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  1. I will NEVER EVER AGAIN USE GET IT NOW! I used to live in Eau Claire WI and bought several items there and the store was amazing. Since I have moved, I purchased a bed at the Onalaska store. HORRIBLE!!!! The mattress was sinking in the center, so I had someone from the store come out. He took some measurements, and said it definitely exceeded the normal wear and that I would have a new one ordered and delivered. It has been at least 4 months that have passed and still NOTHING. I call the manager, and he tells me it will be in next week. What month and year??? Unacceptable.

  2. This is my 2nd review for get it now on 11th n Mitchell in Milwaukee.after going thru hell to get my stove fixed the last time my stove broke again. And now for the 3rd time they need to come out n fix it. I called 3 weeks ago n for 2 days their system was down. Finally I was able toatoale a claim. Took a week for someone to come out n inspect it. Now I've been waiting a week for the company who comes to fix it to call. Get it now is no help. Will is an awesome guy n I will only deal with him. But the Process takes so long. I think since this is my 3rd time getting my stove fixed I should get a new one.

  3. get it now is a bunch of BS i had got a stove and washer we were really going thro bad times then had couple deaths in the family they didnt care they came and got the stuff i admitt we were behind on payments but we bought the stuff back for like 500$ less then if i would of had to keep paying on it
    the other day i get a thing in the mail saying i was approved for thousand dollars well our tv went out and i went there i found one for 750$ then they said i was only approved for 400$ i was pissed so i went down the road to walmart and i could get a 60 inch tv for less then what the one i wanted from get it now walmart had get it now beat almost 200$ on most tvs well the ignorance of marinettes get it now is loosing a sale to walmart just because i went thro a rough time they were actual dicks to me and guess i didnt deserve a second chance well i hope they get smart one day and shut marinettes store down

  4. The Get It Now store in West Allis Wisconsin have terrible customer service they are rude the manager hits on everybody that goes in there they don't want to fix things when it's broke and they're not easy to work with stay away from the store whatever you do.

  5. I have gotten aa computer living room set stove fridge n TV from get it now on 11th n Mitchell Milwaukee and everything has broken in less than year.they took my TV for 3 weeks lost it then cracked the screen. Had to replace my living room set n that one fell apart 3 months later.stove oven stopped working 6 months later still waiting for it to be fixed n my fridge just stopped working.everything in the fridge part is warm but freezer is still working. Computer stopped working a few days after getting it. I'm so done with this company. I'm ready to stop paying on all of it.and let them take me to court.I will be calling 2morrow to the store n corporate on Monday.if I don't get a few months free or the money of all the food I just had to put in the trash things will get real nasty in the courts.

  6. The Get It Now store on 11th and Mitchell. In Milwaukee Wisconsin 53204 has very very poor customer service. I would like to file a complaint because I have been with you guys to long. I am a Diamond Customer. How can I do that?

  7. I will never do business with Get it Now again,I order my furniture on the 24, never once did they call to keep me updated . I will cal them so I call on the 23rd on the following month the furniture came that day but couldn't receive it til the 31st.. over a month to wait for my furniture …#not pleased

  8. Get it Now has terrible customer service in Neenah, Wi. There merchandise is so cheap and they take forever to fix it and expect you to go without plus make the payments. This is the 2nd time I have had issues with them. First time understandable but not a second time. I will be reporting this to the better business bureau.

    1. i got a paper in the mail saying i was approved for thousand dollars so i go there because we needed a new tv earlier we got a stove and a wash machine from the had problems with paying because we were going thro bad times so they came and got the stuff well a week later i paid for the stove and washer and which was actually 500$ cheapier then if i would of kept making payments so i go there today and found what i wanted it was 750$ but i was only approved for 400$ so i said wow i had a rough time last time last time things are back on track now there wont be a problem guess they never heard of giving someone a second chance so i went down the road to walmart and could get 60 inch tv for the same price and cheaper depending on brand walmart had them beat by 200$at least oh yeah this is good ole MARINETTE wis for you

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