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  • Burkes Outlet Corporate Office Headquarters

Burkes Outlet Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Burkes Outlet Corporate Office Headquarters

E.R. Beall Center
700 13th Ave. East
Bradenton, FL 34208
Corporate Phone Number: 1-941-747-2355
Fax Number: 1-941-746-1171
Customer Service Number: 1-800-683-8655

  • I witnessed a manager in the Asheboro store threaten to call the police on a young man who used the ladies restroom, he has panic attacks daily. Sign on men's restroom was out of order, and the gentleman in question was a paying customer. Was threatened with police after being told he could not use the women's restroom after he came out of it. NO ONE said a word beforehand to him. Manager even watched him leave as he decided that store was not worth shopping at. After all, if the store is going to call the police on a paying customer, would you shop there? I think not. This young man was ready to spend $100 on men's clothes, but felt unwelcome after this interaction with him. Never mind the fact that he was a different color from the manager as well. I was ashamed as I went to check out and may not never go back again.

  • The manager refused to interview me. I just need a job, and for someone to turn me away because of how I look, not acceptable.

  • The store in windcrest is nice but unprofessional managers, the store manager clocks out and works off the clock, I hear other managers talk about badly about there associates and the store Manger is there not doing anything about it. I also see the store manager be rude to her poor hard working employees. Please do something about this. I love shopping there but hate to see this.

  • DO NOT GO TO BURKES OUTLET IN CLEBURNE, TX!!! The manager is very rude and needs to be fired immediately. Her name is Sandy,Candy or Mandy. Shes a heavy set lady with black hair. Can in to shop for a funeral and her and another girl stalked me every place i went. She (manager) is very unprofessional when i checked out didn't say anything just threw my stuff in the bag i paid and walked out. How is she even the manager??This was a very bad experience and i will NEVER come back

  • Hello, I wanted to reach out to you about the manager in your Burkes Outlet in Clinton NC. I am a valued customer and a faithful customer and have been since you guys open on the first business day. I go and buy there every two weeks at least $150 to $200 worth of your merchandise and clothes. I work for a corporate office myself and I know good customer service. I know you have a thing where your store hold clothes etc. for 5 days. I'm not one who abuse the policy or hold policy. Your manager of Clinton NC was very rude and abrupt to me on June 30, 2020 because I ask for another 5 days to pick up my items. She said I will do it this time but you come in here and put stuff on hold all the time. I stated it does not matter if I pick it up. She stated the discount day will be moved for everybody from Friday to Monday.

    I stated it doesn't matter for me because MY DISCOUNT day is on Mondays anyway. I go in the store so much to by they know me by name and the girls there know I always come back to pickup my items.

    I wanted to reach out to you that if you continue to have a manager in the store to talk to customers that way you will not have any buyers. I cannot remember her name but she's the older lady there. She was loud and VERY RUDE ANS I DO NOT AAPPRECIATE IT. I work for a corporate office and we have to dress a certain way and her behavior is not acceptable.

    I can take my business else where. I can drive to Dunn NC if I have to, to keep from dealing with this type of behavior. You may not address this situation but I need to put this out there. I know I a lot of people in this town and you do not want anything of this kind of natural to get out that you have a rude manager in charge of your store.

    I walked back in the store a week or two later, the employee's was talking about it. They even stated wow but you always come back to pick your items up. I was so lost for words. I made me feel like, Hey guys look out for this customer for putting things on hold don't let her.


    Remember everyone does not have it like that to pull money out of their pocket and buy what they need right then, A HOLD IS THEIR BEST OPTIONS UNTIIL THEIR PAYDAY!!!!

    I SUGGEST LOOKING INTO A LAYAWAY FOR THE POORER FOLKS who love your store. I hope you share this email with the manager.

    As a loyal customer, I will never feel the same again working into your store looking forward to by your items. One of your younger supervisor stated we don't want to loose you because of your faithfulness. We don't want you to have to drive 30 some miles to buy. They are all always polite and courteous to me and always look forward of seeing my smile and me see theirs.

    This is my first experience in this store and I hope its the last. I'm very upset.

    Ms. Denise Barnes


  • Today while shopping in the Summerville SC store I was using one of the shopping carts and I believe there was a tiny part of the cart that had been nicked by something and caused the plastic to stick out just enough to cut my palm about a quarter of an inch deep. I did not have to get stitches but I did visit the E.R. I hope that this store will check the carts and get rid of this particular cart now that I have said something.

  • I am from Mississippi, and I shop at the Burke's Outlet in Carthage, MS. The staff are very friendly, however the MUSIC IS WAY TOO LOUD! The past 2 times I have been in there, Burke's was playing VERY LOUD Country music! I felt like I was in a honkey tonk, please seriously, may I suggest you play instrumental music instead? Hobby Lobby is a good example. In my opinion, Burke's should be a more classier outlet. Please don't PLAY CRAZY MUSIC in the background and annoy your customers! I don't care hearing, "she thinks my Tractor's Sexy…" blah crappy music. Please consider changing the music to instrumental only. Thanks!

  • The manger at store 762 in Humble is most likely sleeping with one of his associates. I need the employee hotline asap, please.

  • Burke's outlet in Jackson Ms has the worst mangers and supervisors ever. They are so rude and nasty. The conversation they have on the sales floor is just ridiculous. They act like they don't want to assist you. I love the store in the beginning now it's a mess, like they don't care. Always outside smoking and no one is ever at the register, you have to look for them. I hate this store store manager is so loud and ghetto

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