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Telus Head Office 

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Telus Home Office Overview

Telus Company Bio:

Telus Corporation is a Canadian multinational telecommunications company, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 1990, Telus offers a range of telecommunications products and services including wireless and wireline internet and telephony, television, and IP-broadband. Known for its commitment to customer service and innovation, Telus is one of Canada’s leading telecom providers.

Telus Headquarters:

Telus Corporate Headquarters 510 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V6B 0M3 Canada

Telus Contact Information:

Telus Corporate Office Phone: 1-604-695-6500

Telus Customer Service Number: 1-888-811-2323

Telus Website: Telus.com

Telus Head Office

Map and Directions To Telus Head Office Canada

Telus Services and Products:

Telus provides a diverse array of telecommunications services, such as:

  • Mobile phone services
  • Internet and broadband services
  • Digital television services
  • Home phone services
  • IT and cloud-based solutions for businesses

Telus Customer Focus:

Telus caters to a broad spectrum of customers, ranging from individual consumers to large enterprises. The company is focused on delivering high-quality service and innovative technology solutions, prioritizing customer satisfaction and connectivity.

Telus Competitors:

In the Canadian telecommunications market, Telus competes with other major players like Rogers Communications, Bell Canada, and Shaw Communications. These companies offer similar services and vie for leadership in terms of coverage, service quality, and technological advancement.

Telus Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Customers often commend Telus for its network reliability, customer service responsiveness, and range of service options. Some areas, such as pricing and plan flexibility, might see mixed reviews.

Telus Customer Complaints and Issues:

Common complaints might revolve around service outages, billing issues, or specific customer service experiences. Telus generally addresses these through its dedicated customer support channels.


Telus continues to be a key player in the Canadian telecommunications landscape, known for its robust network infrastructure, customer-centric services, and ongoing commitment to technological innovation. The company’s diverse service offerings cater to a wide range of telecommunication needs, making it a preferred choice for many Canadian customers.

Telus Head Office - Terrible service

November 16, 2023

Had new windows put in. The sensors were not put in the right spot by a Telus tech. Last night my alarm sounded every five minutes. The police were here at 2 am. I had NO SLEEP,!! I called to have this checked as i live alone they cant come for a day and a half. Terrible service!! This means no sleep and fear. The neighbours heard it all night too.

Eleanor Connors
Corporate Office Headquarters