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DSW Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact DSW Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

DSW Inc.
810 DSW Drive
Columbus, OH 43219 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-237-7100
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-866-379-7463
Website: DSW.com

DSW’s competitors are Finish Line, Foot Locker, Payless, Shoe Carnival, Famous Footwear, Shoe Pavilion, and Macy’s.

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  1. I ordered a pair of Gucci sneakers on March 05. 2021, today is March 15, 2021 and I have yet to receive them. I tracked the item with Fedex(who is the absolute worst for delivery) and they keep saying due to bad weather the packaged is delayed. Everyone in America knows that we dont have bad weather in TN especially right now. I called DSW asking for a full refund and this guy Ronnen(supervisor) said I needed to wait for FEdex to deliver the item. Well, Ronnen when FEDEX does deliver the item DSW will get it back. I paid my money and I don't expect a run around for my item that I paid hundreds of dollars for. I will also be sending a complaint letter to the corporate office to let them know how DSW service stinks and they need to use another courier besides FEDEX cause their service stink as well. I will NEVER place another order with DSW.

  2. We here in Brick,NJ, had a GRAND OPENING FOR DSW SHOES.
    The email that was sent to me said that if you go (while supplies last) you would get a free yoga tote. When my daughter and I went I bought a pair of sneakers. Anyway, I asked about the FREE YOGA TOTE and if there were any left. The girls all replied that corporate didn't send the store any totes at all so we couldn't get a free tote. I am writing because it's false advertising on the part of DSW Corp. My daughter and I always shop at DSW & love the place but are so disappointed and upset that we missed out on out FREE YOGA TOTE BAG. Barbara Raia Curto barb732@yahoo.com.

  3. This is issue is regarding one of your customer representative I had a chance to speak with when having an issue with my account. The customer service representative was Paul and he ask for my name, phone number and social security number. Under no circumstances will I ever give my social security number over the phone and I don't believe it’s a standard practice for any customer service representative to ask for it when looking at someone’s account information for shoes. I do hope you look into this issue since it’s a serious matter and this is a raise of concern since some people may do so unknowingly to what it may lead to.

  4. DSW headquarters need to start checking on who they have to manage and represent their brand. Manangement at the Promanade location in Little Rock Ar is the absolute worst. He has lost about 12 co-workers in the past 2 months. He thinks you should come in when he wants you to work. They ask you to put in avaliability hours and when you put them in –he never gives it to you–he gives you every unavaliable hours that you did not request. And dont ask for a holiday off. You come in on time everyday, you cover other people shifts because everyone has quit, and you stay over and come in on your OFF day, and still can get one day that you request off. Headquarters check your roster and see how many people has quit within th elast 2 months at your Little Rock Arkansas location. Poorest management ever!! And you wonder why places never can keep GOOD DEPENDABLE WORKERS

  5. I placed an order online on Thanksgiving Day in order to get the getaway bag you were offering. I received an email today, Friday November 28th , that the getaway bag was not included on my order. Although I used your promo code which showed up at the end of the order, apparently I needed to put the bag in as a line item. At no point in the order process did itsay you had to do that. I am so upset that I took the time to order on Thanksgiving Day and now I wont be receiving the getaway bag. I used up the balance of my gift cards so I could spend enough to get the. Getaway bag.
    I have to say that in speaking with Sara at your customer service dept who was less than sympathetic to this issue I still feel unsatisfied with your company. I feel that this was a sneaky way to not supply enough bags to all of your online customers. Had I known that this would have happened I would have gladly gone directly to the store on Friday. But of course I didnt know it wasnt included until all of the bags are out of stock. The only thing Sara could offer was $15 off of my order which doesn't cover the value on the bag.
    I hope that something else can be done to get me the getaway bag.

    A very dissapointed customer.

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