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Pollo Tropical Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. The location closest to The Loop in Kissimmee is absolutely pathetic. Got to the drive thru at 10pm tonight. At approximately 10:30 we were greeted by a friendly voice asking for our order.

    Midway through placing the order another voice chimes in "We're Closed!!" while laughing. Suddenly the light on the sign goes off. I'm diabetic, and really could have done without that… but I suppose you have to get your kicks somehow.

  2. Your GM Margaret Gear who works at the Margate location is one of the rudest people I have ever met in my life. I live near by so I eat there often and I have never had a good encounter with her. She yells at the workers and mistreat them in front of guest, she lacks customer service skills, she is always frowning and looks miserable all the time. She does not have the proper skills to work with other people or be around people. I've been been going to another location just to avoid her.

  3. At the Pollo Tropical in Broward County on January 31, 2015, on Atlantic Blvd., and Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, my sister and I went to the drive through to purchase lunch. This is my favorite Pollo Tropical. I had 2 gift cards, one card had a balance of approximately $3 and the other was a new gift card worth $50. After I paid for our lunch, the guy at the window returned one of the cards and told me I had a balance of $29. Two weeks later I went back to that location to purchase meals, I gave the cashier the gift card and she told me that I had a $0. I told her that it had $29 balance since I had not used the card since then my last purchase. To make a long story short, I went into Pollo and spoke to the manager who told me he would look into it and he took my number. He called me a week later and told me he could not find the card and he really didn't know what to do, and he gave me the name and number of the regional manager, Donna B. I called the regional manager a couple of times and she failed to return my call. Next, I called the corporate office in Miami and I spoke with Veronica, who I though was very helpful. She took my information and stated she would refund me the $29 which was somehow misplaced, and find out from the regional manager why my call was not returned. Guess what? Three weeks later, I am still waiting for a refund. I called the corporate office several times and left messages for Veronica and to this date, no one has returned my call. I am very disappointed in Pollo Tropical and especially the corporate office for lack of follow through. This is not a difficult issue to make right!

  4. Your new location on Atlantic Ave and Military Trail needs a mystery visit. Since opening my household visits that location at least 2 times per week. On each occasion something was always missing. OR the chicken is not edible, dry and burnt. This is a 15 and 17 years old making orders. On each visit we have needed to go back to complete the meal or change the order. On a few occasion we had to leave as they were out of chicken. Also, its very loud and unprofessional behavior among employees.

  5. On 8/11/13, at about 12:46 pm, I entered store #10016. I did not place my order until 12:54:13 pm, as there was only one cashier. I received my order at 1:06pm. That is ridiculous.None of the employees were wearing an name tag including, the manager. While waiting for my order, I noticed that employees were sweating profusly, not wearing gloves, and utilizing their hands, shirts, and rags kept in their rear pockets to wipe their faces and hands ann while handlinf food. This is very unsanitary and poor business practices. The store was a mess. The counters and customer service bar were all Filthy. The health department should sut this location down oimmediately. I would like to be contacted regarding this matter.

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