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Jiffy Lube Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Jiffy Lube Corporate Office Headquarters

Jiffy Lube International, Inc. Address:
700 Milam St.
Houston, TX 77002 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-546-4100
Customer Service Number: 1-800-344-6933
Fax Number: n/a
Email: n/a


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  1. I recently went into jiffy lube store no. 910 located in Ramsey road, Fayetteville, NC for a state inspection. I failed the state inspection due to my tint being too dark and the front tint was below the line.
    T prior to the inspection a person came out to my car and told me that they were going to check the tint and I asked him to test it prior to the car going into the garage and he told me that he couldn’t do it outside the store because state law says he can’t do that.
    Rather than testing the tint right away inside the garage they do the inspection and fail my vehicle and then tell me it failed and charge me for the inspection.
    This is unsatisfactory! They probably knew it wasn’t going to pass just by looking at my tint prior to taking in the garage and if they would have checked it as soon as it went into the garage it would’ve saved me time and money.
    This store rips people off on state inspections rather than helping people!!
    I’ll never have any work done at any jiffy lube and let everyone know how they treated me.

  2. I have been using Jiffy Lube for my oil changings, my husband travels for work so in some cases I never use the same Jiffy Lube location. In one of the oil changes I used the Mooresville NC location on 4-21-21, I requested Synthetic Oil (as always) they proceeded with oil change and everything checked out ok, they found nothing wrong, everything was good to go and sent on my way and wouldn't have to do another oil change until 5000 miles.
    On 7-06-21 I was due another oil change according to the records of a last visit. I took my car to the Orangeburg SC location. When I arrived I stated that I might be a few miles over since last change, due to traveling and I requested Synthetic Oil again. Once they started my oil change they noticed my vehicle had way to much oil in it and that I had oil on the manifold, splattered oil all over my air compressor, a oil leak and that the cap was not put back on correctly (I could always smell oil but never thought anything of it, I know at times if the do spill oil at the time of change it can burn off, so it will give a smell). I was told that I may have a oil leak now and that I should get my car checked out and that I needed to contact the Jiffy Lube location that had did the prior oil change. The gentleman that did the oil change at the Orangeburg location and stated that since there was way to much oil in the vehicle that it could cause a leak from now on because the oil had no where to go and it had to find a leak which would be the cause of the oil leak now.
    So I tried to contact the Corporate Office for Jiffy Lube and when you call in it states that you should go to the location that you have the problem with, which I was told that also from the Orangeburg location as well. So I have contacted the Mooresville location on 07-07-21, spoke with a Mark and I asked to speak with the manager of that location and was told that it was a Johnny person and he would give him a message to call me back as I had told him what has happened and needed to find out what process needed to be done to get my car checked out as I should not have to pay to have it checked out now to make sure there isn't any major damage since the overfill of oil. So Mark told me that Johnny would call me back the next day which would be 07-08-21. I called back on 07-09-21 and did get to speak with Johnny and he stated that he had to get with his district Account Manager and let him know and he would call me back in 30 minutes give or take, I waited and of course no call back. So again I called back on 07-12-21 and asked to speak with Johnny he wasn't in and then I asked to speak with Mark and he wasn't in either, I explained to the person on the phone my problem and let him know what was going on and asked who I could speak with since the manger wasn't in and I would like to get this matter taken care of, he proceeded to let me know that he was the Manager of the location and he was Nick and that Johnny is the Assistant Manager of location. I then proceeded to ask Nick what was he going to do and he informed me that there was nothing he could do that since Johnny and Mark has reached out to the District Manager that it is in the Corporates hands and that they would be contacting me. I have never been called back or even a message left letting me know anything at all as of 07-13-21.
    This is not good customer relations at all for such a big company. Why should a consumer that promotes this big corporates be treated this way? If you tell someone that you are going to do something, then as a curtesy you should follow through with your words. I have given plenty of time and it should not take that long to get back with a customer to resolve a issue caused by them. I understand that I am not the only complain here but you could at least give a curtesy call and I haven't received a call at all I have had to be the one to call.

  3. store no. #755 here in southern calif. are garbage humans – I went there to get an oil change and within 30 minutes those rotten humans broke my transmission shifter and they said that it is too bad for me

  4. Do not frequent Jiffy Lube. Paid $20 for a group and ended up spending $94 on two filters which should have cost $30 at best for both. I'm from the Clearwater Florida area.

  5. I had an issue with the jiffy lube on 5518 st. barnabas rd, Oxon Hill, Md 20745, took my car in for an oil change, and they forgot to tigten up my engine under carriage cover, and while I was driving heard a funny nose, like scrapping come to find out the didn't tighten my cover, and its now all over 495 highway, went back and told them, all the could say was I didn't need it, its just extra part they put on the car, if I payed for it I want it back on my car, they haven't contacted me back about reimbursing me my part yet…GHETTO SERVICE…So im asking for my part to be oreder and put back on my car… sleepysrr@gmail.com invoice #487417 work order # 7532….Jiffy lube manager JUSTIN C. JOHNSON

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