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  • Famous Footwear Corporate Office Headquarters

Famous Footwear Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Famous Footwear Corporate Office Headquarters

Famous Footwear Parent Company

Caleres Inc.

Famous Footwear Headquarters HQ Address:

8300 Maryland Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri 63105 USA

Famous Footwear Websites:

Homepage: FamousFootware.com

Jobs: Career Page

Email and Chat: Contact Page

Famous Footwear Corporate Office Phone Number:


Customer Support Phone Number:


More Phone Numbers:

Human Resources HR: 1-314-854-4000
Credit Card: 1-800-433-0091

Company Profile and Bio:

Famous Footwear competes in the shoe retail space. Some of their top competitors include Foot Locker, DSW, Amazon, Walmart, Shein, Payless, Shoe Carnival, Shoe Pavillon, and Journeys.

The company carries popular shoe brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Timberland, Converse, Dr. Martens, Crocs, Vans, Skechers, and Hey Dude.

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  1. My name is David Carrillo jr and I wanted to make a complaint. My and wife went to one of your stores in Sierra Vista Az. We went to make a return and the manager was very not so very patient with my wife and started to yell at my wife saying that my wife was yelling and that was not the case my wife speaks pretty loud but does not yell. The manager even called security and all the customers started leaving the store because the manager was yelling. The manager ended up deciding not to make a return. This experience was not very pleasant. Something must be down about this and I am reaching out to see if someone can help me.

  2. I was shopping at your Highland, Indiana store on the date of February. 17, 2023 with my niece who was getting a pair of shoes. Unfortunately, there was an issue at the Kohl's next door with shoplifters that spilled over into the parking lot involving the police. Due to amount of police presence and the sound of gun fire (which is very unusual in this area), the person working whose name is Stephanie quickly sprang into action and secured the front doors. She then instructed everyone to go to the back of the store to ensure that everyone was safe. She handled everything very well and when possible, communicated with the officers on site to update all of us.

    My 11-year-old niece was very scared, as was everyone else but being a manager of a business, I felt much better with Stephanie and the way she handled the whole situation. We can all train for these situations, but it does not mean we can keep it together when needed, and Stephanie did.

    I apologize for the delay in sending this, but I do hope that this is shared with her, so she knows what a great job she did in such a scary situation.

  3. I have shopped at the outlet in Centralia for 10 years, the selection and friendly helpful staff keep me returning. I went a few days ago and was “ greeted” by Debbie. I was told I must put my handbag behind the counter or leave. She said my custom one-of-the-kind leather tote was a reusable shopping bag. I’m required to leave my wallet and personal effects With the employees? I wish I could show you a photo of this gorgeous bag so you can see how wrong this mean lady was. Bad for business
    So I can’t shop there until I get a new bag?

  4. Last Sunday we went into your store, as a family. This was the 2nd time we have ever been in there. I found a pair of shoes, had my husband try some on. He liked them. We waited in line for a few minutes, before someone checked us out. I noticed the one pair rang up at $69.00 instead of $39.00, like signage said. The cashier checked, went and got manager. She said I can not give them to you for that price, it's too much off, even if sign was in the wrong spot. She didn't offer anything. We didn't end up getting those then, just my pair. Later thinking about this they were both kinda rude to us. If we had lived in town I would of taken the other pair back and told them I will never shop in their store again. I took a picture of the signage if you would like to see it. Manager said, a kid must of switched them around with shoe next to it.

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