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Shaw’s Corporate Office 

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Shaw’s Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. This post offers detailed information about Shaw’s, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company’s operations and offerings.

Contacting Shaw’s Supermarkets Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Shaws Corporate Office: An Overview

Shaw's Corporate Office

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Shaw’s Supermarkets: Serving New England Communities

Shaw’s Supermarkets, established in 1860, stands as one of the oldest continuously operated supermarkets in the United States. With a strong presence in New England, Shaw’s offers a full range of grocery items, including fresh produce, meat, bakery, and deli products, catering to the local community’s needs.

The Grocery Retail Sector and Shaw’s Market Position

Within the competitive grocery retail sector, Shaw’s operates alongside other supermarket chains, distinguishing itself with a focus on quality products, customer service, and a commitment to the communities it serves in New England. Competitors in the US and world wide include ASDA, ACME, Tops Markets, and The Food Emporium.

Shaw’s Dedication to Quality, Variety, and Community Engagement

Shaw’s is committed to providing a wide variety of high-quality products at competitive prices. The supermarket chain is known for its community engagement initiatives, supporting local suppliers and farmers, and participating in community service and charitable activities.

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Sharing Your Experience with Shaw’s Supermarkets

We encourage you to share your experiences with Shaw’s Supermarkets, from their product offerings to their community involvement. Your insights assist others in understanding Shaw’s operations and commitment to serving the New England communities.

Shaw's Vulger Cashier Gloucester Mass

January 2, 2024

Dear Shaws, Please give your employees some immediate Customer Service Tutorials. My experience in your Railroad Ave was beyond intimidating! I was double-charged today, so I went in there to rectify that error. I proceeded to make a small purchase of 6 yogurts and 1 bacon. The bacon was on sale for $ 4.99. It rang up on sale at 6.99. I told the young Man it was on sale. He said must be a coupon, can I see your phone? I told him I sent the coupon to my card from Home. He looked dumbfounded and said “You can’t send it ” -I said most certainly could do it all the time. He said you have to clip it! Okay, I said, used the wrong wording – I clipped it !! The young man said, let me see your phone. Again, I do not have the app on my phone. He said then you did not clip it. Yes, I did, I replied. I did it from my Computer. Do I need to go home and get my laptop ?? Then I said, okay the Bacon is not needed this evening please take it off. His response was ‘ SHUT THE F UP AND PAY !!! I so held in my old lady rage paid for the purchase minus the bacon. I picked up the bag of yogurts, turned to him, and said “You know young man, if you going to work in Customer Service, it would behoove you to a)Be polite, Never yell just pay, and you never tell them to SHUT THE F.. up !!! To a Customer or a Woman ./older Woman. Shaws has typically provided poor customer service – but tonight it went beyond poor to shameful

rebecca lynn fitzgerald

Unposted policies at Shaw's

December 23, 2023

Went to Shaw’s in Hudson, MA today to get a roast for Christmas – $5.99/lb special. I did not see the fine print that a $25.00 purphase before the roast was required. Since this was our last stop of the day we only had a few Items. Bought the roast and a few items, thought the total was high, asked the cashier if it took off for the roast and he said yes. Walking out of the store at 11:14am I see that I was charged $8.99/lb. Walked right back in to the “In” door and went the the service desk. Amanda told me I needed a $25.00 purchase to get that price. I told her I wanted to return the roast. She said she would get the manager. I waited 15 minutes for her to show up. I reviewed the POSTED return policy – cash/debit with receipt – no problem, no exclusions listed. Amanda tells me the manager will not allow a return of the roast – manager still hasn’t come to the service desk. Manager finally shows up – I was hot after waiting 15 minutes and says that there are “no returns on perishables” (not posted) and that she didn’t know I was waiting for her. Said I had to buy $15.00 more items to get the savings – The savings was $14.00. I am done with this place. Have shopped here for 30 years, through Victory then Hannaford and now Shaw’s. Never have sale items in stock and just rude. Register receipt was at 11:13am, I waiting 15 minutes for manager to come to the desk, left store at 11:35. Last time for me.

Barb Corey

Attn. Shaws Corp. HQ - Observation of flyer

November 17, 2023

I am always looking for sales, as prices are accelerating all the time. I appreciate the quality of Shaws Market however, pricing is a little high. I noticed in the flyer this week that Turkeys on sale for $.47 lb… I looked for any obligations to get this sale… I noticed a MICROSCOPIC note under the sale ( went to get a magnifying glass to read it..Really)… of course need to spend $25… Okay, I get it however, please put that in BOLD letters as this is a little bit of a mystery once we are in the store as it’s not listed on the turkeys/stand listing price either… It’s a blind spot, do we need to get people in the store in this manner, kind of false pretense? Can you just put in the flyers what is needed for the prices in bold/large letters, like the sale price? I do not have a phone that does A-Z, and no internet while at the store for any perks… I usually call the manager to get the sale. Could you make it easy for us old people to get some of your sales without sweating it out? So sorry but, this is ridiculous… It appears a bit of a discrimination to offer these things to people who have hyper phones only that can get these sales. Lets keep it real, so appreciated…

Natalia L

Shaws HQ - Wrongful termination!

October 17, 2023

Very, very upset! I have been shopping in your Harwich location on Sisson Road since 2007 when I moved to Cape Cod. I met a 16-year-old cashier who was very personable, kind, conscientious…… I could go on. As is normal in the stores, people move around and learn different positions. This young woman moved around to several departments finally settling in the bakery. She remained in the bakery and has made my son’s birthday cake, annually for at least the past ten years! She eventually became the bakery manager. Today, I found out she has been terminated! Terminated! I’m sorry, I know this young woman, who has worked at your store for 17 years! As far as I know, she has not received any complaints or negative annual reviews! I cannot believe you could treat an employee like this. If there was a problem and you gave her a warning of some type, maybe. But, firing her! No! Inappropriate! I feel I will have to gather my neighbors to tell them about this and encourage them to join me at Stop and Shop in East Harwich! I go to Stop and Shop regularly for the deli department because I prefer Boar’s Head cold cuts. So now I will just get the rest of my groceries there too! Yes, your store was convenient to my home, but I don’t mind traveling. I already go to Stop and Shop for my deli and I make a trip every two weeks to Market Basket by the Sagamore Bridge. I don’t need Shaw’s or Star Market, I went there for convenience and because the staff is nice. I could learn to like the staff at Stop and Shop! I gave your store one star only because 0 stars weren’t available!

Daniel Fitzgerald

Shaw's Not Impressed

December 13, 2022

Not impressed with the Store Manager in the Weymouth MA store. When I told him I wasn’t happy with the Deli He wasn’t sympathetic to my concern about the ham was not sliced thin enough and that I asked for a 1/3 pound and received 3/4 pound. His response was what do you want me to do about it. I said I was bringing it to his attention that I was not pleased. He never apologized and took the package from me.

Would like to bring to your attention the lack of attention this manager gave to me.

Corporate Office Headquarters