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Western Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Western Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Western Dental Services, Inc.

Western Dental Official Corporate Address:

530 S. Main St.
Orange, CA 92868 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-480-3000
Fax Number: 1-714-480-3001
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-579-3783
Website: Western Dental

Western Dental’s main competitors are Aspen Dental, Lovett Dental, Heartland Dental, Great Expressions, Castle Dental, Coast Dental, and Comfort Dental.

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  1. I want to start off by saying it should be a crime the way the Dentist at western dental on Euclid ave in san diego ca. told me at my age of 52 the only thing she would do or could do is pull every single toothe and give me dentures. she devasted me. I burst into tears and just wanted to die, I told her every friend I had , that went to western dental came home with dentures, I wanted to commit suicide

  2. I have been going to the Western Dental office on 2nd Street in El Cajon, CA for MANY year and have paid thousands of dollars for their services. I really liked my dentist at this office, as well as the office staff. However, WD refuses to honor a contract that I had with them to pay a certain amount of money, which I not only did, but over paid!! They refuse to refund me the over payment amount. I won't go back to this office ever again; Not that I wasn't happy with their services but I have been cheated financially by their finance department. I have fought this for more than 7 months and I'm tired!BBB was unable to get this resolved, too, as WD will not budge! They aren't concerned about bad reviews or customer satisfaction. They are a factory and will continue to draw in business with unfortunate people who can't go anywhere else or can't defend themselves properly. I will NEVER go back to Western Dental! They don't deserve my business. I have made the decision, after fighting this for 7 months, to let them keep my money. After all, this is the last time I will be dealing with them and if the $113 they owed me is too much for them to return and is worth all of this "fighting" I will consider it MY loss. This is how they do business! Truth-in-lending means nothing to them. I DO believe someone, sometime, will fight this company and their illegal practices until WD is legally faced to honor their financial contracts. I will check further into "legal class actions" against this company. Who knows! Maybe I'll find a lot of people who have had the same problems and monetary loss.

  3. STAY AWAY!!!! I went in in November and had teeth cleaned. I also had an impression for partials taken. After paying the majority of the payment for my partial I had a balance left which they were to do a draft later that month. They never did the draft so I paid them. In the meantime I received a bill for more than I owed. In December they took the what I owed plus the other money I did not owe. Every time I call to inquire about my refund I'm told that I was not owed a refund and now it's March and I still have not received my refund. I will not be going there again.

    1. 5 extractions and a "stay plate"? Get a second opinion from a real general dentist and/or oral surgeon. Never go to WD. It's all about how many procedures they can charge you for. How much money can WD get out of you and your HMO. Question any diagnosis from WD.

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