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AutoNation Corporate Office 

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AutoNation Corporate Office

AutoNation Corporate Office is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The company is a leading figure in the automotive retail industry. Below are comprehensive details about AutoNation’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact AutoNation Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AutoNation Corporate Office: Overview

AutoNation Corporate Office
AutoNation Headquarters Address and Phone Number

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A Snapshot of AutoNation’s History

Founded in 1996, AutoNation has grown to become America’s largest and most recognized automotive retailer. The company owns and operates over 300 locations nationwide, offering a wide range of new and pre-owned vehicles, along with vehicle maintenance and repair services. AutoNation is a dealer for Ford, Toyota, and GM.

The Automotive Retail Industry and AutoNation’s Position

In the competitive automotive retail sector, AutoNation stands alongside other large dealerships and used car retailers. Key competitors include CarMax, known for its large-scale no-haggle used car outlets, Carvana, famous for its online car buying and selling platform, and other regional and national dealership groups. AutoNation differentiates itself through its extensive network of locations, wide range of new and pre-owned vehicles, and customer service initiatives, which include personalized services and a focus on transparent pricing. Other competition includes Koons, Hendrick, and Germain Automotive.

AutoNation Corporate Office

AutoNation’s Customer-Focused Strategy

AutoNation’s strategy revolves around enhancing the car buying experience for its customers. This includes offering comprehensive services such as financing options, warranties, and a focus on transparent pricing, aimed at simplifying the process of purchasing a vehicle.

AutoNation Corporate Office

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AutoNation Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with AutoNation’s vehicle selection, customer service, and dealership services. Your feedback in the comment section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand AutoNation’s operations and customer service.

AutoNation Warranty Claim Issue

January 18, 2024

Failed to include rear differential in warranty claim!

Although AutoNation Ford in Katy, TX repaired my F150 transmission under warranty they did not repair the rear differential that was also presenting issues, as documented by Service Advisor and mechanic. This oversight is unacceptable, resulting in over $3,000 in potential costs to myself. The truck remains at AutoNation Ford in Katy, TX due to safety concerns.

Peter Nance

AutoNation San Antonio TX Customer Service

January 18, 2024

In Oct 23 I bought a 2010 Jeep Liberty. As of Jan 8th I had not received my metal tags or inspecation sticker. I called on Jan 8 an was told that they were in the mail, standard answer like check in the mail. Since I hadn’t received them by Jan 17; I called again as I had been stopped by Local Law Enforcement as my temporary tags had expired. Again, I was told that they are processing them, i.e. basically it’s in the mail. This delaying tactic should have been an embarassment to your company. I could not recommend your company to anyone because of this. By the way, the only person at your San Antonio location that gave me a real answer was Oscar Montesdeoca Palacios. Someone should be held accountable by your GM.

Charles N Turner

AutoNation Salespeople

January 11, 2024

I am shopping for a car.

I am in the southeast USA…

I don’t want to be directed to a store just to get mugged by salespeople.

I am looking for a

Ford F-150 2015-2020, 4Ă—4, 5.0.


I don’t care about color

I don’t want to talk with anyone until you send to me inventory WITH PRICES…

Prices Shall not be ridiculously inflated… COVID and the chip shortage is over… if you paid too much at the auction that’s not my fault.

WARRANTY must be greater than 90 days of the price must reflect that I’m assuming a new engine of transmission in under three years.

DO NOT hustle me


Please send to me inventory




Attn AutoNation Corporate Office

December 13, 2022

Well, 12 days have gone by and my $500.00 deposit has still not been refunded back to our cards account. After numerous calls and promises, nothing. Trying to get in contact with the general manager of the north Phoenix Dodge Jeep gets stopped at the salesman, with again promises and no returned phone calls. If they think I will go away and they basically take my money, think again. A complaint with the Attorney General Better business is just around the corner. Also a complaint with the card co. has been filed. Either they are too lazy, could care less about customers or dishonest, take a pick.

Steve Bailey
Corporate Office Headquarters