IRS Corporate Office Headquarters

IRS Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 
111 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20024
IRS Consumer Taxpayers: 1-800-829-1040
IRS Business Customers: 1-800-829-4933

  • Received automated call from 616-929-8786 claiming to be the IRS, number originated from Michigan. I assume this is a scam.

  • I received phone call that the IRS was trying to contact me about a lawsuit and to call #202-899-9350. I suspect that it was a scam.

  • I filed my tax in February 1, and they keep saying that they cannot let me know about my refund…So, what is the problem….haven't gotten any email confirmation please help me……..

  • I received a call and caller left a voicemail which was a robotic sounding female voice and all she (it) said was to call 410-500-5203. I dialed it and a man with non-Canadian / non-USA English Speaking accent and very garbled, poor connection and said " IRS. " I believe this may be a scam. My husband and I all ready filed 2016 TAX RETURN at beginning of February 2017.

  • Received 2 calls today from Century/ Florida phone number 850 366 2946 claiming the IRS was filing a law suit against me and needed my lawyer to call back
    I called back and they hang up on me 3 times and blocked the phone number after I ask them what the problem was ?

  • I am writing in regards to "The Church of Scientology" , I don't know if any one there has been watchin Leah Remini : Scientology and the Aftermath, This church is getting away with so many crimes including pulling the wool over your eyes to what they are doing with there money, they also abuse people, take peoples money ,lives, split up families, they say they are using the money they get from people and using to buy building, when in actuality the leader of the church is pocketing the money allegedly! It is jus to sad thet they can do this when any any one of us would be thrown in jail for evading taxes? Some one really has to start looking into this and I mean seriously looking into it, I have already contacted the FBI and they wrote me back with " thank you for your tip" , don't even know if they are really going to do anyting, I am going to write them again today and until someone listens and investigates this supposed church!! I will write as often as I can and to as many people as I can , maybe someone sit down and watch her special and maybe that will open some ones eyes? Please do something they can't continue harming children a crime stealing money from people a crime, abuse in general a crime etc.
    thank you, Nancy

  • Received a call from phone number 844-829-2391, stating that we have a problem with the IRS. He gave the name David Hall, said he is an IRS Officer. Asked what the call was about and he gave several different answers about my case & insistently asked for my name. Told him that how could you give out any info about me & not knowing who I am.
    True enough, this is a scam and informed them clearly that I will report this incident.

    • Just got the same call from the same number, except I didn't answer. Received a very garbled voicemail about taxes and to call them back.

    • I just received a call from a lady Indian accent stating she's from the IRS number 314 207 6260 from the west coast?

  • I've been waiting since February for my tax return and I can't ever get someone in the phone to tell me why I haven't received it. All I keep getting is the automated service, which tells me nothing!! Wtf!!!

  • There is a spam/extortion call coming from New York from phone number (347) 418-0609, saying that they are the IRS. I just got the call.

    • I'm getting a call from (516) 210-2685 saying I have an arrest warrant and there is a case filed against me. Thing is I have no issues at all with the IRS.

  • Eric Socks, lawn care,plumber,carpenter,etc makes alot of cash money every year and I almost bet

    he doesn't file a return..always ask me for cash…I have I give him thousands of dollars for Landscape

    and other work…ceiling in basement

  • Complaint filed today, with FTC for telephone fraud. Jason Miller and Christopher Paul, both named in the complaint.

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