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  1. Why are you ending instructional presentations before they are completed ?
    This is irritating, and I will not continue to employ youtube if it continues.
    No response to me is necessary.
    My future use of your site will be determined by your actions.

  2. I am a longtime viewer of YouTube I am very upset that you removed the bell life I watch it and other content everyday and night this is terrible and I am no longer following YouTube for anything.

  3. October 7, 2018: there's a problem with the youtube search engine filter. when I tell it to arrange search results in order of upload date, it arranges them in a totally random order. this started on October 2, 2018. i posted a message about it on the youtube message board, sent several feedback messages to youtube about it and even messaged susan wojcicki(youtube ceo) on facebook and told her about it, but I haven't gotten any replies to any of those. when will the youtube search engine filter be fixed so I can arrange the search results in order of upload date, with the most recently posted videos at the top of the list and the farther down the list I go, the farther back into the past I go? sort by upload date should be the default setting on the search engine filter

  4. I find the current flood of NRA ads offensive. Obviously they have a huge amount of money to insert ads in an attempt to negate the effectiveness of the outspoken kids from Florida. This is disgusting.

  5. You Tube has taken away freedom of choice by takeing away the remove videos switch. Now, I have Video's by People I find offensive and/or simply don't like and, obviously, can no longer get rid of.
    Writing to "feedback" does no good.

    1. If you are putting the topic towards not being able to post videos that don't even have inappropriate content in it and they age restrict it then I'm all with you on your comment.

  6. How does a company giant such as utube allow animal cruelty videos ( puppy burned alive ) to be broadcast . It is disgusting and you should filter and not. Allow and or you are just as responsible , people see this from you as entertainments, get ideas and it escalates all over . Shane on you and your team ! Immediately fix on posting these grotesque things shame on you all

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