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  • Festival Foods Corporate Office Headquarters

Festival Foods Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Festival Foods Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1260 Crossing Meadows Dr.
Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650 USA
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-608-781-2272
Fax Number: 1-608-781-3354
Customer Service Number: 1-608-781-2272

  • As an employee, I am baffled be the lack of clothing provided, particularly due to the outrageous dress code. Being a 6'5 and a 350 lb male with broad shoulders, I have never had any difficulty fitting into any clothes that my previous employers provided me in the past; until now. Pretty ironic seeing as we live in Wisconsin and you guys seem to pride yourselves in serving Green Bay Packers fans. What's worst is that, within the 3 months that i have been with the company, I am still forced to wear a 3XL butchers coat that constricts itself around my shoulders and is greatly uncomfortable. Despite talking to management and asking if they could find larger sizes for the three months I've been with you guys. I have been forced to wear a paper hat (which floats on my head), a small (for me) butchers coat, a tie, and white button up with no protective wear for my hands while i'm constantly working with knives.

  • dear, corperate owners of festival foods I wanted to let you know that one of your stores does not follow your guys standard policys or rules and regulations. They make up their own rules ( kenoshas ). I have worked there for over 8 years always was on time , and did my job never had any issues with any body customers loved talking to me , and other workers loved when I worked I never pointed out either! I am a single mother of a son that I need to take care of , and they recently let me go because people were asking me why an other employee was fired to me that is an unlawful firing in my opinion! I think you guys need to look into that store as well as the h.r & all the managers before they keep firing all the good hard working employees over stupid senseless reasons!i worked my butt off to get where I was in the grocery business , and feel like that truly did not matter to them at all. yet they had the nerve to say I was a good worker and always did my job , but I guess it wasn't good enough for them to keep me especially over a pointless reasoning that they decided to come up with. I have heard from workers that have moved out to the somers store that they heard managers from Kenosha's location talking about and/or planning ways to get rid of people. I as a former worker and shopper there highly advise you to deeply look into that! I enjoyed working there and wish I could have my job back that is not fair to can the good workers that bring their best every single day!

  • My daughter was an employee that gave 110% to her job at Festival. She experienced some health issues and was hospitalized four times over 6 months with a severe illness. She would be sick for days. As soon a she was aware that she would be out, she posted her shift as soon as she could, she contacted everyone she knew to take a shift. If she couldn't find anyone then Festival gave her an occurance even though we provided documentation of her hospital stays. She was fired this last weekend due to occurances. As she is a minor I went to the store and sat down with the HR person and her supervisor. They were so cold and uncaring. No compassion at all for her and her situation. But they went on to say that she was an exceptional employee who was never late and was passionate about her job. Festival has lost a customer and are losing many more as I tell my friends, family and co-workers about how Festival treated her.

  • I think you guys should tell people right away if there pregnant they should not apply for the job, you guys told me that u hire pregnant people, and then give me a second interview.. Just to waste my time. I had a friend there who was there around the same time as me and over heard your staff say everything I said was good, and that u would hire me if I wasn't pregnant. Not only did u guys just waste my time in searching for a job, your employees aren't good at theirs , the person who did my interview looked away the whole time she interviewed me, very disrespectful.

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