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  • Hulu Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Hulu Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Hulu Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

12312 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-571-4700

Fax Number: 1-310-571-4701

Customer Service Number: 1-877-485-8411

Hulu’s main competitors include NBC, CBS, Netflix, Apple, Youtube, HBO, Disney, and Paramount.

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  • Watching Hulu is a nightmare. First I can't watch it on Firefox, only Google Chrome. Then Google Chrome won't work and I have to click on Control, Shift and the Letter N to watch it incognito. And if your balance is due but you don't get paid until 2 days after your balance is due, they refuse to work with you to be able to keep watching Hulu until you can pay your balance. I'm going to look for a better alternative to Hulu.

  • I am a commercial free customer and could not have been happier with Hulu until recently. I spoke with customer support and then a supervisor named Jenny to find out why Hulu was not showing shows that I taped on my tv ( carrier AT&T) on November 1 and 2 , and they virtually called me a liar for they claimed that they had not aired as of yet. I explained to them that I have them taped . The shows being Blindspot, Law and Order SVU, Chicago PD and the Middle. In my opinion Hulu falsely advertises you get the shows the next day after airing. It been approximately one week or more and they don't have them. Unless I get a better explanation and Hulu not insinuating I am a liar, I shall be arranging to institute a suit for false advertising and deceptive consumer practices in Florida. They want to disregard my complaints and let them drop, I promise I shall get their attention.

  • LOUSY customer service. My CC was recently stolen while I was hospitalized. When I got my new replacement CC updated payment method and it won't go thru??? Requested a call from Hulu and that never happened. sure seems funny the new cc updated payment info went through just fine with HBO Now, Netflix, Slingtv and showtime. WTF? Customer service is non existant with this company and I refuse to pay idiots for nothing

  • I called on 8/1/12 around 4:00 PM. Answered on the second ring. Very courteous and cheerful. Solved my problem in 1 minute. Was a very pleasant experience for a change. I always compliment the rep when they give good customer service because they truly appreciate it and it is inspiring not only to the rep but other reps (good news is contagious). Also very nice to speak to another american speaking perfect english !!!!! If you cant speak english then you cannot understand it either! Good on HULU for keeping their cust. service in America!!!!!

  • BIG QUESTION??? why does hulu not have a customer service 800 number? Why do you have everything on your site but inorder to reach someone you have to know the extension or email REALLY and I agree with all the other comments. I would like to see how this company works to add to what we already have which is NETFLIX but I guess they have enough customers because there site is not user friendly. So I will just stay with NETFLIX at least all this stuff that has been posted for HULU NETFLIX don't have these issues and you can talk to a live person anytime and they are super nice!!! You all may want to try NETFLIX

  • Yes, great customer service. I called to cancel and all done in 2 minutes. They even refunded one extra month. Thanks.

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