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Stater Bros Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. Anon, PLEASE do some reseach!! Thanksgiving is NOT a christian holiday lol, Native Americans practiced your white version of Thanksgiving called "THE GREEN CORN DANCE" for centuries BEFORE whites invaded North America!! If you really want to believe that the pilgrims invented it just ask how many people in England celebrate Thanksgiving even today or if their ancestors practiced it?? Fractured American lying history. WHITEWASHED AS USUAL. The Native Americans saved the whites from starvation and that is the TRUTH.

  2. I just finished shopping at the Staters in Perris off Nuevo Rd. I made a little inquiry at the butcher counter and got the best, friendliest service and custom packaging- all with a big smile. Not 2 minutes later I was jumping up and down to reach a package on a top shelf and got help from one of your courtesy staff members ( and no cracks or short jokes….).Your cashier was friendly and chatty . This area is blessed.

  3. Today at 4:15 PM we went to the Lake Arrowhead store. We spend a lot of money there and were appalled at the treatment we received from a checker, Brian Z. He was running our items through the scanner and then throwing them at the bagger. He did this so fast that things were getting crushed and he mixed our things in with the next customers items. We told the store manager but he didn't seem to care. We'll be calling corporate tomorrow, (you're closed now), and you're going to get an ear full. If this isn't fixed, we won't be shopping there EVER AGAIN. We are local – not flatlanders.

  4. They are selling expired bread and Ispoke to the store manager and he said that they been told from coorporate that they can still sell it till it expires. I told him that customers buy groceries for the whole week and if you are planing to eat the bread on the 5th or 6th day after you purchased it, the expiration date will already be overdue. He said that nobody should get sick eventhough it expired a week ago. Si my question is, why put an expiration date on food if manager are saying you can still eat them a week after they expired and nothing will happen to you. This happen today at the store in Moreno Valley located at the corner of Iris and Lassell.

  5. Shopping your Big Bear Store a here is a guy with 3 dogs in his shopping cart, then as I am at the meat counter here comes another guy with a lab what are all dogs welcome. I am shopping at Vons now

  6. I had a horrible incident at th collins location in orange. I got hit and verbally abused by a psycho customer ahead of me and as a result no management on floor did anything about it and cashier named C**** lied and said i had been drinking when i hadnt and therefore they wouldnt ring me up for my purchases and the chic got off scott free. Good job stater bros dor practicing what you preached , NOT! Remember to care about your customers

  7. I have been going to the Stater Bros on Main Street and 9th street for 26 years. I have been greatly satisfied with the service and friendly atmosphere the store manger has produced. The store manager is excellent and easy to talk to. In the 26 year, I only recently been treated unkindly and insultingly against my wife and me. I know the store manager knows who I am talking about. This will not stop me from shopping at Stater Bros. But different store location.

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