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  • Tops Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

Tops Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Tops Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

Tops Markets, LLC
6363 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221-5855 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 716-635-5000
Fax Number: 716-633-0898
Customer Service Number: 1-800-522-2522

  • The Sayre tops employees are rude and lie to your face. The produce is rotten and old!! You can bend the carrots in half before the snap. Avacodos are rotten inside and moldy slot. If you are going to sell produce u have to know how to treat the items. The managers are RUDE and obnoxious weekly the have incorrect prices in every isle. Who is pocketing all that extra money that they make on charging the customers the wrong price. Tops needs to be investagated. Things are not right

  • I'm writing this comment for two reasons. First I just want to know if anybody actually reads these comments. Secondly if human eyes in fact do see these words you should probably know that your stores have more problems than just bankruptcy.

    Your employees are struggling. Most of them if not all of them are sincerely struggling to survive. They are working for you mostly because they're stuck they're and desperate that is not a good repertoire to have with your employees. I am an actual employee at one of your stores and I need you to understand that even just that one store I see an accumulation of negativity.

    It starts with low pay then you add more responsibility with no increase of pay and in this country since minimum wage is changing you use that as a raise instead of actual performance reviews. The negativity moves on to gossip other employees talking about each other behind each other's backs. It becomes clicky and unsavory when you have adults bickering about simple things.

    Then we move on to the fact that your policies restrict your employees from being actual human beings. I think it's a little absurd to ask your employees to not have any free access to water. I feel as though as a union company that should be illegal. To make your employees pay for water when they're already only making a very small amount seems absurd. You're basically saying they have to work for their right to have nourishment.

    I understand every company has rules and everybody should follow those rules to make a better experience for the customer but when you have constant customer complaints because the staff is not happy or constant employee complaints because they are not happy wouldn't you think that you should change some of those policies?

    Now I'm not just spewing nonsense as a disturbed employee. I have been in retail/customer service/hospitality for 15 years. I have been everything from a cashier to a manager to an inventory specialist and even opened a few stores. I have never worked in an environment so toxic before and now I understand why you are losing so much.

    If I had to make a suggestion I'd say start taking care of your smaller employees. The ones that bust their butts for you despite all the negativity. Pay your people more and they may stick around.

    Also there needs to be a massive overhaul in the communication systems set place. Part of the problem is NO ONE is on the same page.

  • I worked in a Tops in Central NY and it was seriously one of the most stressful and hostile work environments I have ever been in. The manager NEVER talked to me. Never asked me how the job was. I worked in Scan and people would steal the guns and hide them. When i politely asked for a gun they would treat me like trash. I was very nice to everyone and they all treated me like dirt. Yet, there was a person in my department who did not even have a high school diploma who they treated like a god. If they find out you are a dedicated worker(which I was) they reward you with more work. Not more pay or better positions.I quit without another offer. I didn't care. I could not do it anymore. Horrible work environnment.

  • I use to live in North Syracuse and would frequent the p&c and topps. I preferred topps over Walmart and Chopper even though the prices are more but I liked the smaller store and the friendly employees. 7 years ago I moved out towards your Canastota NY Topps store, completely different culture of how your employees interact with the customers. I avoid that store unless I absolutely have to go there. I was reminded about an hour ago why I avoid that store unless absolutely necessary. The employees are unfriendly, will talk with each other and not even recognize the customer. My card is worn and won't swipe so the cashier needed an over ride. Another employee was checking out behind me and for the multiple minutes we had to wait for a key I had to hear there conversation and I was forgotten. After the key was turned the cashier couldn't even say have a nice day or even by. I have kids and a local officer. You have lost the majority of my business for 7 years now and that will continue after today's reminder. Corporate needs to train those store managers better so it will trickle down to the other employees.

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