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Whirlpool Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Whirlpool Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Whirlpool Corporation
2000 North M63
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022-2692 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-269-923-5000
Fax Number: 1-269-923-3525
Customer Service Number: 1-866-698-2538
Email: n/a


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  1. Very disappointed in your product and corporation! My just 2 year old dishwasher is rusting through the door paint gone rust running down the door with each load done. After numerous emails and speaking with supervisors and even a supervisor at the corporate headquarters they are telling me they will ship the parts to a dealer and I will have to pay a service fee of $135 plus an hourly fee to fix a dishwasher that is shy of 2 years old. They have told me it is a "cosmetic issue" It is not a cosmetic issue it is a manufactures defect! They should cover parts and labor on this defective product. I asked at least to have the door sent to me. I will replace it as the warranty is over. They will not ship me the parts to me. NO ONE AT WHIRLPOOL INCLUDING CORPORATE CARE! DO NOT BUY THEIR DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS! My last dishwasher lasted 20 years. This Whirlpool not 2 years! There "Because We Care About Your Experience" they have you listen to on hold ids BS Whirlpool does not care about their customers. I will be sure to let the world know on every Social Media Platform I can think of…..

  2. We purchase a refrigerator over the 4th of July weekend we did not have it 3 full month when the refrigerator stop working. As of today October 24th 2018 3:30 CST the refrigerator still has not been fix. We have had 5 technician come over the house to look at it and every time we are told that their is a different thing wrong. We have not had a refrigerator for over a month. Now, we are told that "It could be the door" and they have to order that. If that's not it, it will take up to 21 days to get another refrigerator. In the meantime, suck it up and figure how to keep your food items cold….There are 3 thing wrong with this picture 1. Whirlpool hires just anyone who fits the uniform and does not know anything about the product. 2. Whirlpool only hires individuals with out any empathy to other's needs 3. Whirlpool takes pride on making poor products but spends a lot of money on ads to deceive the consumer.

    This is my first purchase and it will be my last. To all consumers, we work hard for our money and it is not fair how big companies such as Whirlpool takes advantage of us.

  3. I moved into a condo in Oct. 2013 and immediately replaced all the appliances. I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher and stove. The utensil basket in the dishwasher has been broken for years and is held together by gorilla tape, which doesn't hold after getting wet. The oven has been a constant problem as it will not light on a consistent basis. I just tried this morning with no success. It never lights again after being used once that day. It will not stay lit when cooking a turkey or ham for several hours or if I have been baking all day. The repairman is coming back out on Thurs. I am so disgusted, as I thought Whirlpool was a reliable brand.

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