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Vons Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Vons Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Vons Companies, Inc.
618 Michillinda Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91007-6300 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-626-821-7000
Fax Number: 1-626-821-7933

Customer Service Number: 1-877-723-3929


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  1. I shopped for an elderly neighbour today at Store 2079 at 11:52 a.m.

    John Cappel was called by Customer Service to "pick up line one" as I shopped. This just gets worse and worse!

    When I passed the cashiers, they only had two lines open while people were lining up all the way to the beginning of the food isles. No one called for back up!

    This is a very busy time for those of us that stop in at lunchtime to pick up our needs. Each person who works there knows about that. They just don't care! No one thinks that all the elderly in those lines need to get out of the store as soon as possible.

    When I got to the line where "Josh" was working, all of us customers were looking at each other with confusion as to why we were having to line up all the way to the isles simply because the employees there, like "Josh" don't care about our time and needs.

    This brings me to what happened as it does every time I have to shop there: I have to go to the cashiers and ask for an announcement for back up cashiers…..every time I'm in there!

    So, I go to "Josh" and ask for a back up cashier. He said: "This is all we got!" I told him that John Cappel could come out and open a line. Just because he is a Director, doesn't mean that he is exempt from making sure the customers come first. John allows this in his store and everyone follows his careless lead when it comes to getting people out of the store when they line up. If you don't believe me, ask to see the camera recordings at this time today. You will see the people backed up to the food isles and no one who works there cares!

    When I told "Josh" that John could come out and help us, he said: " He's busy working with inventory!" Who is more important? Inventory? Or customers?

    Does anyone above John Cappel find this activity that happens regularly here acceptable according to Vons Corporate directions for Store Directors? Is this what you allow and just ignore? Why does this keep happening at this Vons?

    So after "Josh" was rude to me and didn't care about our needs as customers, I went to "Wilt" who was just standing by. He did the same thing the last time I was there and he reluctantly opened a line when we were all piled up in the middle of the store.

    So, today "Wilt" saw me going toward him with a request to open a lane. "Wilt" walked over to "Josh" and whispered something to "Josh". I Heard "Josh" Tell "Wilt": " Open up and get this guy out of here!"

    As I was being checked out by "Wilt", a very frail woman thanked me for flagging the problem and allowing her to get through the line that "Wilt" opened up. I told her that they are supposed to open up lines when they are backed up, but every employee there is reluctant to do so. The man behind her in our line was very elderly and frail too.

    Why wont Vons take a close look at this store? Does anyone in Vons Corporate care that John Cappel is perpetuating this very unfavourable environment for us customers who pay his check and everyone else there? Why do you have this feedback venue when No One gets back to me via email?

    We want our Vons in Rancho Bernardo trained and coached by management at corporate level! This isn't being done in other grocery stores here. Why isn't anyone taking this seriously, while John Cappel simply looks the other way and allows his people to do the same?

    I now have had to take this time and waste it reporting to you about John Cappel's store and will have to waste my time making a call into corporate so that this store can get better help, better training, and definitely better management skills in directing that the customers come first. Guess what? We are not treated with that kind of respect at Store 2079.

  2. To whomever this concerns, and the entire Corporate Board qualifies,

    You folks should be ashamed of yourselves, cooking up a half baked reason for terminating a long standing employee. Touching a customer?
    You couldn’t be more creative than that? And touching a customer in the act of defending oneself from imminent assault?
    You did Mr. Sherrell wrong, and likely went home with clear consciences, hugged you families and never gave it a second thought. Take a reference book and look up cold hearted corporations and you will likely see Von’s. And not necessarily in alphabetical order. I do wish you operated in these parts so I could personally never set foot in your store again.
    Disgustedly Yours,
    Tom McGlynn
    Rockaway, NJ 07866

  3. Your Manhattan Beach store is doing a TERRIBLE job of collecting or asking for donations! Bit bar Thanksgiving and this Christmas season no one has asked us if we’d like to donate, we had to ask about the program. Don’t know how you can be claiming to help the community when you are passing up multiple opportunities for donations from a very well heeled area.

  4. I was at your store in Long Beach on the Traffic Circle, I do not know the store number. I checked out with a cashier named Shelly, brown hair pulled up on top of her hear…I will NOT be returning to that store anymore…this Shelly person was one of the rudest people I have encountered in the customer service industry. It seemed like she just blew off me and any comments I made, she seemed snappy…perhaps corporate needs to have a sit down chat with her or maybe transfer her. I used to like going to that Vons on the Traffic Circle in Long Beach but no more. There is a Ralph's across the street I can easily spend my money at. Corporate…you really need to fix this woman's attitude.k

  5. the vons enployees or managers dodnt have a clue as to what is going on. I have been using my just for you coupons and have found great savings but recently i have been scaning the items i find it fun and very rewarding. Certain items have more then a savings they have gift cards but when you try to get them at the cashir they dont have a clue call head HQ and Jessica the manager is worst then they are clue less buyer be ware

  6. Only a week since my last comment and the other San Pedro Von's has now been robbed of liquor by what was witnessed to be JUVENILES. Isn't there a law against that? Oh wait, they didn't buy it so no law broken. Everyone in this area is talking about this. The managers I speak with are frustrated. I understand that the apparent law at ALL grocer stores are to let people steal without stopping them. Geez, times have changed. ANYWAY, suggestions: 1-lock the door closest to the liquor EARLY like 5pm. Force even the thieves to go out the door everyone else is using and you might have a good Samaritan stop them. Hopefully that is not against your rules. 2-lock up the liquor better. 3-staff someone in the alcohol area. Give at LEAST the IMPRESSION your are not handing out liquor. 4-add a security or additional camera(s) to the liquor area. 5-post SIGNS that you are watching. EVEN IF YOUR'E NOT! 6-Get (even fake) security guards outside during the evenings. *** IF underage individuals are stealing liquor from your stores and get injured, die, cause accidents etc, I would think you might be implicated in lawsuits by litigious parents. *** THIS IS GOING VIRAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA IN SAN PEDRO.***

  7. Von's in San Pedro, 25th & Western, store #2162 is having MAJOR theft and other crimes. The residents are getting fed up. You need to lock your liquor up better, and lock the entrance door near it. You are encouraging crime otherwise. Stop being so irresponsible. This store has been supported for many many years. It's now going downhill. Spend the money for REAL guards. You need a FEW managers and they need to have GUTS! And this store is also way way understaffed with insane lines. You are going to lose a lot of customers soon when the "old" Albertson's up in RPV on Western reopens. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING FOR OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

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