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Boston Market Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I wasn't feeling good this evening, so my husband went to the Sterling Hts Boston Market to pick up some dinner. All I wanted was a pot pie. He said the place was crowded and there were about 6 people in line ahead of him. He knew I really wanted a pot pie, so he waited
    After 15 minutes in line, it was his turn. There was one pot pie left. A nice young woman started his order, and boxed the pot pie for my husband. (For My Husband!!!) Then as he was giving his dinner order, a young man came from the back of the kitchen, took the pot pie boxed for us and told my husband he would have to wait 15 minutes (more) for another pot pie. The young man was filling an online order (for people not actually standing in the restaurant yet!!!!!), and thought it was funny my husband was getting upset!!
    My husband who is German, French and Irish, Asked him to repeat that again, because he couldn't believe it. The man again said, "Online orders come before people in the place first". Well….. my husband told him what to do with the pot pie and left. VERY DISAPPPOINTED THAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A THING OF THE PAST!!!!!! So you put aside food for people not even here and make those standing in front of you wait?!?!?!??!? Shame on you Boston Market.

  2. HI i was at the boston market on west broad close to hollywood casino in col oh saturday 30th jan. the place was nice and the customer service outstanding. your chicken greek salad was awesome and the presentation was like it would be at a fancy restraunt. those bowls are cute. please do what you can to reward the staff for their good service and keeping the place running with the professionalism that alot of 5 star restaraunts lack.

  3. Just want to say University hts ohio store is very clean and friendly. As soon as I walk in they greet u and make u feel good. I stop going to Shaker store and drive there the management crew and staff make u feel at home. Food is always hot and ready to go.Nice place to eat always gowirh family or alone

  4. Boston Market #1667, on 17s in Mahwah is horrible! I purchased a pot pie at the drive thru and you know the saying, you ALWAYS get screwed at the drive thru, well I DID. The pot pie was burned on the bottom, the crust was burned around the edges AND I nearly choked to death on a bone!!!! Will NEVER go again! It was also very dry inside. KFC's pot pies beat yours any day!!!

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