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  • Farmers Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

Farmers Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Farmers Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1851 Telfair St
Dublin, GA 31021
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-456-0424
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-456-0424

  • I purchase a recliner from Farmers Furniture in Mableton Georgia the cable broke on my recliner and they refuse to send a repairman out to fix it which is still under warranty I’m warning you people don’t go to phone furniture and buy anything warranties Don’t Mean a Thing

  • I brought a $2800 lawnmower suppose to brand new. The Wallace office tried to onload a use lawnmower on me and that exactly what the did. I have had so many problems with this lawnmower for it to be brand new. The order was written up for a whole new series of lawnmower. They are saying that they cannot help me because my insurance went off in April of this year. Three months after I purchased it I had to replace the battery, then I had to replace the Carburator now the transmission is gone. Your people in Wallace got my money which I know that is all matter. But if they can lay down at night and sleep after they unloaded that used lawnmower off on me Farmer Furniture are true crooks. No there is nothing I can do about it, but I can spread the word of what they done to me and it will have impact on the business. People already is talking about the dirty deals they get there so I not so far off from having an impact. You over charge people and I know a new lawnmower would not call for the repairs I have been making. They push that used lawnmower off on me.

  • I paid cash for an accent chair, ottoman & sofa. The sofa had to be ordered & I was told it would be here by 3/30. I wasn't going to be in my apartment by then so I paid for a storage unit rental. Should've never rented the unit — my sofa still isn't in & I'm going on 3 months. If I don't get it by the end of the week I will demand a refund. The mgr of the Prattville Alabama store is the rudest person I have ever come in contact with. I will NEVER open the doors to that store again & am constantly warning people to stay away from them for the horrible customer service!!! Ugh….I should've stayed @ the Ashley store.

  • November 05 2020 My Wife and I went to the Thompson Bridge Road Office to purchase a sofa bed and a desk. I just got out of the hospital and my wife saw the sign no credit required sign posted, decided to give them a try. We are customers of Aarons and have never been treated in such a lackadaisical and careless attitude to acquire a sale. They did a credit check on my Raymonds account without letting me know that they were doing so. The representative Diana Howell only informed me after the fact making light of it as saying it is only a soft check. Then she wanted to send me to a third party in house credit and sat down for another 15 minutes we sat there over an hour and nothing was accomplished. The Rep Diana instructed us to come back tomorrow . We were traveling home Diana called and wanted to process an online application started processing and asking for bank account information and routing number and lastly my debit card information at this time it was best not to do business with such a store that advertises one thing and does the complete opposite.

  • Have bought many things from your Cullman, AL store, the last time was a clearance dryer with a service plan n October of 2019, im an over the road truck driver and have to make my payments over the phone, 10 months in to this and I still owe the same amount as when I bought it. Makes no sense, and when I question It I'm told the manager will have look into it and get back with me, really. We are all hardworking people trying to pay our bills and try to get ahead. I hate the idea of wondering where my money actually went, obviously it didn't get put toward dryer, are we all being scammed so you can hold onto us longer and get even more money out of us all

  • We purchased a stove and refrigerator from your Lawrenceburg TN store. We have had problems with the stove and when we ask about the warranty we was told to call the manufacturer, they told us that it wasn't anything they could do because it was covered under the extended warranty which We purchased because the sales person said that we would get instore credit after we paid it off if we didnt have to use it. We have gotten nothing but a run around from the store. Every week we are told that they are putting in a request but nothing ever gets done. Today we was told they they dont have a repair tech to call. We have now been paying on a stove for over a year and can't get it fixed.

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