Ralphs Corporate Office Headquarters

Ralphs Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

1100 W. Artesia Blvd.

Compton, CA 90220

Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-884-9000

Fax Number: 1-310-884-2601

Customer Service Number: 1-888-437-3496

Ralphs Rewards: 1-800-660-9003

Check Approval: 1-800-917-6484

Gift Cards: 1-800-443-4438

  • I am sick and tired of your store in Redondo Beach. I waited 20 minutes in line and not just the last visit but every week. On top of that when they finally did open another lane, the person didn't bother to come down and ask the next person in line but just opened her lane and left those of us who had been waiting wait! On top of that we (the customers) have been bagging our own groceries because there is no one to do that. On top of that I get charged 10 cents a bag! This is rediculous! Time to change stores. Good bye Ralphs!!!!

  • Dear Sir or Madam, After being a loyal and very pleased customer at both Glendale Ca stores on Wilson and also the Central/Stocker store for 30 years I am sad to file a complaint today. Around 4:30PM today Dec. 5 2020 I decided to walk to the Central/Stocker store to purchase some milk. I was pleased to see that the wait outside line had been put in place again but the customers were not complying with social distancing. I went to the other end of the store entrances and asked to speak to the manager. I explained the situation, informed him that I was over 65 in age, before leaving my home had not been aware that the line had been started again, said that I had been a customer for 30 years, only wanted to pick up some milk but he refused to let me in the store. He suggested I use the senior hours!!!!! Did he expect me to come back another day for a carton of milk! I had no problem to stand in line but again the part of the line the staff could not see were not social distancing. I don't think my request was unreasonable. I also informed the manager that I had walked over from home and did not have my car. He still refused. Very sad and disappointing interaction.

  • Ralphs Store Complain Letter

    Location address:
    25 E Alameda Ave,
    Burbank, CA 91502

    For almost 15 years my family has been shopping groceries at this location. We’ve seen good and bad customer service, which is normal in every place. However, there is this new hire name Marcos Asacki, a courtesy clerk, who has disrespected my wife and the way he looked at my kids is overwhelmed. He has no respect for woman and probably he is a premature pervert!

    I would like to bring this to your attention and have the right action taken. For now this is a friendly complain but it will reach YELP and Burbank news if my family continue to encounter this person at that location or any Ralph’s store as matter of fact.

    We asked for his information, if name is not misspelled:

    Name: Marcos
    Last Name: Asacki
    Hiring Manager: Celine

    Please avoid further action if not lawsuit!



  • anonymous,
    Christmas, 2019, i purchased the Turkey Dinner.. mashed potato's,gravy.stuffing, string beans,sweetpotato casserol, hawaiian rolls, pumpkin pie ——– $ 70.00 sounds good, huh?
    which WASN'T !!! …. how they cooked that turkey, i have NO idea !! moist, it was ….. but the TASTE" TNDISRIBABLE "
    90 % still in my fridge .. MAYBE " ALL " ralph's are created differently, or NOT !! gonna' call corporate and see if i can get my $$$ back..

  • If you don't get rid of your self service registers I'm not shopping at any of your stores. Twice, I had issues using them. The first time there was no attendant. Why are you bothering us to work for you? You don't lower your pricing only raise them. I hate to do your digital coupons to much work to do them. Your staff lack professionalism and your company lacks good customer service it doesn't exits. Your staff walk around and ignore us they talk and do nothing to earn the money you pay them maybe some do. I don't supervise your stores so I can't say that it's all your employees. Regardless your managers aren't taking care of making sure your customers are taken good care of no lack of respect or care since they may not care it's because of your customers you in business.

  • I have been a very frequent customer at the Cloverfield Ave Santa Monica store for 20 years. Using checks (from the same account) as payment and often getting some cash additions to the purchase. Recently my checks have been declined by the new Certegy Service now used by Ralph’s. The Store staff and management have been no help. Calling Certegy has been frustrating and futile experience. Calling the Raplh’s corporate customer service phone number provided me with the fact that the check clearing system works on a quota – taking so many checks from a location before rejecting others. This seems odd and not plausible.

    So good bye Ralph’s. I’m off to Von’s.

  • Hi your Sunland store #49 wound serve me or help me in the servis deli was rude I asked for the manger no one showed up and when she helped other people didn't wash her hands we not shop at your store we be g ping to Vons now your mangers don't care about us we spend 2,000 dollars a week there she says she deli manger I don't think she is she rude and don't wash there hands

  • I was at Ralphs on Ventura and Hayvenhurst in Encino, California the deli dept. was very rude and would not wait on me. The person that did finally wait on me was swweping the floor and did not wash his hands. I went yesterday to Ralphs on Ventura and Coldwater Canyon. I waited again a very long time and again the woman there did not want to help me. She finished with her customer and then she left. What is going on Ralphs, your food prices are very expensive you don't want to wait on OLD BLACK LADIES? I am in the process of looking for some place else to shop

  • My friend has been hacked with her checking account. It seems when she writes a check for groceries at Ralphs they do not ask for ID. The hackers wrote three check at Ralphs within a few days. Mind you the bank rejected them because of insufficient funds, thank God, cause the hackers are writing them to CVS and Target all in Carson. So it seems like if we want to stop these inside jobs of employees steal info the customers identification and order checks and then use them the businesses we shop at should work to keep these thieves from succeeding in their ability to write the checks without anyone checking their ID. You also lose out too when the back does not honor the check, so we need to work together to stop crime at all times now days

  • The Ralphs at Marguerite & Santa Margerita Parkway in Mission Viejo has many nice employees. I shop there all the time and get good service.

  • I shop at the Ralph's in Porter Ranch. I love the store except for one thing: The music is so loud and of poor quality that I have trouble keeping my mind on shopping. It's so bad that I'm seriously thinking of shopping elsewhere.

  • do not buy no food from the ralphs in Malibu the restroom are over the freezer and the restroom always leaking inside of the freezer very unsafe to eat those meats so someone please invest this store thank you

  • I shop at the Ralphs on Admiralty & Mindanao in Marina del Rey. The management of this store has always been poor, but it is even worse now.
    I shop between 11am-1pm and they have cut out the people to bag for the clerks. I takes twice as long since they are doing double duty. Some customers go along and help. THIS IS NOT MY JOB. Please hire a qualified manager so that the customers don't have to do employee jobs.

  • A little disappointed in the customer service received. Today, October 13, 2016 at 1215 pm I called Ralphs at 5080 Rodeo Road to speak to a manager. A gentleman answered and placed me on hold. Apparently, I was redirected back to the main desk and again the same gentleman answered the phone. I told him I was the person he just spoke to and advised who I was trying to reach. He placed me on hold again. After five minutes of waiting someone picked up the phone and hung it up. I called back. This time a lady answered the phone and I informed her who I was trying to reach and she placed me on hold. This time after waiting for a period of time and listening to the waiting music, the call is redirected someone picks up and then I am automatically placed on Hold. From 3:20 to 3:45 this continued. I couldn't believe that no one answered and could not provide a simple, "Ma'am, no one is picking up. Would you like to leave a message." At 3:45 the phone proceeded to ring without anyone picking up. At 3:48 Someone finally answered. It was a lady but not the same one I spoke to earlier. I shared my frustration and she apologized. I informed her of who I was calling for and she advised that management were probably at lunch. I told her I would call back at a later time.

    I worked for Ralph's corporation for 10 years and as a prior employee we were never allowed to provide such discourteous and unprofessionalism to a customer or allow someone to hold for that long on a phone.

  • Ralph's does not want a Drug-Free workplace. They announce their drug tests a
    week or more ahead of time – especially with new hires.
    Someone I know who is a methhead and does the drug non-stop has just gotten a
    job at the Ralph's at 4760 w. Pico and only has to refrain from use for a few days beforehand. These people are working in the deli and giving us our sandwich meats,
    etc… and they allow it! Come on guys – the drug problem has been around long
    enough for you go know better an it makes me think it is one druggie looking out
    for another ….

  • Why is RALPHS stepping into the Political Arena advertising and siding with Kaepernick's Unamerican values, hatred for America, disrespect of American Flag and Anthem by promoting the wearing of Kaepernick's #7 football Jersey? Just plain stupid for Ralphs to do this. Makes me sick to see your employee's wearing this Jersey! I walked out of the store and left my groceries in the cart at the counter with this employee. Ralphs at Serano and 91 freeway, 92808

  • I work at Kroger in Cincinnati, OH. and many customers are upset that products they used to purchase are nolonger available. We try to get the product in by looking in a computer system to see if it is still available or Actually Discontinued either by Kroger itself or a Vendor/Supplier. We many times are able to special order items for a customer to pickup, but it may come in a case pack of 4 or more. The company has "WEEKLY RESETS" of shelves throughout diff. depts. and products'spacing are either decreased or actually taken out to bring in new products 🙁 If a product is taken out of "The Set" as we call it. Then, we can't bring it back in to put on the shelf, but may be able as I stated above, to special order it for our great customers! And as an assistant store manager. I go out of my way to address and resolve every issue I am presented with. I truly thank every customer who calls me to the customer service desk to complain. Because, if they don't then rude associates/employees and products out of stock can't be addressed. So sorry for everyone who has had a bad experience. But please don't give up on Ralph's! Maybe another one has kinder employees and the products you want and need. Blessings : )

    • Oh just in case some of you do not already know. Ralphs is under Kroger's umbrella of stores. But I lived in Los Angeles and Woodland hills for 14 years. Only at Kroger for 5 yrs now.

    • Oh just in case some of you do not already know. Ralphs is under Kroger's umbrella of stores. But I lived in Los Angeles and Woodland hills for 14 years. Only at Kroger for 5 yrs now.

  • I don't believe there to be anything wrong with remodelling….but it is very, very frustrating that in a beautiful small town ( by the beach ok, not in the middle of no where) that everyone in the city shops that Ralphs, and a normal quick trip that would have normally been a 10 minute deal….ended up being soooo much longer ( after a long frustrating day, that I'm absolutely sure that everyone has been in the same situation of needed to grab some items very quickly after a long frustrating day) and JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING was in a different aile (no one call me stupid because i can't remember right now if that is the correct spelling, please be mature if someone comments) the employees were very kind, the regular ones that i can recognize, when asking them were items were, but even though they might have been kind, not even they knew were things were. So a 5-10 minute trip turned into a freakin way longer than necessary trip for just a few items for dinner. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RALPH'S RALPH'S RALPH'S RALPH'S, FOOD 4 LESS FOOD 4 LESS FOOD 4 LESS FOOD 4 LESS, KROGER'S KROGER'S KROGER'S KROGER'S, and ANY OTHER CORPORATE AFFILIATE……DO NOT NOT NOT MOVE ITEMS FROM ONE ISLE TO ANOTHER…..it only makes people upset and possible even will lose your company customers, especially mothers, and older/elderly, and sadly, DISABLED PEOPLE. It is not right to do that to people that call a store their's. Please Ralph's, don't do it to another location as it has been done to this one….i respectfully and maturely decline to state the name of the city in which this has occured. Please!!!!!!

  • Well i am a regular customer every day i shop at your store on Hawthorne &118st
    hawthorne califonia. Want to praise your whole store but expecially. Maria in deli, lupe
    in frezzer, william at front chckout, in reality all your team members are great but those,few are extra extra, polite, and great. Thank u ralph for bringing such beautiful
    people in our neighborhood.

  • I just quit my job at Fullerton Food 4 Less. Why, Mario, the head manager told me that I after six months of working, trying to understand all the spanish that is spoken in the store, that I wans't checker material. I hadn't even taken the test, and he told me that. Now, I had just received a letter saying that we could say what we thought about our store, but now I have to say it hear. Mario R really needs to go. Find a new manager for that store please!!!

  • Received a call back about an online application I filled out a few days ago. The person spoke very fast and I couldn't understand their name even after listening 3 times. So I had to call the number that was given 3x to get through. The first call was diconnected after a short message, the second call was disconnected after it sounded like maybe someone picked up and the third call back finally got answered after almost 4 minutes. The music is irritating and the static on the line is horrendous. Has any manager, COO, CEO, or Supervisor called your own number at 1-844-849-4196? Very unprofessional and if you expect to hire quality and people of excellence you need to make some changes. When I got through there was only a meat dept. position available. I believe I would be better as a consultant helping your company improve its phone system and marketing. Someone or several people aren't doing their job. If you don't read this or care then that's fine by me. I generally shop at Albertson's and enjoy their friendliness and expertise. I called your corporate office and then directed to your customer service line and then was on hold over 9 minutes listening to painfully irritating music and finally had to hang up! Please fire and hire someone to help your company! (unfortunately the people or person that needs to hear this won't, I know how corporations work)

  • I've been shopping a Ralph's So. Arcadia for a number of years, for the most part the clerks that work there are pleasant and mostly helpful, however Ralph's corporate office really needs to look into the management staff at this store starting with the head store manager. He is very rood to both the employees and customers. When he doesn't think anyone can hear him, he talks badly about people, he swears a lot and I have heard him make fun of handicap people shopping in the store. You have to give respect to earn the respect of people. I'm surprised Ralph's hasn't had a harassment suet file against them. If your a person that can not get along with people then you should not be working with the public. thanks for you time.

  • Your Employees at your store in Sun Valley, are continuously rude. I have been snapped at, insulted and eye rolled constantly here. I finally complain ed, and was dismissed by the Manager who sent over the Assistant Manager, "to deal with me"…his exact words I heard him say. Then I was eye rolled yet again by said Assistant Manager. Another customer, overheard me complaining, and backed me up. He even had names of the rudest employees. More eye rolling from Assistant Manager, and then she just walked away while we were still talking to her. It's easy to see why the Employees are allowed to act tge wsy they do. It is truly my goal to absolutely never step foot in that store again….

  • Your Employees at your store in Sun Valley, are continuously rude. I have been snapped at, insulted and eye rolled constantly here. I finally complain ed, and was dismissed by the Manager who sent over the Assistant Manager, "to deal with me"…his exact words I heard him say. Then I was eye rolled yet again by said Assistant Manager. Another customer, overheard me complaining, and backed me up. He even had names of the rudest employees. More eye rolling from Assistant Manager, and then she just walked away while we were still talking to her. It's easy to see why the Employees are allowed to act tge wsy they do. It is truly my goal to absolutely never step foot in that store again….

  • This complaint is about the Deli food service department at Ralphs 25104 Marguerite Pkwy, Mission Viejo. CA. (Ph: 949 -830-3065) On Sunday, Sept 6, 2015, on Labor Day weekend, we went there at 10:00 a.m. to buy picnic food at the Deli Dept. When we got to the hot food section, we found only one bin filled with baked chicken. There was a clerk in a Ralph's uniform behind the counter and we asked her if this was all the prepared food that they had. She looked up and said that she didn't work in this department and walked away. So, a another clerk came over to help us. I asked if any other chicken would be coming out soon (fried wings, chicken tenders, etc). He said "no" but that he could make a batch in 30 minutes. Remember now, this is the Labor Day Weekend!!!! We left and went to Albertson's which had a fully stocked hot food section: 3 types of chicken wings, chicken tenders, potato wedges, 8 piece fried chicken deal…all ready to buy! This is just one example of how this Ralph's is so poorly managed. We used to shop regularly at the smaller Ralph's on Trabuco but it was closed recently.

  • I think Ralphs is doing a disservice to seniors everywhere when discounts are offered for bulk purchases. I live in a senior apartment complex directly across the street from Ralphs (710 N. Rose Dr, Placentia, CA). Not one of the 422 residents here has storage space to shop in bulk amounts in order to receive those discounted prices – eg. minimum of 6 or more or 10 or more items. Besides, because we are mostly on fixed incomes, it isn't that cost effective to spend that much money for items that we won't soon be using. The company is missing a great opportunity to increase business with the older/retired community. Maybe someone in Ralphs' corporate office could come up with a discount on the total purchase for seniors.

    I tried to send this as a message to Ralphs customer service. That ended up as a dead end. Guess they're not really interested in customer emails.

  • My husband is a truck driver recently he had to take a load to Ralphs … I know when I go to places with him that I'm going to put up with some "dirty" situations but this was just ridiculous!!! They had one bathroom that smelled like nobody had cleaned it in days! There was urine all over the floor. We asked the parking attendants if they could do something about it considering that according to them that was the only restroom available to drivers. The man said "Idk man I don't go past this kiosk and we don't even use that bathroom you will have to talk to shipping." What?! And while i'm at it the loading dock is ridiculously small and unorganized. Nobody seems to have answers. These men are stuck here waiting for an "unknown" amount of hours and they can't even keep the one restroom they have clean. These docks have to be reevaluated happy drivers make for more productivity. These men work hard they deserve more attention or at least a well kept bathroom. P.S. Rest in peace my sandals which had no hope after stepping on Ralph's property.

  • as a person who has 4-5 stores where i live and trying to find out if ralphs hires a person a small disabilities which as can not work at a casher or priceing if a open for baging sweeping or some thing which will not over stess my wrist which has a pastic tee shape brace in side thank you jay

  • dear RALPHS i sent a feed back on wedsday asking about work at a ralphs store as i put in i do have a small handacapped which i do have a injured wrist with a pastic brace inside i got a e mail on thursday to call the 1800 number which i did the nice person who i talk to told me she had not a thing about paper applications for jobs i did go to 4 stores and none had a application for handacaed workers my damage is small as i can not price gun or work as a casher their must be something we can do i can bag sweep can we work on this thank you jay

  • I'm wonder if employees of Ralph's legally can go around speaking spanish..and you don't have a clue what their talking about. Granted I know a lot of mexicans spanish people work in these store's but really they should speak english. When the majority of the customers are english speaking..speaking of the Ralphs downtown Los angeles.


    WRONG price at the checkstand. Its only 50 cents overcharge from the price on the shelf.
    It happens a LOT. Not just Ralphs (Krogers et al) also Safeway (Vons et al).
    MOST folks dont look at their receipt after paying.
    About 6 weeks ago at another food chain, the overcharge was $4. SO WHAT to do…..
    yes they reimburse the difference or the price of the product if you catch it…..BUT
    the next time I will vow to save the receipt and the receipt showing the refund/overcharge
    AND then go to the County Weights and Measures and file a complaint. Those folks will
    act on this……about 2-3?? years ago, Kroger got nailed for a weight issue to the tune
    of several MILLION dollar fine. It was about weight of items that were frozen with ice….
    and not weighing the NET weight. Most states/areas have a weight and measures department..
    same folks that check on gas pumps. It does no good to complain to the store managers
    or other employees.

  • I went in a few months ago (Sunrise store) and asked the butcher to cut me a thick steak since I have no idea what one does to the 1/2" crap they put out. I told him I would be back when I was done grabbing my other things. When I came back he was standing with the store manager and said he didn't dare put it in the case or it would be gone in a flash. I laughed and said maybe that meant he should put a bunch of them out there and they would sell a boatload. The store manager frowning said they didn't have the staff to do that sort of thing! And they wonder why people go to Costco. Hire some more friendly customer service.

  • Ralph's fu@king service deli still sucks hard, still not in the good way. Sunrise and Ramon
    I just wanted a baked breast, starving, just got in from Hermosa, rain entire way, took at least 10 minutes to get help. I asked someone working deli-adjacent, straightening roasted chickens for help. She looked freaked out, pointed at her ears and gave the International face for we are not going to communicate. (Deaf, gets a pass.) (Or a really smart employee who didn't want to deal with me, ha.) They need some help with Customer service and management.

  • The Deli at the Ralph's at.Sunrise and Ramon. I stood at the counter at 855 wanting one scoop of the butternut squash salad…I was ignored while they chatted with each other at an off duty employee until at 901 they acknowledged me to tell that the deli closed at 9.. Upon telling them I had been standing there for 5 minutes and just wanted one scoop of salad they laughed and said oh we must not have seen you..and we back talking to each.. I guess no butter squash for me. Get some new people in there to teach customer service.

  • The Ralphs at Chatsworth has a Deli that is disgraceful; for a few weeks there was a great improvement and soon after everything went down hill, chopped up hot links that never sell are always on display; it's hit and miss if your going to find the type of chicken you want on a given day; coleslaw that is wet and white; dirty displays and managers that say they will take care of it and never do. I have to drive to Ventura Blvd to get to a good Ralph's. Someday Ralph's will get it right hopefully soon. I miss my Studio City Ralphs…

  • I went to the store in glendora today on my way home from work and stopped by the deli dept. I wanted to pick up some fried chicken. I was told that it would be about 15 mins before it was done. I did a little shopping and went back to the deli and was told that it would be another 30 mins because the chicken that they were frying was for someone else. I would think that at 5:00 at night the deli would be set with chicken since it is dinner time…I did not wait and I'm not sure if the other customers that wanted chicken waited either.

  • I've been shopping at the ralphs in tustin heights for many years. The employee's are friendly and efficient but today I was helped by a gal walking the store by the name of Jennifer E and I received the best service from this young lady, she went out of her way, stopped what she was doing just to help me get what I needed. Like I said I love my store and the staff but never had I received service like that. Her great service and pretty face really made my day.
    Thank you for having such great workers! And i made sure to call the store manager just to let him know what difference she made today.

  • Blame the unions. The employees do not care about their jobs or providing good customer service, because they know the union will bail them out.

    • I worked for a ralphs for over 34 years I've seen it all from rude customers to a****** managers… I must say I love my job….. in life there's good people and there's bad people…. I would not blame the unions but I do blame corporate greed! we never get enough help and the customers suffers…. some of the young people they hire now make low wages…. and it reflects in their attitude…. me personally I'm very sorry to see these things happen…. I have been treated rotten by the new management team.. and there micromanagement ways but I never take it out on my customers….. I feel that money comes and goes…. but you never get your time back so when you come near me I do the best I can with the customers….. it truly breaks my heart to see these stores closing because I know people are being affected by it especially the elderly…. I work at the Ralphs in Glendora…. thank you for reading this :)……..JLH


  • My family and I have been to chili's on Brainard Rd in Chattanooga TN several times in the last month and always end up leaving and going to Apple Bees. The service is awful we set and wait 10 mins and no one ever come to wait on us. We had 4 severs walk past us and they were not busy at all.My sister and her boyfriend want a few weeks ago he got the ribs and thy were cold and and tasted horrible she had what looked like a hugeneral water bug in her salad. They even paid for their food.

  • Chino resident of 38 years
    I just learned our Ralph's store is closing on July 3rd. I am so angry at this decision.It is in the perfect location for the neighborhood (condos across the street and surrounded by homes). It was Alpha Beta when that name existed. So, Ralph's, closing this store in Chino (on Mountain and Riverside Dr) means I will no longer be shopping at a Ralph's. I will not be traveling to search you out. Stater Bros. and Walmart will get all my business now. Shame on you corporate.

  • I just learned that Chilis is enforcing a" no-gun" policy. Since I am no longer able to keep my family safe at your restaurant, I will no longer eat there.

  • Chili's located on Beltline Rd. And Hwy 75 in Richardson. All 3 food orders came out incorrectly. They were either missing something or side was not what we ordered. If you can't remember the order then use pen and paper which was invented for a reason. Management didn't offer a discount or anything simply said "I'll have a talk to my guys". Also, this "table entertainment" charge is crap! My minor child shouldn't be able to authorize a charge without my adult parental consent! There needs to be a disclaimer or warning posted somewhere visible fir the adults to see before the child gets the machine! Posted by future lawsuit winner 🙂

  • To this may concern, I have a friend who needed me to used Western Union and tranfer money, i have gone for more than a week and still not being help as their managers state they are too busy in order to help in the Western Union desk. Why are you offering a service you cannot provide if you don't have the stuff. I belive all costumers are as important and not because you are not buying and being in line to pay in the cash register means you are more important then the one trying to use your service in the store. The RALPH IS ON COSTA MESA ON 17TH STREET AND SANTA ANA AVE. what a bad SERVICE THEY HAVE! HIRE MORE PEOPLE IF YOU ARE OFFERING SERVICES YOU CANNOT AFFORD.

  • Please stop the membership cards. There are 3 stores in my area that don't require them for the best price or sales price. Also, please don't mail me coupons for "customer favorite" products you cannot keep in stock. That's highly inconvenient and sends customers to your competitors. Thanks.

  • Chilis in rockwall Texas the hostess named Katrina (so a waiter said her name was) was so rude I felt uncomfortable to stay. I told the manager but I don't feel she listened. This hostess was horribly rude put out and should be fired. I literally felt uncomfortable.

  • The Sunland Ralph's has been going down hill for the last few years. They used to have a wonderful Manager & staff up until about 3 years ago. Now the managers they have are terrible and treat their customers in the worst way. I personally have had 2 arguements lately with 2 different managers. Yesterday, November 3rd @ 8:00 am there were not too many customers (this seems to be normal these days). I had asked if there was any Hallowen candy left & I was directed to the rear of the store. I found a large bag of minature chocolates that had been torn open & some loose in the bottom of the box it was in. I collected them & put them in the bag & picked up some other candy. When my purchases were rang up at the register, the minatures rang up at the regular price. When I questioned this, the cashier told me these were not on sale. There was no-one else in line and he went back to check. When he got back to me 2 more people had joiined in the line. He told me these must have been put there by another customer. I asked if I could speak with the manager because I knew they could not be sold as is and wondered if they could give a discount on the candy. The manager told me that the price was firm. I asked was she not authorized to give a discount and she told me of course she could but would not because she was busy. She had by this time opened up the next register and was helping another customer. She was very rude and absolutely would not help me. Her name is DENISE. We have a very strong neighborhood community and have meeting every couple of months. Many of my neighbors have stopped shopping there because of the attitude of the managers & some of the staff. A couple of months ago, I witnessed an older later coming out of the store with another manager following her yelling and calling her a B–ch. The lady came to me and asked if I had heard what she called her & I told her I had & she should call & complain. Someone else came out of the store & asked the lady if she was ok. Apparently the lady had said that the chicken she bought was supposed to be on sale and the manager had argued with her. I don't know this manager's name – she is in her late 40's or early 50's and has long blonde (highlighted) hair. I am now joinning the ban on Ralphs (Sunland). This store needs to be pulled down or remodelled because it never looks clean and the staff needs to be retrained in politeness. Even though this is the closest store to me, I will now take my business to Vons (Tujunga).

  • I live on Hollywood and Western so I always use that Ralphs next to my house and They are the best. My first time I went to that Ralphs, everything was fresh and the deli looked really good. Food was on sale so that was amazing and like how everything was very organized. Another great thing about that Ralphs was there Car wash that they had in the bottom parking lot it was called Crystal, they detailed my car washed it and as i got out of the store it was already ready to go.. SO that saved me time from going to the car wash and it was very Convenient.

  • Since 1998 I have always been shopping from Ralphs and I just want to thank all of the staff and there management for there outstanding customer service. I just moved to Ventura and Vineland, and the Ralphs out there is just amazing. The bakery is really fresh, everything is always neat and food is wonderful. Another great thing i really like about that place is the Car wash that they provide in the bottom lot. Its just very convenient. Does guys do a great job!!!!! I can say they clean my car better than any car wash out there.

  • As a good customer of Ralphs I really like the fact that the stores are always professional and clean. Everytime I went to the one on Ventura and Vineland they have always been really great to me with there service and they welcome there customers very well. I also love there car wash service that they provide, I think its a very cool idea. When I come do my shopping and get out my car is neatly serviced. Thank you guys

  • Ralphs has always been great with there customer service and quality of their products. I really like the one on Ventura and Vineland, because what I enjoy the most and think its very convenient is the underground car wash that they have. Plus they have the valet parking which I think is another great way of making everything easy for your customers. I come do my shopping wash my car and I really enjoy and think it is a very great idea.

  • I would like to know why your company doe's not clean your tables outside of your store located in westchester located on 8824 suplveda west way. The reason i'm asking this is because it is very dirty and very scumy.So if you really want my business then they need to clean them every day period. And some of your employees don't treat customers with respect. If you don't take care of this problem then i will be forced to shop else where.

  • I just ordered lunch from their deli section at the Ralphs in Downtown Los Angeles on 9th Street. GROSS!! I was eating away and went to cut a piece of the fat off and noticed the meat had a VERY prominent IRIDESCENT color to it. I have photos and I have video of it (because the colors come up the most when your move the meat around). Sure enough, I'm calling corporate and the phone just rings and rings. I HOPE the part I ate did not have this issue.

    I've never seen this before, ever. Does anyone know what it is??

  • I purchased a $200 Home Depot gift card for my husband this past 03/10/2013. When my husband tried to use it online he noticed that the bar code on the gift card was missing. The magnetic strip was also missing from both the gift card and the extra part that says to remove after purchase. I went to Ralphs on Saturday night and the night manager told me that I had to go back to the store yesterday at 7:30am and to speak with the manager so I did.

    He called a couple of places and after 20 minutes he told me that he had called the Ralphs gift card department who tried to get a hold of their main office but that they where closed.

    The manager told me to call him today after 2pm and to go to Home Depot to try to use the gift card. I explained to him that there was no point of going to Home depot if the gift card had nothing to scan or swipe. I am beyond frustrated. I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and do not need this extra stress. I am hopeful that they will reimburse me or will give me a new gift card but if they don't I will call the BBB, the newspaper and anyone else that could hopefully help me get the word out.

  • To whom it may concern
    On January 28 2013 I Nathaneil Reynolds/ seafood manager started work at 8 am. I performed my duties and then attended the manager meeting. After the meeting I went straight back to work. It was a good day.
    At 4 pm I went on my last break outside to have a cigarette and saw two gentlemen in the same care park in the parking lot. The passenger got out of the vehicle and preceded to the front door of ralphs. The other gentlemen got out of the car and then he proceeded to the entrance also. The man that got out first stopped half way turned around to wait then started to talk with the other gentlemen. He then quickly walked inside to the store after their conversation which lasted for about 5 seconds. About 3 min later I saw the man that walked in first walk out with an alcohol bottle in his pocket that was about 40 oz. I then walked inside to tell the manager and the other gentlemen started to walk past me. I said excuse me but the guy you were with had stolen a bottle from ralphs. He said and I quote “O really?” I said yes you should tell him he should not still from this store and he then quickly asked who I was talking about and I said the guy that got out of the car with you. He said are you accusing me and I said no but the guy that got out of your car stole. He said I didn’t have anyone with me and I said yes I saw him get out of your car. He asked me to go to his car with him as he walked out the door I told him I cannot do that but the guy walked to rite aid. He then asked for the manager and I pointed to him. He looked upset and he was. He then talked to Mark Anthony. After the customer left I tried to explain. Mark said not right know will talk about it later and said I was wrong! Then at 5pm I went up stars to print out some documents for seafood and he asked me to come in the office. He let me explain then told me that I was being suspended for approaching a customer outside.(so the suspension paper said) and accusing him that he brought a shoplifter. I then said that was untrue and that the customer was not approached outside and then he said he would rewrite the paper and then said that I was going to be suspended for approaching the customer and accusing him for bringing a shoplifter. I said I didn’t accuse him for bringing a shoplifter I just told him his friend Stoll something to tell him not to still. Mark preceded for me to sine the paper and that he was not going to rewrite another that it was not a sign of gilt but just a signature of him handing me a copy of the suspension paper. I am sheer that the two men were together. There was no mistake. I do well for ralphs and care about my job. I haven’t been written up for anything in about 5 years and was employee of the year two years in a row 2010 and 2011. I was just recently recognized for having the most increase in sales for period 9 in the seafood department for 2012. I don’t know why I have been treated this way and would like some explanations. I do not want this to go on my record as an employee at ralphs or lose my job over simply caring for the theft that is continuously ongoing in the store.

  • It’s already embarrassing enough to return products to a store but when my kids purchased too many sodas for a party this new years, I said I need to return them. I went into the store to return under $15 worth of drinks and asked for cash as I didn’t have time to shop in the Pacific Palisades Ralph’s that I had shopped in for the past 20 years. The bottles were Ralph’s brand, they were in Ralph’s bags but I had no receipt. The cashier said he could only give me a gift card, which I had lost before and I wanted cash. I asked for the manager and Jeff Ford, the Front End Manager and Mr Customer No Service surfaced. When he reiterated the policy of only being able to give me a gift card, I said I do returns and cash at other stores a.” and stopped because I don’t do it all the time. In fact, I rarely return things that I need to return because it is so embarrassing to me. So Jeff said, “Oh, you do returns all the time? That figures.” Needless to say my blood pressure went up ten points. Then he said, “Where do you returns on things and get cash?” I said Home Depot. He said “Oh, you return a lot of things to Home Depot now!” I said, “I built a house you idiot! Stop treating me this way! I’ve lived here for 20 years and I cannot believe you are treating me like a thief!” He said, “Oh, you live here?” and gave me that “Right!” look! Then he complained and said he had never met such a rude person in all of his life! Then he said. “We have a right to refuse to return these products. Have a nice day!” and he started to put the bottles back in the cart. He told me he was going to call the police if I didn’t leave. I told him to do that! I said, “I’m not leaving. In fact, I’m calling your corporate headquarters!” He treated me like I was a homeless person!

    My neighbors of 20 years were looking at this spectacle in the market and were horrified at the treatment he was giving me! When he heard I was calling corporate, he huffed, then quietly took the bottles out and started the return at another check stand. He said, “Come over here and I will give you your money on a credit. Take it or leave it.” I said, “Oh, I’ll take it and I’m still going to call your headquarters and report your customer no service experience with me. You have done this to the wrong person! “ Then he mocked me and said two additional times to make sure and I call corporate and tattle on him. Then he asked me to fill out the return info for him. I asked him if the receipt for the return was available as I wanted to take some notes on it. He refused to give it to me until I filled out the form he asked me to fill out. I told him that I did not trust him and wanted to count the bottles. He refused a second time to give me MY RECEIPT and when I actually said to him “Are you kidding me? You are holding my receipt as blackmail until I sign the return receipt?” he gave it to me.

    Penny wise and pound-foolish Ralph’s?? Are your unions worth loosing customers over poorly trained RUDE EMPOLYEES?? I WILL NEVER shop at a Ralph’s market again for as long as I live. I am a long time member of the Pacific Palisades Women’s Club and other organizations and have three kids in three schools here. This is going to be a gossip topic for a long time! We all make mistakes and over buy occasionally. It’s embarrassing but we should NEVER be treated in this rude manner when returning items, ESPECIALLY for $15!!

    • a closed mouth don't get fed if you don't say anything to corporate office nothing would ever get done they will still be treating people like crap.Call Corp. 1-888-437-3496 follow The Prompts.

  • I love my long beach ralphs on long beach blvd an san antonio! Great customer service ! All of my neighbors an family in the area shop here an love it !

  • There are two Ralphs in carson, the smaller one does not carry several things that other markrts carry. The meat market is horrible. The at one time carried old fashion weiners, but stopped. I asked the guy in the meat dept. to order more more than once, his last response was, "if I find the number I will order more". Now if he doesn't have the number who does. He could have call another store, the weiners are exclusive to Ralphs. Today I went there , they had several pkgs. of turkey wings, I could smell the stink as soon as I picked up the first pkg. I poked a hole in three pkgs, all were SPOILED. I gave those to a cashier, she call the guy from the meat dept and said something to him in spanish, and that wae that. Buying spoiled meat from that store has happened more than once. Since it is a small Ralphs, you'd think the quality would be better.

  • What's up with Ralphs no longer carrying Dixie cups or any paper cups. I can't find any at any Ralphs in the San Diego, CA area. What were you thinking? Oh, there's plenty of plastic and foam, which I hate, but no paper at all!!!!!

  • This Thanksgiving I did not buy my Turkey until Saturday. I drove around town looking for a fresh Turkey and I could not find an affordable Turkey. I found a fresh Turkey at Ralph's in Glendora off of Grand and Route 66. It was a 30 dollar Turkey but marked down by the manager for 16 dollars. Thank you so much Ralph's in Glendora for providing an affordable meal for my family. Sincerely, Sergio Tamayo, Former Army Specialist, 101st Airborne Division, Division Support Command, Veteran; Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

    • Thank you for your service to our country Specialist Sergio. I'm glad you were able to find what you needed and were able to feed your friends and family.

  • I'm in Orange Co, Irvine, and have been to several Ralphs stores without any incidents mentioned in the above comments. I imagine it must be humiliating to hear such things and be treated so insignificantly. If I was put in that position I'd certainly direct my angst towards help outside the Ralphs circle, be it legal, ACLU, or Gov't type action. I wouldn't suffer a fool and blog about it; there's no resolve here.

  • I live in Newport Beach. I've requested many times over to the store managers about a "Ralph" brand item I can get at another Ralphs not as close to my house. The Westcliff location I stopped going to 1 year ago due to the indifference that was paid to my request. My family grocery weekly bill is over $200 that Vons, Albertsons, and other stores are now getting my business. It's a Ralphs brand name, yet they prefer to sell a national brand that's over double the price. I have now proceeded to post on Facebook, Twitter and have convinced other neighbors in Westcliff, and Dover shores to boycott Ralphs. I am starting other negative blogs on google and will go to other sources. I'm still pissed off from being ignored.

    • all the anonymous replies must be ralphs employees. who are rude, act like they are better than everybody else, especially in orange county. i know one employee in the fullerton store who is uneducated, didnt graduate high school, is a drug addict, never makes it to work on time and is still employed there. that goes to show you the level of people they have working for them. they are overpriced and customer service sucks and for the anonymous employees that reply to the comments. your day will come. they are already closing down stores. their turn is coming…

  • Ralphs has been great to me and my family.. I'm very happy.. On the other had I was at a store In temple city on las tunas and over heard the little short lady talking about another employee and how she is by the book and that can get her in trouble.. I also heard something like her and the nigger.. I'm not sure that is a good way to be talking around customers in such a reputable place.. When I asked to speak to the manager to let them know she happen to be one… That's kind of sad .. My husband is black and I was offended by that comment.. That deli shouldn't have some one back there like that doing all that gossip and talking bad about people.. I guess I'll just have to go to another store….

    • I agree with your statement to a tee. We can not use the race card as an excuse for every grievance spoken about with respect to customer service. I am white and have had reverse discrimination perpetrated by the veey people that are complaining on this website. Let's be honest here. People of all colors have some form of bias against one another. We all try to be on our best behavior and show openness, but there are times when cultural differences play a part in an unacceptable biased attitude. Why don't we just make a simple complaint about bad service and state our grievance? Enough with the judgement! When all of us can look at ourselves and say 100% with conviction that we have never judged or acted unfairly, then we can cast the first stone. Enough said.

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