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Alfa Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I have been charged late fees for the last 6 months that I do not owe. They REFUSE TO TAKE MY PAYMENT UNLESS i PAY THEIR RIP OFF LATE FEE.

  2. Got a letter in mail today,my policy will be changing due to a home inspection,roof needs replaced.it was replaced 2006 after katrina.($6,800.)20yr shingles i bought,why are u saying replace so soon?as of tomorow i will drop my 20 plus yrs business with alfa and do business with a better ins company. Home and 2 autos.

  3. I don't understand how Alfa Insurance is still in business. I'm currently a claimant (#438983). It took 2 months for them to decide who was at fault. During this time I went without a rental vehicle, had to pay my own doctor bills and purchase my own prescription. They do not return phone calls or emails. I couldn't get any assistance from my adjuster, nor his supervisor. I can barely get in to customer service line because "they are working with other customers…" I wonder why? My brother is a former adjuster and has been the only help through this awful experience. Alfa's insured ran a red light and totaled out my vehicle and I can't get help from ANYONE!!! What kind of business operates like this!!?? I'm going to contact the corporate number since I can't get any help from the claims office. Hopefully someone will answer the phone and provide me with some assistance. I'm not asking for much…just don't ignore my claim. It's almost been 3 months now. Just awful.

  4. I see I am not the only one who has had a disgustingly inefficient set-to with ALFA. I am still looking for that mulberry bush they circle around so effectively. From either and all of the United States apparently. Disgusted and stressed out in Georgia.

  5. My name is Janice C. Cooper, I have a settlement claim that I would like to get settled. This is from an accident July 26, 2012 where a client of yours pulled out and stopped directly in front of me in Columbus, MS. I went through my insurance company, Safeco when I returned home. I had neck, back, shoulder, arms, and feet problems. I have all the emails that I have corresponded with Mitch Smith and twice I have asked them to be forwarded to the person who has authority to settle this claim. I have asked:$15,000 pain&suffering(lost wages of 2nd job) and pay Safeco the medical bills they paid out of $8,162.49 to settle this claim. My email is Janice.cooper@jefferson.kyschools.us I would like a response please in 5-10days. Thank you!

  6. I had a claim on my vehicle and they stated they will only replace the damaged parts with junk yard parts. And to top it off they are taking so much away cause one of the parts ( Rocker Arm ) that got damaged had a small spot of rust. Seriously it is under the vehicle. This is the worst experience I have had with an insurance company. Oh and they say they wont pay for part of the repairs.

    1. Sue like I'm about to do. A tornado damage my roof yet they refused to pay for it and I know why. Because we have had three tornadoes in our area recently and had so many claims in the area so they cheating lol out of claims now. Alfa use to be a good insurance company but not anymore!

    2. My car was involved in an accidents with your client on Nov 3rd and my car is still not fix. I'm getting the run around the very first day and my car is not fix as of yet. She say she is doing an investigation and it's been over 30 days but she still don't want to get my car fixed I wasn't in the wrong. I would appreciate if they get my car fixed is out because I have to work

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