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  • AAA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AAA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact AAA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The American Automobile Association
1000 AAA Dr.
Heathrow, FL 32746 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-444-7000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-222-4357
AAA Auto Insurance: 1-800-891-4222

  • My across the street neighbor needed a battery boost from the AAA flatbed driver. I waited till he was done and asked a few questions. The driver was the most helpful and friendly person i have met in many years. I wanted to send an email to company headquarters, but fount this simple forum. I am not a member, but if I wanted road service, I would call AAA after this contact with a friendly corporate flatbed truck driver.

  • I had the worst experience with AAA. I am presently working to utilize my roadside assistance with my car insurance company. Here is some advice. Use the app! Do not call in. AAA I hope raise the customer service standards for CSR reps and supervisors they aren't helpful they only hurt the company.

  • Pathetic…only word for them. I had tried to use there 'road/tow service" twice. BOTH times was a total fiasco and the 2nd was far worse than the first. #1 was a request for help opening my vehicle after I locked the keys in it. Despite spending 15 minutes explaining where I was stuck (in a metro area on US RT 50), it took 2 hours after dispatch for the service tech to get to me because he had been given faulty directions and had ended up 10 miles from 2. #2) I was in a major metro area, near a well known mall and needed a tow. I made the call at 5PM (+/-). I was told it might take up to 2hrs…after calling them back every 2 hours until midnight, I gave up. At 2am, I FINALLY got a call saying the truck was there and to bring over the key. I had already told AAA that it was a transmission problem and it was somehow locked in drive, so the key would not do anything. They told to take it with me. After some continued, not very useful conversation with AAA, I was able to determine that the 'type' tow truck they sent couldn't handle a vehicle in that condition(?), and I could not be helped until the next morning at 7am (that would be 14 hours after I first called. I TRIED to go back to sleep and at 8am, I called AAA again…still no truck had been dispatched. I told them they had until 9am…at 9am, I called one final time and, since they could not tell me that they had picked up my vehicle, I cancelled. I then called MY mechanic and got the number for the tow service he used. I called them and about 75 minutes later, the car was at the dealership. Since then I have tried multiple calls and emails to their member service departments, I have yet to be given any reason why all this happened, nor have they sent me their forms I have to fill out to get reimbursed for the towing charge. Maybe it's just the Newark DE club, but based on my own experiences and having spent a great deal of my business life involved in customer service, I'd be embarrassed to work there.

  • This information is inaccurate. AAA National, which is the office you have the phone number listed for, is not the AAA "corporate office. It is only a small office that services the clubs around the country. It does not have employee records for AAA employees outside of the office located in Lake Mary, FL.

    AAA has different clubs around the country, each with a CEO, HR Department, etc. No clubs are interconnected to others outside of their own. There is no corporate office for all of AAA.

    The AAA Auto Club Group is in the same building as AAA National and is the office members would associate with AAA due to the fact that they provide roadside assistance and member services. The number for AAA Auto Club Group in Lake Mary, FL is 407-444-4240. If someone wants to reach their AAA Club, they would go to the website, put in their zip code and be directed to the nearest club to get information.

  • The cost of AAA has gone up each year with an RV addition. I've never had nor will have an RV. I started with AAAin 1976. Used it twice, gotten maps under ten times. Waited for a tow for over two hours in the dark. I was told I couldn't continue membership without RV. DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!! Too much money for years of membership. Will contact BBB and Consumer's Reports, and Chamber of Commerce Headquarters. Been duped for years.

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