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Puma Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Puma Corporate Office Headquarters

1 Congress Street
Suite 110
Boston, MA  02114
Corporate Phone Number: 1-617-488-2900


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  1. I purchased a 2019 Puma Destination Model on 8/10/2018 from HW Motor Homes in Canton Michigan. Ive had the unit 4 months. Last week the stove quit working. The dealership passed the buck and told me to call the manufacturer to get it fixed. They couldn't even give me a number to call. This week the furnace and stove vent and light quit working. Called the dealership again and they told me I have to bring it in to them. The unit is parked in a driveway and being used while a house gets fixed from fire damage. Moving it would mean the family would not have a place to sleep until it is back out of the shop. I asked them to send a mobile unit. They said no. A tech there asked me to take apart the thermostat to check the wires and then wanted me to disconnect the ceiling cover to look inside the AC unit. I told him I do not feel comfortable taking things apart since the unit is only 4 months old and still under warranty. I do not want to void any warranty like that. I told them it is a Park model and not easy to move. The owner told me to get a mobile service guy myself and pay for it. They are not fixing it and hung up on me. He also told me it is not meat to be lived in. It is only 4 months old and was brand new. Destination models are meant to be lived in, thats why they are named destination models. The rude owners name is Jeff White 734-231-5132

  2. Hello,
    My credit card was used by someone to make an internet purchase from PUMA. I called on the day it the purchase was made. I was told that your fraud dept would call me back which did not happen. I called back on 8-19-16 @ 12:00 and hit a total deadend with your company. Ashley a supervisor expressed to me that she did not have any other phone numbers to give to me so that I may place a call about this fraud and that she was the only one whom I could talk with. Do you realize that I feel that PUMA stole from me. PUMA accepted a credit card that did not match any billing address nor have a security code to place the order. So with my last $250.00 I just bought some unknown thief new shoes and PUMA gladly accepted my money. PUMA had time to stop this order from going out and instead let it go ( I assume) out and could have gotten my money back to me. PUMA has not idea what situation this left me in and doesn't care. And PUMA cannot even give me a phone number for their fraud department or any other higher authority to help in this matter. Instead I received a dead end that ended with a Supervisor named Ashley at the Customer Service. Thank You PUMA for stealing my money! And yes I have filed police report and spoke with my bank. Which does not help with my situation of not having enough money to get to work

  3. There is a Puma ad displayed at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL showing one of the Kardashians on a public phone holding two heavily chained dogs. We who love bully breeds find this offensive. These dogs do not need heavy chains around their necks! Puma should be ashamed for using any breed, especially pitbulls in such a negative advertising display!

  4. I just finished watching a NASCAR race,and the winner Brad Kesolowski,was sponsored by puma,on his driver's suit,undershirt for everyone to see,but yet I noticed he's wearing Adidas shoes,whats the story there?

  5. Where are my items? order, number CA31050847
    this is a bad experience with web order, order has been split, no update on one of the parcel, Customer services are not enable to help, told me to wait for 10 more days to see what’s going on with carrier, I have been waiting for a week already, and I have to wait for 10 others days, and they are not sure if I’ll get my items or no, so who know what is the next step.
    I’ll complain to the head office, this is not the crevice that I’m expected to get from PUMA

  6. I recently purchased white sport socks for my husband and grandson, they came in a six pack with a hard clear 5"x5" plastic piece, I presume for packing purposes; the problem is it is not recyclable therefore will remain in a landfill for decades or float in our oceans till some large mammal unknowingly consumes it. Please begin using recyclable material in your packaging. I do not want my grandchildren living in a plastic wasteland. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Gary Waterhouse

  7. Dear ,sir /Madam . I have been puma lover of your shoes for one main reason , Because of your Best Ambassador Usain Bolt . After seeing him in your shoes the puma sport bmw , and asking him about the shoes . make me love wearing your shoes .

    On November 28,2014 , I went to your Puma store in the Ellenton mall and purchase the Puma sport bmw future cat M1big size 9 , . I ask the store clerk for a size 9 she said that they were out but I said to her that I would take the size 9 Display on the shelf if she give me a discount on it . Her reply was no take it or leave it that it , I did buy the shoes because Usain Bolt convince me that they are very comfortable to drive in and I did love them .
    But I was very disappointed in the store clerk behavior I don't no if I want to buy a next Puma shoes a gain , after your Best Ambassador make me wear and love your shoes ..

    This is the information on my purchase November 28,2014 ,12:59 PM store number.941-722-7999. Cashier#105378 ,Clerk #109625 , Register#6 , my Receipt #81261 .

    Having great Ambassador like Usain bolt wearing your shoes and getting me to love them I am very disappointed at the customer services at your store . here is my Email address ,garthluxry@aol.com . Looking forward to your reply sincerely Garth.

  8. I have a set of Puma golf shoes which I want to replace…the CPC number is 1207 and the article number is 18301601 On the bottom it has "smart quill" for cleates….also has gore-tex on it as well…do you make this type of golf shoe anymore……..

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