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The Capital Grille Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact The Capital Grille Corporate Office Headquarters

Darden Restaurants, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32837 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-245-4000

  • Thankful for Great Customer Service. Last month my husband and I had a very unpleasant visit at Capital Grille in Troy, MI. One of the Managers read my complaint and to my pleasant surprise I received a called bright and early the next morning. He introduced himself as Rodger Marais he began to apologize for our negative experience. Not only was I pleasantly pleased with Rodger quick response, literally it was less than 24 hrs. but I was impressed with his sincere and generous offer to make up for that experience and He did. Rodger and his team at Capital Grille in Troy, MI. Wined and Dined us. The service was excellent thank you Donna and to our usual great server Forrest. As always our food was excellent, the atmosphere was so soothing and Rodger was a gracious host. He came over to the table and greeted my husband and I. Not with just a cold quick hello, but a warm chat. Again, with an attitude of gratitude thank you Rodger for Exemplifying the "Service" in Customer Service we had a wonderful time.

  • On 2/8/17 I called the Capital Grille located on Popular in Memphis, TN to verify a reservation that I had made for Valentine's Day. The young man Nick who answered the phone informed me that he did not have a reservation under my name. I said okay……well can you make me a reservation. He said, unfortunately, we no longer have any reservations available for that day. He said the computer could have accidently deleted your reservation. So our conversation went on for a few minutes before we discovered that I had made a reservation on 2/2/17, however, the date stated that the reservation was also for 2/2/17 (the same date I made the reservation) instead of 2/14/17. Nick was very nice and very patient and said he would go and get his manager to see if he could help me.
    Two minutes later, on came the phone the manager by the name of Craig Martin….he did not say hello, he did not say how are you, he did not say how can I assist you…..NO! He came on the phone with a very rude and nasty attitude saying look mam we do not have a reservation for you, it's nothing I can do and on and on he went. He did not even give me an opportunity to explain to him anything. Secondly, his tone was so nasty and rude that I was in disbelief. I literally held the phone with my mouth wide open for a few seconds in disbelief. So when he did stop talking I asked, "Are you the manager?" Because I could not believe a member of a management team could be behaving this way. So I said, sir what is your name…he was like my name is Craig Martin in his rude nasty voice. I said Craig you are talking to me so rude that right now I am in disbelief. I said secondly, I just wanted to talk to you to see if you could help me. If you could not help me that would have been okay. But to talk to me in such a manner is not okay. I then stated whether you could help me or not there was no need to be rude. I said I have not been rude with you or given you any reason to talk to me in such a harsh manner. You never even gave me the opportunity to say anything when you first came to the phone. I went on to explain to him that I frequent this location 5-6 times a week and whenever I am in Houston, Dallas or NY….I also visit those locations and NEVER EVER have I been talked to in such a demeaning manner. He said something else in a not so nice manner and we ended the call.

    Therefore, I am in the process of writing the corporate office a letter and included in the letter will be my bank statements with all of the charges for Capital Grille. I am an RN at a hospital at the next exit from Capital Grille, so I am in there at least once a week spending at least $50. Not only am I in there I have been bringing other co-workers. In October I just spent my 20th anniversary there. So, to be talked to in such a manner from the manager at the restaurant that I patronize so frequently is totally unacceptable.

    Felicia Cobbs

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