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Home2 Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Home2 Suites Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Hilton Worldwide, Inc. Address

7930 Jones Branch Drive

McLean, Virginia 22102 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-883-1000

Fax Number: 1-703-883-1000

Customer Service Number: 1-877-646-6302

Fax Number: n/a
Reservations: 1-800-445-8667


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  1. Can someone in corporate please explain to me Why I was double charged and no one is even trying to call me back at the Charleston SC office? I was charged on 5/5/23 for my stay and charged AGAIN on 5/12/23. I need help with this matter PLEASE!

  2. We came to Texas from California for a funeral and stayed in Homes to you in Euless Tx the staff at front desk was very friendly but when we got to the room it looked horrible the bedding looked dirty a very thin comforter was just thrown on and 3 pillows with dingy pillowcases the sheets were so thin and old that they wouldn’t stay on the bed I went and bought pillows and bed sleeping bags and checked for bed bugs we really had no time to change hotels because we were in for a funeral and really didn’t have time to look for another hotel We didn’t stay in the room very much a saving grace . Hilton I think you can do a lot! I’ll probably never stay in one again

  3. We have stayed in Home2Suites hotels many times before and are members in their Hilton Honors club. But this hotel set an all-time low for us in our overnight stay on March 3, 2023. The complaint we have doesn't involved the desk service or any of the staff. It involves the shabby condition the room was in as well as the lack of maintenance of the room. The bathroom sink hardly drained and it seemed clear that this condition did not erupt overnight. The shower showed rust stains on some metal that had never been addressed at all and the bedside clock still had the pre-October time showing which was, of course, one hour off. The phone didn't operate when I attempted to use it to call the front desk. And as one final insult, the room we had #128, was just outside a pool area/barbeque area and five grown men were busy having a noisy time until the Manager asked them to stop around 10PM. If this were a lower-class hotel and the room was not expensive, I might have felt differently. But we try to avoid such places and have been unaccustomed to this kind of service with Home2Suite in the past. Maybe we need to reconsider our choice of this company?

  4. My spouse and I stayed at the tampa Hilton had to wait five hours for a room only to be told it was ready and given key .whenever arrived to the room that was not the case a woman who didn’t speak English was still cleaning room all she could say was front desk going back down the clerk told us how sorry he was and would comp us 100 dollars the room was great excellent view but the next day we noticed ants everywhere we called the front desk and they sent up a man who once again spoke very little English I had opened dish washer trying to see where ants were coming from food particulars were present and smell bad man showed up with fur breeze and a spay for ant killer liked to choke us to death and spayed the fur breeze in dish washer we had to leave room to let it air out .Really I have been lead tec for hilton inn in pensacola This is totally not right never would I or my crew do that totally unacceptable.

  5. We stayed at Home 2 Suites in Jackson, Michigan from July 6-14, 2022. Upon arriving at the hotel, we proceeded to our 4th floor rooms. Upon exiting the elevator, the door closed on me, taking a big chunk out of my arm. The front desk took pictures of the injury
    I later received a phone call from Travelers Insurance. They said they would text me a claim number. Several phone calls and texts later, I have received no reply. I was also advised that the elevator inspection showed no malfunction but when I repeatedly asked to view the security tape, they said they were not allowed to show me, nor was I offered a copy of the elevator maintenance inspection. There were 4 other people in the elevator that witnessed the closing door.Very disappointing . Not sure how to proceed.

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