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  • Rent A Center Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Rent A Center Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Rent-A-Center Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


5501 Headquaters Drive

Plano, TX 75024

Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-801-1100

Fax Number: 1-972-943-0113

Customer Service Number: 1-800-422-8186

  • John in customer service is unbelievably rude. Tells me he can’t hear me so I speak up and he tells a Texas lady to calm down and stop screaming. He has a very hard to understand accent. My friend paid off an account for his daughter. When RAC contacted him on Wednesday he told them he would just pay it off Friday and ask how it would be to pay it off on Friday. He called Friday to pay it off and they charged him $68.00 on his card but told him the amount would be what they quoted him on Wednesday. The District Manager is suppose to call him. We shall see if that call actually happens. After seeing and hearing these unprofessional people there is no way I would ever conduct any business with them. LOSERS!!!

  • Corpoate means they have never lived a hard life never been paycheck to paycheck most probably never had to worry about money. I am bout to get the bbb and the federal reserve in it.

  • I have rented from the Newton, NC rent a center. I rented a stove because I needed one because mine went out. I contacted them and was approved, so they said it was used and not much was left to own it, so we could pick up were the others left off. I am paying full price for it…. we got a TV and sand from them while we were working on getting the stove I had to pick up and I had to clean it because no one else would or had gotten around to it. The TV when they delivered it had a spot on the screen that was a scratch that wasn't there in the store. And A smaller TV for my daughters room that the pixels are going out on it. And they were supposed to knock some off on the TV. And she small TV for my daughter an email was sent saying pay off was coming up and all I owed was one payment of $38. and to come in an pay it. I have direct with drawl. So why couldn't they take it out when they take the payment out. So I am still paying on it. WTF. This place is a joke. This store needs to be shut down. And who ever does the books is putting money in their pockets. I am paying full price for used items and they are making money off me every month for Items that have been payed for already. This something needs to be done. I think my Husband needs to contact the news.

  • Last week I walked into the Bensalem location where it smelled like cigarettes right off the bat. I walked to the back of the store where I spotted the STORE MANAGER (of all people) in the back room walking around, moving things while smoking a cigarette like it was nothing. The whole store smelled. I am a current customer but I will no longer be getting my items from here. Who wants a couch or mattress that smells like cigarettes? No thank you.

  • I am currently a Rent-a-Center customer and have been for at least 12 years if not more. However due to some events that occurred last week, I have made up my mind that when the property that I now hold is paid off in full, that I will never again step foot inside the doors of a Rent-A-Center. In the past I have been lied to, and swindled out of excess money in the form of my continuing to pay for merchandise that had been paid for at least six months before when I brought the matter to the attention of the district manager. Things were made good because of that, but it is the principle of the matter. It should have never happened in the first place. It was found out that the manager of the location by the name of Rick had been deceitful in a lot of other matters with the store. And I also feel that the property that I currently am still paying on should have been paid off at least four months ago. But that's neither here nor there and it does 't apply as I believe one more payment will pay off the merchandise. And recently, I was going to send a laptop in for repair. It was sent in for repair once before when I still fell under that one-year option for repairs on the previously paid-for property. The property was repaired but the repair did 't last but maybe 2 weeks. I had been meaning for some time to get it sent back to fix the problem that was 't fixed in the first place, but I have been plagued by health issues that interfere with my time on a lot of things. I was going to do so last week. But when I called to find out if the persons that pick up things for repair had been to the store yet, I was informed by an employee by the name of Jason I believe, that the only thing I could have done to the laptop was to get an estimate on the cost of the repair. Well since the item was 't fixed properly the first time I feel that Rent-A-Center is still responsible for getting the item fixed and fixed correctly. And when I asked to speak to the manager I was informed that he was no longer in the store. ( I had called earlier and was told that Cody was there but he was tied up with a customer. I asked the person that answered the phone to please have Cody call me. the call never came ). Now it is issues like this and other issues that have occurred throughout the years that have led to my decision. One other thing that has got me to the point of severing my relationship with Rent-A-Center was back in mid-November I had to send my 55-inch HD TV in for repair and I paid for a loaner while my television was being serviced. It was a 60-inch HD Smart TV that I fell in love with! Cody said that he could get it to me for $20 a week. I had to look into my financial situation as I am on Social Security disability and I have to budget things. So when my 55-inch was back from repair, I had made up my mind to take Cody up on his offer. It was at that time that Cody told me that I could not have the TV for that price because that was a Black Friday special only. Had I been told that a few weeks previously, then I would have jumped on it at that time and would have found a way to cover the monthly price. But as I said I was not informed that it was a Black Friday special only. So in a way, Cody changed the offer. It is this, and the issue with properly repairing my laptop that has led to my decision. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars over the last 12 + years with Rent-A-Center and if this is the way that a customer is going to be treated, then I think it's time for me to take future business elsewhere.

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