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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a U.S. federal government agency headquartered in Washington, D.C. Below are comprehensive details about the IRS’s headquarters, its responsibilities, and the services it provides to the American public.

How To Contact The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Headquarters

IRS Corporate Office: Overview

  • IRS Headquarters Address: 1111 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20224, USA
  • IRS Phone Number: 1-800-829-1040 (for individual tax inquiries)
  • IRS Business Customers: 1-800-829-4933
  • Website: irs.gov

IRS Corporate Office

Map and Directions To IRS Headquarters HQ

A Snapshot of The Internal Revenue Service’s Role

The Internal Revenue Service, established in 1862, is the revenue service of the United States federal government. The agency is responsible for collecting taxes and administering the Internal Revenue Code, the main body of federal statutory tax law. It is a part of the Department of the Treasury and led by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

The IRS’s Responsibilities and Services

The IRS’s primary function is to collect federal taxes, including individual income tax, corporate tax, and taxes on estates and gifts. Additionally, the agency issues tax refunds, processes tax returns, and enforces tax laws to ensure compliance. The IRS also offers various taxpayer services, including assistance programs, educational resources, and online tools to aid in tax preparation and filing.

The IRS’s Commitment to Tax Administration and Public Service

The IRS is dedicated to fair and efficient tax administration. The agency is committed to assisting taxpayers in understanding their tax responsibilities, providing accessible services, and enforcing tax laws in a manner that respects taxpayer rights and promotes compliance. Other government agencies and semi-goverment agencies include AAFES.

Why Trust This Information?

This overview provides essential information about the IRS, aimed at offering insights into the agency’s functions, responsibilities, and services. As a crucial component of the U.S. federal government, the IRS plays a significant role in the country’s fiscal operations and public service.


This content is for informational purposes only and is not affiliated with the Internal Revenue Service or the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

IRS Corporate Office Feedback and Inquiries

For questions or assistance with tax-related matters, individuals and businesses are encouraged to utilize the resources and contact options available through the IRS’s official website and customer service channels.

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