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Cintas Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Cintas Corporate Office Headquarters

800 Cintas Boulevard, P.O. Box 625737
Cincinnati, OH 45262-5737 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-459-1200
Fax Number: 1-513-573-4030
Customer Service Number: 1-800-786-4367

  • For a company that swears they take care of the employees or partners rather is a joke all they have done is make my life harder I am on the brink of losing my house because the HR person in my location does not know what they are doing I was forced to take a leave of absence while being told I would be able to collect unemployment because they forced me to and come to find out I was disqualified because hr did the paper work wrong after they were asked to do it the right way so I have been without a paycheck for a while and all they said was I will try to fix what a bunch of monkeys I tell ya

  • Scot Farmer do the right thing and shut down the cintas factories we fo not feel safe coming into work we can't keep social distancing it's impossible .. Cintas claims safty first well do just that PUT OUR SAFTY FIRST! We do not feel safe coming into work and it's not right you should really shut down respect us we are more than just a number and we are way more important than clothes so please do the right thing

  • I've been getting harassed at work and the HR AND ALL supervisors only comment is they're working on it. More than 3 girls left the area due to being harassed feeling uncomfortable and nothing has changed !'

  • its time for Cintas Pittsburgh ca to face a law suit management constantly harasses people and I see this corporation dosnt take things seriously my step daughter works ther and as of today I will consult legal advice to stop harassment.

  • This is the second time I have contacted you about this problem. My son has worked for Cintas for several years. He is currently and has been for some time harassed at work. They are constantly making up things they cannot prove and writing him up. I have talked to Jennifer in HR and so has Chad about the constant harassment and the hostile workplace he has been working in. I think it is about time to hire an attorney to look into this situation. If they want to get rid of Chad, they should just fdire him instead of making his life a living hell to go to work. He is looking for a different job, but it shouldn't have come to this. This problem started when they wanted Chad to work in the warehouse instead of drive as he was hired. After driving for probably two years, they decided he should be certified to drive. He passed all the tests except they flunked him for certification on an interview. No one else was tested this way for certification. After they flunked and he didn't receive certification, they had him drive when they needed a driver. This company is known for being a good company to work for and having good relationships with their employees. There is a definite problem with the management in the Hays, Kansas depot. I would hope as this is my second time contacting you that someone will follow up on this situation. When someone is constantly harassed and blamed for things that cannot be proved he had anything to do with, a problem lays not with him, but with the management.

    • Holy molly I'm sorry to hear this woman's statement as i to had same experience much like Chad was summoned to jury duty and sent a pic of Summons and my supervisor decided to call and enter my pin and messed up the days on the auto system. When i went to HR they seemed to side with supervisor and suspended me for not having to go to jury duty and a suspended license which was not. They never showed proof or any documents showing DMV printout i was terminated on the circumstance of lying about jury duty and no license even when i offered to show all papers from court i was told no need for those the company has made their decision.

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