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Fleetpride Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I was at a fleetpride and only used them because they use our landstar for their trailers. Our turbo went out and we have a prostar. fleet pride stated you can get a cab and go get the part at the prostar shop 5 miles down the road or we will charge you 35.00 to go get it. so we used them the thing they failed to tell us was we could of bought the turbo foe 3003.38 4th grade which is the highest a consumer can buy, and fleet pride charged us 6960.10 for the product. not only did that happen but before the warrenty was up we got home and the turbo failed. and we had to buy another one. but it was from prostar in Daytona beach florida. they made us aware of the consumer rip off we had been treated unfair. I personally called fleetpride because they would not pay for a replacement of the failed turbo we had already paid 2xs the amount so we ended up having to pay for another one. I got a hold of the fleet pride we dealt with and woody adams was at that shop the next day. I went into prostar in Daytona and had our dealer John speak to Woody directly while I was there. He said he would give us some maintenance credit to our local prostar dealership in Daytona beach florida for the over charge of the turbo. we still have not seen any credit placed with them. this was well over 2 months. and we still have not heard a thing.

  2. I am a regular customer FleetPride, I was very Frustrated When The turboChargem to buy with three years warranty. If spoiled with four days of use and they told me that the warranty would not give another. And who would not return me what was supposedly under warranty that would have already been paid, and if I wanted another would have to buy and pay the turbo again. Where is the warranty only on paper, and how will I believe this company is serious company, believe it not!!

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Corporate Office Headquarters