewitt Company Profile and Bio:

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service will find all the deductions and credits you deserve, no matter what your occupation or position. That means more money in your pocket.

Jackson Hewitt’s competition includes H&R Block, Liberty Tax Service, Credit Karma, and Intuit Turbo Tax.

Jackson Hewitt is a private company and they operate over 6,000 franchised and company owned locations in the USA. Many locations are located in Walmart Stores.

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  • I will never go to the one located in Cohoes, NY again. I wanted to file married but filing a seperate return. The representative told me I could not do that and that it was against the law. I lost all of my return because my spouse owed money to the IRS.

  • Just had a BEYOND horrific experience at a Jackson Hewitt office on 17th street in Sarasota Florida. I have never filed a complaint about anything but I feel the need to let people know. My taxes are fairly simple (I've done them myself until this year). The lady who was doing my taxes at the Jackson Hewitt office had to ask me to interpret the questions being asked on the computer….she didn't understand what they were asking in THEIR OWN TAX SYSTEM!! I had to "google" terms for her so she would understand what to input. I had 3 charitable donations that consisted of clothes, a bed, some household items,and a sofa. Putting the information for these took over an hour and consisted of her going back pages multiple times to fix things. At the end she told me the charge (over $300) and I asked her why it was so much. She stated that the "computer knows how long it takes and how many corrections I have to make." When trying to file she ended up having to call her supervisor to fix MORE things that she had messed up in the application. I told her I felt very uncomfortable filing. She never asked me how I wanted my refund and told me at the end that the check would be sent to the office and not my house because "we didn't pick that option"…she never asked me! Ultimately, I called and had them put a stop on filing that very same day because I didn't trust what had been done. Horrible, horrible, horrible experience.

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