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Victorias Secret Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. I had an interview today at 2pm and waited over an hour for the manager to interview me. When I had arrived I mentioned I was there for an interview at 2pm and the employee called for the manger who then told me that she would be with me in just a moment, she had walked right passed me and made eye contact with me the entire time while she just walked around speaking with other employees and fooling around. Over an hour later she had still not even taken me somewhere to sit and interview me. She continued to ignore my presence. It was very unprofessional. This was at the Florida mall Orlando, FL location.

  2. I'm so disappointed that you have discontinued my pink fragrance Tiare flower and sea spray. I have bought this for years. Now I have to find another fragrance. I have tried the new one apple one bought six bottles and took them back. I didn't like smelling like fruit. Will you be bringing the other one back or is it gone for good? Thanks!

  3. So my children and I shop at Pink all the time. However we will know longer be able to patronize this brand anymore. I see that Pink does not support any Historically Black Colleges or Universities in their spirt college wear. I will also be posting this every where I think it’s important that everyone knows that pink obviously does not support black colleges but they love excepting our black dollar.

  4. Hi My name is Zakeiah Bruton And I'm From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma And I Would like Speak Mostly On Behalf Of All Plus Size That I Really Adore the Clothing A Lot But Have You ever Considered Adding On A Plus Size Department To Your Store ?? I Promise It Would Bring You A Lot More Business Like Maybe Go Up To A 3x If Possible Nothing Major I Just Thought That It Would Be Okay To Ask But Please Put This Into Consideration Because Not only Would You Get a Lot More Business But You'll Make A Lot of Women Happy

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