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  • Jenn-Air Corporate Office Headquarters

Jenn-Air Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Jenn-Air Corporate Office Headquarters

Whirlpool Corporation
2000 North M63
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022-2692 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-269-923-5000
Fax Number: 1-269-923-3525
Customer Service Number: 1-800-536-6247
Jenn-Air Canada: 1-800-536-6247


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  1. I purchased a Jennair stove top with a downdraft kit at PC Richards& Sons in Nanuet, New York. This purchase was done in Oct., delivery of stove was 11/29 without the down draft. The downdraft was finally brought for installation 12/19, at which time the installers had to borrow duck tape from me to tape the mid are to the lower vent because they said the clamp in the box was too large.. Because of the nature of the ducktape, on removal to replace the clamp, this area will be very sticky atc, I was told a new downdraft kit would be sent to me from Jennair, then I should call them then they will return to properly install it. I am appalled that such an expensive item is being handled so carelessly by your distributer in Nanuet, N.Y. They however says the lag in all the deliveries, from the stove to the down draft kit, has been from your end. Needless to say I am very angry and disappointed and wished I had never purchased a Jennair stove. I thought I was receiving the best on all levels. Alas it was just a 'thought'. Is it possible for you to expidite the delivery of down draft kit, so that I may be able to ventilate when cooking? I am J. Patterson and you could have the downdraft kit delivered to PC Richards & Sons at Nanuet Stor #67, 293 West Route 59, Nanuet, NY 10954

  2. I regret buying an appliance from Jenn Air. I was told by customer service that I didn't do "enough" research before I purchased the product. I was relying on the dealer especially to stand behind their product. All I have seen and read since is that Jenn Air doesn't stand behind their products—especially when customer service tells me that I should have read the legal description before I purchased the refrigerator.

  3. WE DON’T HAVE TO OFFER YOU AN INCENTIVE! … That’s the response I received from Hailey in Customer Care when I asked why — after 8-weeks — the set of induction-ready cookware that was promoted as an incentive with the purchase of my new Jenn-Air induction cooktop had not arrived yet.

    Sorry you feel that way Hailey. And you are right; you don’t have to, but you did. You did incent me with the offer of a set of cookware. In fact, had you not, I would have purchased my own cookware. But you did. And I don’t have it after 8-weeks. We all know that the only type of cookware that works with an induction cooktop is induction-ready cookware, and I don't have any.

    And now that I thoroughly dissatisfied with the Jenn-Air brand and your attitude toward your customers, why in the world would you make a customer wait 4-6 weeks (as it states in the promotion) to receive a set of cookware knowing full well we can’t use the cooktop without the proper cookware. Whoever is managing this incentive hasn’t given it much thought.

    So Hailey, instead of telling me I should feel privileged to get the incentive offered to me, with or without the cookware, I guess you should know I don’t feel privileged. I don’t feel excited to own the Jenn-air brand. And I can’t say that this has been a positive experience.

  4. I suppose this will be tossed in the bin with all the rest. Your stovetop is defective. It clicks as if it is being lit without even being touched. No service provider can fix as the Spark Ignition Module is NOT IN STOCK!!!!!!!! I will NEVER purchase another Jenn Air Product. I will Facebook, Tweet, Text and Tell EVERYONE I can about the poor service and quality of Jenn Air!!!

  5. I will never buy another Jenn-Air
    Purchased refrigerator, stove top oven, dishwasher, and microwave.
    All 4 have broken for good this time after several repairs on all of them we are no longer able to afford to have them fixed. Been less than 10 years on all of the items.
    Had to replace dishwasher 3 months ago, just replaced refrigerator 1 month ago, microwave went out 6 mons ago still have not replaced (not a necessity + no money)
    Now the oven is done for good this time after having it fixed 4 times.
    Suffice to say I will never even look at another Jenn-Air

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