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  • Franz Bakery Corporate Office Headquarters

Franz Bakery Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I like raisins in my English muffins with raisins. Do you have a shortage of raisins there? Bill Paull, older brother of Larry, Jim, and Mike, former employees

  2. I do believe your comment is a bit harsh for 15 year employee. Split days off isn't the right attitude for employers. There must be a better solution or maybe a Union Rep should step in.

    Your right though, there are probably better employers just around the corner. I will change from Franz to Orawheat for my bakery products in the future.

  3. My husband is a very dedicated employee for Franz Bakery. He has been working fifteen years with Franz as a delivery driver. With the current schedule with Saturday Sunday off my husband had a life. He no longer walked around like a zombie and my family could actually do fun things with him. Like camp for the weekend for the first time in fifteen years. Getting up at 2 am takes several years off of your life. When you get up at that time of night you are very limited on family time. Having two days off in a row made a world of difference for him and our family. His schedule made him depressed. Having two days off in a row lifted that depression. I heard today that you are changing the schedule back to Sunday and Wednesday off. our whole family is devastated. My teen children cried. I am sick to my stomach that this change is going to happen now when summer is around the corner. We as a family had grand plans to explore the area with my husband and now we cant. You have taken away a lot of happiness from every employee. You have made it clear that you do not care about your employees. You are taking away their ability to spend quality time with their loved ones. You are a horrible company.

    1. Seriously? There are many other driving positions available with other companies. If this one no longer works for your husband, he should find a position that fits his needs. I'm not trying to be cold, but to expect a company to cater their dispatch and delivery schedules around drivers who only want a Monday – Friday route is just not realistic.

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Corporate Office Headquarters