Hostess Corporate Office Headquarters

Hostess Corporate Office Headquarters
Hostess Brands, Inc.
6031 Connection Dr., Ste. 600
Irving, Texas 75039 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-532-4500
Fax Number: 1-972-892-7694
Customer Service Number: 1-800-483-7253

  • Please bring back the Whole Cakes that you "Old Hostess" use to have.
    Really bring back some of the "Vintage" products back. It would be really great I hear people a lot ask for some of the "vintage" items when I'm shopping

  • I think you guys need to come to hostess in emporia. The turnover rate is embarrassing. They will not give you a warning of something goes wrong your fired or demoted just like that. What happen to write ups?

  • the people of middle USA would like to eat the products you make. there was a time when you could find a hostess chocodile on just about any shelf. not anymore. and its not right.i dont really know whats going on in the main office but it a simple fix to the problem.iam mot sure if memphis or st.louis has a factory. if they do and are closed they need to be re opened. you wont have to ship very far to reach many. union or nonunion it really does not matter as long as your fair people will support and bye the products you make. they would be close enough to the stores to stay fresh longer. it a no brainer, win win for everybody. make some money and keep the people happy at the same time. please find a way to make all your products avalible to all the USA not just the west cost

  • Mr Gregory Rayburn this is for you…. bring Hostess to Greenville, South Carolina… we don't have union, we have lots of folks who need a job and are willing to work… we have beautiful climate and scenery.. the best of all worlds ocean to mountains… and I beleve there is an abandon bakery already here at Augusta and Dunbar… check it out… save twinkies, ding dongs, zingers, snowballs and sweet 16 donuts….

  • hey hostess bring your twinkies ding dongs and zingers to south carolina,,, we dont have union here and we have lots of folks willing to work… i think here in greenville we even have an abandon bakery seems like we had a small bakery business go under a couple of years ago….. save twinkies , ding dongs and zingers … bimbo can't do as good a job…. please mr or mrs ceo person read this and check it out Greenville, South Carolina is your answer to save twinkies……

  • I have a small group of investors that would love to purchase Columbo French Bread based in Oakland, California. Please respond, our letters and phone calls have been ignored.

  • I have a suggestion for hostess corporate problems and not going through bankruptcy. Come to American Indian Country. We have lots of business opportunites for corporations to relocate to Indian Country – no unions, tax free insentives, training funds, access to airports, railroads, ports for shipping all over the world. No state or federal government interference. We are independent Tribal Governments that are looking for business opportunities. Twinkies will survive in Indian Country. Inform Twinkees CEO Gregory Rayburn about this excellent corporate opportunity.

  • Well this seems like a good opportunity to flip some truck loads of ho-ho's for dirt cheap since they have over 500 distribution centers packed with twinkies and the like.

  • Wow, you Union thugs are just the worst. Why don't you pack up and move to Cuba. They don't have Twinkies there either. Every time I see Union Made, I throw up. Overpaid, brainwashed Obama thugs that look and act like Archie Bunker.

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