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DSW Corporate Office 

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DSW corporate office is located in Columbus, Ohio. Below are comprehensive details about DSW corporate headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company, along with its major and minor competitors in the footwear and retail industry.

How To Contact DSW Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

DSW Corporate Office – Overview

DSW Corporate Office

Map and Directions To DSW Corporate Headquarters

A Snapshot of DSW’s History

Founded in 1991, DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) has become a leading branded footwear and accessories retailer offering a wide selection of shoes for various occasions. Known for its vast assortment of styles, DSW caters to fashion-conscious consumers seeking quality and value in their footwear choices.

The Footwear and Retail Industry and DSW’s Position

In the competitive retail footwear market, DSW competes with major chains like Foot Locker, Payless ShoeSource, and Famous Footwear, Shoe Carnival, Macy’s as well as online retailers such as Zappos and Amazon. DSW differentiates itself with its extensive selection of designer and brand-name shoes, appealing store layouts, and a rewarding customer loyalty program.

DSW’s Customer-Centric and Fashion-Forward Approach

DSW is dedicated to providing a superior shopping experience. The company emphasizes a customer-centric approach, offering a variety of styles and sizes, engaging in-store experiences, and an easy-to-navigate online platform. DSW also focuses on staying ahead of fashion trends to meet the evolving tastes of its customers.

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DSW Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with DSW’s products and services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable in helping others understand the company’s commitment to offering a wide range of fashionable footwear and delivering a satisfying shopping experience.

DSW Return Warning

May 2, 2024

Warning that future returns may not be accepted! I returned a pair of shoes and when my receipt printed the associate read to a warning printed out on the bottom of my receipt that future returns, with or without a receipt, may be denied. This is due to me returning more shoes than I have kept. They use a 3rd party to determine who receives this warning. I called the 3rd party, The Retail Equation, and they were unable to assist. I spoke to DSW customer care and they were unable to assist. They gave me a corporate phone #, however, if you do not know an extension, it goes to an operator who does not exist and then the call drops. I have not made excessive returns, perhaps 10 over a year. I drive to the store to do my returns even if the order was placed online. This is pathetic. If they think they are scaring me into keeping shoes that do not fit or are uncomfortable, they are mistaken. The quality has gone down. Most shoes are being made of manmade material which makes them less comfortable. I do hope someone from DSW contacts me. I will not shop there until I know for sure that if I so choose, I will be able to make a return.


No receipt for proof of return

December 24, 2023

I find it hard to believe you can go into the store and return a pair of shoes and leave without proof you returned them. What a terrible system especially in a world where fraud is prevalent.


DSW Home Office - DSW Cancelled My Order

November 29, 2023

DSW cancelled my order and then did not honor the full discounted price on wanting to purchase another pair!

I am really disappointed!

Suzi Geiger

DSW has no bags to put shoes in when you purchase - Disappointed!

December 13, 2022

It is awful to purchase shoes and not be provided a bag to carry them out of the store. I understand going green, but there are bags that can be made out of recycled materials. I will not be shopping at DSW in the future due to this issue. Thank you!

Valencia Scott
Corporate Office Headquarters