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Reach Little Caesars Corporate Office 

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Little Caesars Pizza’s Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Below are details about Little Caesars Pizza’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

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Little Caesars Corporate Office HQ
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Little Caesars Pizza’s Position

Little Caesars competes with other major pizza chains like Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Papa Murphy’s, Marco’s, Jets Pizza, Round Table Pizza, Sbarro, Cici’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Chuck E. Cheese, Hungry Howies, Blaze Pizza, and Cici’s Pizza.. They put a focus on affordability, convenience, and its popular Hot-N-Ready menu items.

Little Caesars -Russell Springs Ky store will not honor their gift cards

January 6, 2024

I received a gift card for Christmas which was purchased at the Russell Springs Ky Little Ceasars and it will not work I have been there twice each time it will not work I showed them the receipt and ask for a refund they refused to do anything at all about it I will never be back there and I don’t recommend anyone buy a gift card from them they refuse to honor them.


Little Caesars I Would Give No Stars If I Could

January 4, 2024

You people want our business, then tell your stores to answer the damn telephone. I called the Federal WA, WA location 253-517-9088 5 times and no one ever picked up. No its not a holiday… its 6:45 pm on January 4th, 2024.


pizza box had writing on it said "cousins, a-h"

December 18, 2023

I WANT A REFUND We ordered at the drive-thru window and we got home and the pizza box had writing on it that said “cousins, a-h” The pizza was missing slices and wasn’t even what we ordered. It was so unprofessional and disrespectful. We didn’t eat any of the things we ordered. We had ordered hot and ready, wings, crazy bread, and 2 ranch sauces. I told my kids not to eat anything. Who knows what they might have done to the food, I could not trust them. can’t believe they did this. the total was $22.18 I called the pizza place and they want a receipt which they didn’t even give me and said they cant refund me. WOW! never again buy from here. Little Caesars has to hire people who like to work and are responsible and must have better supervision. A bunch of immature kids work there.


Little Caesars Pizza HQ - Bad Customer Service

December 13, 2023

I ordered a Pepperoni & Cheese Stuff Crust pizza , this is what I always order. Well when I got home my Grand kids told me the pizza didnt have The pepperoni in the crust only cheese. when I return to the store the girl at the counter tells me they dont make stuff crust with pepperoni And cheese inside the crust I told her so why do they have a pic of one online and why did they charge me more than the regular plain cheese stuff crust pizza. she was being very rude trying to make me feel like i didnt know waht i was talking about so I asked to see a manager…when he came out he was a little easier to talk to then told me the pizza was gonna take 20 mins to bake…..im like omg i have kids waiting for pizza at home….the pizza came out in 10 mins when i got home the pizza wasnt baked properly kinda raw, what a waste of my time and money, inconvenience and horrible experience.


Little Caesars Pahrump NV

December 6, 2023

My wife was trying to call for 30-plus minutes and no answer for this big order. So myself and a couple of people we had for our party went to the store location on Hwy 160 in Pahrump NV in the Albertsons shopping center. When I went to order I asked if the phones were having problems and he stated they were not taking phone orders. Told me and the others that it would be a 1 hour-plus wait. And they don’t do custom orders. I stated that the orders were not custom and I have had them made here quite often. I said was trying to call the order ahead of time so that way the wait wouldn’t be that long so other things could be done in the meantime. I asked for 3 extramostbests pizzas with no sauce due to allergies. Then 2 pineapple and ham pizzas with no sauce because of the same allergies. And a clean cutter for the total of 5 pizzas. Then proceed to order 3 extramostbests pizzas with sauce and 2 pineapple and ham with sauce. Also was ordering chicken wings and crazy bread combos. He then gave an attitude saying he can’t do the clean-cutter pizzas. I stated that they have always done this before with no problem. And this was my first encounter with this person. He said he would not do this. So I asked him do you want my money and he said no. This happened 12/2/2023 at approximately 2:00pm. So is this how corporations allows good paying customers to be treated? So there was a couple of witnesses that saw what your employee attitude and demeanor was towards me a long-time good paying customer was treated and lost a big order today and possibly for along time if this is how corporate allows employees to treat customers.

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