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  • Avenue Stores Corporate Office Headquarters

Avenue Stores Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Avenue Stores Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

365 W. Passaic St.
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 USA
Website: Avenue.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-845-0880
Fax Number: 1-201-909-2162
Avenue Credit Card: 1-800-967-1398
Credit TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788
Customer Service Number: 1-888-843-2836

  • I have shopped at Avenue STORES for a few years and only buy a few select items. Now that the stores are mostly gone I have to deal with these RUDE NJ people who could care less if I buy or I don't. They send me a Birthday card worth $10 but "cannot combine with other sale items". Are you kidding me??? Explains why I shop at Macy's and Kohl's. This company has the rudest people answering the phones and doesn't care if you buy or not. Eventually they will go out of business for their lack of customer service and they very much deserve to do so!!!

  • I came here to find out how to complain about the store in Largo Mall in Largo, Florida and I am stunned. It's the same at the store where I shop at. Employees are unwelcoming, store managers are rude and snooty. They act like the work at Nordstroms, when the are just cashiers. It's disgusting. They need to train their employees better.

  • The new store manager at the Avenue Forestville location in District Hgts Md is very rude and very unprofessional. They need to change management quickly.

  • I have no local store due to store closings. I received a reward certificate due to using the house credit card. I went online and filled my bag when I tried to enter the code it came up "invalid code".
    I contacted customer service and was told it was for in store only. I said No I have a online code.
    I was then told it could not be combined with the online sale. I said I read the rules of the online sale and the rules of my certificate and I am within the rules.
    I was then told to email it to the and customer service would have to approve it in 3-5 days. I said in 3-5 days the sale will be off and I'm sure I can use it then.
    I asked if they could contact customer service and get this pushed through seeing as I had the items in my cart and was told NO. I asked if he had a number for this "customer service" he said NO that he could only contact them through in house email.
    I asked if he would note that I would like to have the sale prices honored for the problems we were having and he said he could request that. YET he did not ask for my email, phone number or name.
    Worst experience EVER! I tried to reason with him and asked for him to help me resolve the issue and he was adamant that he could not do anything for me.

  • The company is the worst to work for. The allow discrimination and harassment in the work place. The store in Yakima WA has no respect and is a dirty store. The same store manager has been there for the longest time and is very rude. I as a customer have witness dozens of different employees thought out the years. Will NEVER shop here again !!!!!

  • I am so annoyed, the salesperson at the Middletown, NY (Orange Plaza) would not take no for an answer with the magazine subscriptions, I said no about 10 times and I had to run to pick up my son, so I was strong armed to order magazines and I told the woman, I don't have time or desire to read magazines. But she would not stop and said easy to cancel. Well, I wound up just to be released with the items I wanted to purchase. I tried to cancel magazines last month, when a bill came with the phone number, they said they would cancel and I wound up with a late charge, I called to cancel again today and they said I would get credited. I paid bill and got late fee waived. I wanted to talk to corporate to file a compliant and was transferred to a number that is not working. Seriously, so upset with them. I tried to send email that is on this site and you know what, it doesn't work. I am going to find a way to get through to them. How can they treat us so badly. The store and the customer service sends me to an old number. It seems nobody knows what is going on in the company they work for. Sneaky and conniving is what they are, and I am certain I won't shop there anymore.

  • Avenue has horrible customer service. They would rather refund a customer $157 instead of allowing them to take a discount on a piece of clothing previously purchased and refunding the customer $30. I purchased a pair of pants that were not on sale, returned to the store 5 days later with the clothing unworn and requested to get the sales price. The associate refused to allow me to use my coupon and told me I could return the clothes and repurchase them 24 hours later.
    Another time I purchased items online, didn't like how they fit so I tried to exchange the one item that I had not worn. I was told they could not exchange it but they could refund me the sales price and I could repurchase the item at full price. (This was a buy one get one discounted price event).
    I am frustrated and after two bad experiences I refuse to go back, it is not worth the frustration and waste of time.

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