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Ganley Auto Group Corporate Office Headquarters

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    I don’t want to complain, but I am going to state this because I am in my feelings right now. I go to the Alpha Romeo dealership, worked out a vehicle that I want only to find out it sold the morning before I got there; then in its place, I was offered another vehicle, upgrade of course, for close to the same monthly payment; again, only to find out I was misquoted and the new price was much higher. I, as the customer, should not have been penalized for this error. The GM, could have honored the price. The difference in monthly payment would not have bankrupted Ken Ganley or put a dent in his pocket, but it will put a dent in my budget. It is what it is, and such as life, but I do believe this was an honest mistake and error that I, as the customer, should not have to endure the pain, total disappointment, and sadness I am facing right now. I hate this and now as a woman, I felt that it was not right and the misquoted price should have been honored on the upgraded vehicle. Had I been a man or from a community of wealthy folks, would this have been the case? No feel discriminated against, but am feeling

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