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Foot Locker Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Foot Locker Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Foot Locker, Inc.
Official Address:
112 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10120 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-720-3700
Fax Number: 1-212-553-7026
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-863-8932
International Customers: 1-715-261-9588

Foot Locker’s competitors are DSW, Finish Line, Walmart, Payless, Shoe Carnival, Shoe Pavilion, and Macy’s. Foot Action is now Foot Locker.

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  1. I made my 1st purchase online and the fit was snug so I opt to exchange. I called the customer service line to receive a return label but was hesitant would get the new size in time for my International travel as this was a gift.

    I went to my local store however there was no size so they ordered it for me.

    I paid online $89.99 for the initial shoe. Once I received the shipping confirmation for the new size I noticed a price drop to $49.99. I then called customer care and to my surprise they ordered me a 15% discount and not my $40 back.

    I asked to speak to a manager, the manager KIARA OR KERA was the rudest person ever. I have worked in sales, food, government entities and never have I ever …in retail. This "person" KIARA took it upon herself to dismiss my questions on clarification of of "policy" and hung up on me. She never took the time to even listen to my concerns or see what options the may have been available. This is a horrible representation of your company and shows the lack of ethics, morals and utter disregard to customers hard working money. In these time to just throw away $40. Seriously do better!! I will be returning that stupid shoe when it arrives and will definitely not be purchasing again.

  2. Bought the "jordan 3's" , got a confi email and a tracking number. WEEKS WENT BY didn't get any updates! Called twice asking about my order and all I got was " Sorry, we can't track your package! Call back in 3 days to get a refund or have us ship a new pair!". Well, I wanted the shoe, but turns they never shipped them out and they did not have them in stock anymore! Not cool and very disappointed!!!

  3. Order # V3000169109

    This is my third email to you guys. I received my package yesterday and one of the packaging boxes the shoes came in was already open. 1 shoe was missing. I happened to see the ups driver again and he was able to take the package back. Can you send me the sneakers again or refund me my money please. This is unacceptable and I will not be ordering from you guys again. It’s been almost a week since my last email and I received no response. Unbelievable!! Footaction response was basically “not our problem” You guys are a freaking joke!! Are you serious? So basically u guys took my money? You did not send me what I payed for and now I’m the one who suffers for it? I am a my choice customers but I live in a 10 story building and every time ups leaves a package at my door (which usually goes missing because I live in the Bronx) I always get my money back no questions ask. This is unbelievable! Enjoy my $90 bucks I will be sure to let everyone know how you guys stole my money!!!!
    Thank you for nothing!!

  4. I have been shopping for the longest time at Foot Action. I had the most horrific incident at one of the Foot Actions stores in NJ. I will never shop there again, employee was rude, abusive, and demeaning to me when all I wanted was to exchange a pair of shoes. he was even rude to a fellow employee. To top it all off I still have not been able to reach anyone at Foot Actions headquarters. but will be filling a complaint

  5. I purshased a pair of nike shoes i did not try them at the store because i had sandals on i went home tryed them on but fitted a little tight.i go back to the store almeda in houston tx the girl did not want to return them because they had a little bit of dirt on the bottom.iam very frustrade i would understand if they were very dirty worn out well i wouldnt even go back.Very disapointed with foot action would i recommended sorry but i would give yall 0 if i could do a survey.And i would try to get new employees at this location no customer service at all. she would of said i dont have those kind but i can help you with some other kind.She just said no thank you very mutch have a good night

  6. I ordered a pair of shoes. Footaction sent me an email saying my order was cancelled along with a coupon. I called to place a new order with the coupon they sent and was told I couldn’t use it. So why send me the freaking coupon if I can’t use it?

  7. I made a purchase, opened the box when I arrived home. The shoe didn’t look like the display shoe, as a result my son did not want them. I purchased the shoes at the Oakwood Mall (Gretna location). But I went to the Esplanade Mall (Kenner location) because it was closest to me for the return. The associate in the store told the cashier do not do the return, she would handle it. After standing in line for atleast 8-10 minutes, with three other associates working the floor the associate opened the box and stated I couldn’t return the shoes for three days, it was a release shoe, and she is not allowed to return new releases on the same day. I asked to speak with a Manager because that policy is not listed on the receipt or in the store, she stated she was the Store Manager. So I asked her to call someone who was above her and she refused, instead she called Mall Security. I asked her name because the name tag she was wearing did not state her name. She refused to tell me, I heard someone call her Emily. She is a Caucasian Female. She was very condescending and unprofessional. I can not believe a Store Manager would behave in that manner. I called the Customer Service and was transferred to a Voicemail, and I still have not received a return call. As a customer I would like to speak with someone to address the issue.

  8. I did a in store online order for some Jordans on July 27th and I got them shipped to the store because the cashier didn't know how to work it to ship it to my home. About 5 days later I call to see if my shoes are there and they tell me no! So I call the 800 # for tracking to ask and they say that my package was shipped to the store Thursday August 3, and signed for! So I call Footaction) Mall of Stonecrest in Lithonia,Ga) again and they again state they don't have my package. The manager was very very rude and didn't even acknowledge me only a sales associate did. I then waited days and the package was apparently missing. After it all I went into stores again to see if the shoes could be ordered once I did that they reorder the shoe on Monday August 7th. So then 2 days after on August 9th I check my voicemail and Jake called me to say that the shoes that I ordered were not in stock anymore and I needed to go get my refund. Big disappointment because I have been waiting 2 weeks and also this was a gift! So now I feel as if I look bad.

  9. I had such a horrible experience with footaction. I never shop with footaction and last week was my first time March 2017. I ordered a pair of jordans online to be picked up in store. I get to the store and fro some reason my order was cancelled and no one called more to tell me. The manager on 87 and the dan ryan in Chicago, Steph I believe was his name, was very rude. He told me there was nothung he could do to help me. I said what about my money he said I had to take that up with customer service. Another customer was gonna let me use a discount card she had and he responded to his employee hurry and get her out of here. He continued to yell across the store at me. I ask the nice cashier for his name and he yelled again and told the lady to write it in big letters. He was very rude and unprofessional. This was my first time ordering from foot action and my last. I am still waiting almost a week and a half for them to return my money. As the manager he did nothing to show he was sorry my order was cancelled.

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