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Shaw’s Corporate Office Headquarters

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Shaw’s Corporate Office Headquarters
Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc.
750 W. Center St.
West Bridgewater, MA 02379 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-313-4000
Fax Number: 1-508-313-3112
Customer Service Number: 1-877-932-7948

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just to let you know first time shopper in your Hooksett store in Hooksett new Hampshire just wanted to let you know how clean, well maintained and how friendly your store is 'I was up taking care of my sister who works for your store.

your staff was so helpful i was so lost in your store i just want to extend my thanks to few associate who went beyond there duties of helping me complete my shopping needs heather in seafood, mandi at front end i think cashier Debbie and most of all Zac from deli he so helpful he had no problem showing me where things where in your store I came back and told my sister she was lucky that she had such nice people she works with ,please let all the staff there they are very helpful threw this tough time and please keep doing a upstanding job

i believe what you are all talking about! bought some apple strudel bites, at shaws, bangor store, and looks like they forgot to put apple in them!!!!! guess i will have to take one out of the box, next time, before i buy it????????

I was very disappointed that Shaw's in Burlington advertised chickens for $.88/pound and learned that the manager ordered one chicken. I returned to the store twice this week to purchase two chickens, and both times, there were not any on the shelves. Now I know why!!

I was at the Shaws on Taunton Ave. in East Providence, RI last Sunday, October 6, and I was looking to buy a duck. Now, I have been eyeing the frozen duck since about July 2019. The ones in stock had a expiration date of Sept. 30, 2019. When I saw those ducks still in the frozen case, even though the expiration date had passed, I asked the Meat Manager if they were still for sale and could I get a discount. He said that those were mismarked and because they are frozen, they should be good "for years." This does not seem right to me. Could someone please look into this?

I have been a customer of Shaws for over 40 years and started shopping in the Windham Maine store a little over a year ago, this store is a total waste of time. Every time I shop, not once in a while, every time, they are out of a least 2 or more items, and this is the first day of the sale! Tonight it was Haddock and cookies. I found the store manager and expressed my concern. He said he was sorry, but didnt offer a raincheck or the fresh Haddock to try to keep a customer. I went just down the street to Hannaford to find full stock of Haddock on sale, and the two other items as well. Well Shaws Windham, Hannaford didnt force me to shop at their stores from now on, you did!

Shawls in Ludlow, Vermont really sucks. There store director Scott lets there deli manager Jess and assistant store director bully assistant mangers .trash talk fellow employees.They talk about personal business that's not anyones concerns about they fellow employees. There prices are outrageou. But the biggest is the director allowing bullying

My daughter is a twenty year employee. She works full time and is still making only $13.62an hour. Her transfer has her traveling home 40 miles one way at 11PM five or six nights a week. Two of her cars have been totaled once while parked and the other hit by a truck on the interstate. ( truck did not stop) A car followed the truck and reported it to the state police. She can not afford new cars and the insurance does not pay off the car that was totaled. I know the business as I was a twenty year employee of Grand Union until I bought my own General store & deli which I ran for twenty years until I retired. She had to use my car until we could find a car she could afford as insurance does not pay rentals for more that two weeks. I would like to see all of the stock holders and supervisors live on her pay. Do you have any programs to help employees like her. She has only called in four or five times the last twenty years and that was because of these accidents.

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