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Lovett Dental corporate office, a prominent dental care provider, is based in Houston, Texas, United States. Below are comprehensive details about Lovett Dental’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Lovett Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Lovett Dental Corporate Office: Overview

A Snapshot of Lovett Dental’s History

Lovett Dental has grown to become a key player in the dental services industry in Texas. Known for its comprehensive dental care, including general, pediatric, orthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry, Lovett Dental is committed to providing high-quality dental services to its patients.

Lovett Dental Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To Lovett Dental HQ

The Dental Care Industry and Lovett Dental’s Position

In the competitive dental care market, Lovett Dental stands alongside other dental service providers like Affordable Dentures, Aspen Dental, Towncare Dental, Western Dental, Pacific Dental Services, and Heartland Dental. Lovett Dental differentiates itself through its extensive range of services, patient-centric approach, and commitment to using the latest dental technologies.

Lovett Dental’s Patient-Centric Approach

The core of Lovett Dental’s success is its focus on delivering exceptional patient care. The practice prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction, offering tailored dental solutions and a welcoming, professional environment.

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Lovett Dental Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Lovett Dental’s services and care. Your feedback in the comment section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand Lovett Dental’s operations and patient care standards.

Lovett Dental Humble TX Terrible Customer Service

March 14, 2024

Won’t give overcharge refund! I have been trying for 2 months or more to get a refund on the money that the Conroe Office overcharged my wife and also got money from our insurance. I have tried the office manager and the corporate office in Humble TX. NO ONE cares at Lovett Dental. They are horrible and have terrible customer service and very RUDE employees at their front desks and Managers. I have had nothing but a run-around. The only person that will email me back is Stacey Wilburn the Reputation Manager/Recall. She has tried to get someone to call me but gets nowhere. She is probably their shield and takes all the calls and makes excuses for the whole Lovett Dental Corporation Office. My family and I will never use Lovett again and I hope if you are reading this you will take your business to a more reputable Dentist’s Office. I would have given no stars but it makes you at least give one star.

Mark Stevens

Lovett Dental Poor Customer Service

March 6, 2024

I returned my dentures awhile back and now I am trying to get my refund. First of all, the dentures looked horrible and looked nothing like they should. When the dentist told me they were made from the actual mold. My partial dentures look better than the actual dentures which floors me. If you are thinking about going to Lovett Dental or Haven Dentistry, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!!

Terry Bennett

Avoid Lovett Dental

December 21, 2023

This place will refuse to run your insurance. Refuse to give you your medical records which is a HIPPA Violation even after charging you a $200 Records Fee. Emily Watson is the front desk lady and is very ignorant and rude to the paying customers. She tried intimidation tactics refusing to turn over my medical records until I paid a $600 Contract Cancelation fee. They will refuse to let you out of your contract even when they show gross negligence and malpractice by over-expanding my son’s palet with the expander they placed in his mouth, having brackets not glued to the teeth after an appointment, and finding wires not held to the bracket by rubber bands which further misaligned my son’s teeth. I was a self-pay client and then received insurance. Ms. Watson said that they do not run insurance and if they do, that it will take 45 days for it to take effect which is not accurate information at all. No one at the front knows what an AAO is which is the main contract they use to record information on. The wait times are over an hour every appointment with an appointment. This place is a scam and will mess you up and cause you more money than before you came in.

Ashley Collins

Lovett Dental Home Office - Deplorable Customer Service

October 24, 2023

I attended the Shepard location thinking I would get great service only to get yelled at by the receptionist who wanted to get confrontational and tell me to take my kid.

After weeks of confirming my appointment and sending over my insurance information, I got both my appointments canceled. Not only did I get a call for two weeks, countless text messages, and emails to confirm my appointments, but I also got a call the day of the appointment that I needed to bring my daughter in early or reschedule my appointment. As both my children were being seen, I did not want to lose the opportunity to get them both seen. I took off work and took them out of school to arrive early and not miss my appointment. It’s a Friday afternoon, and it’s obvious these ladies at the front desk are irrigated. I get there and the receptionist immediately tells me they can’t see my daughter and that it’s an issue with my insurance. So I asked for a referral at another location to see if I could get her seen and I was told they couldn’t help.

So it’s canceled.

Then with my son, I get the paperwork done, get him started, and write a Google review. The receptionist gets a notification and decides to get confrontational with me asking me what’s my problem and why I am upset. I told her I didn’t appreciate the attitude and service and even with that I let my son get seen. She then continued to get loud, and aggressive and started stating that I should take my son and leave. My son was already in the back, I was not trying to start problems. She continued to shout and at that point, I stated that I was not trying to argue, if a Google review bothered her so much she should read it again and adjust her approach. She yelled again, do you want to take your kid and leave? Yes, at this point I am not going to have you yell at me, make a scene, and keep telling me to take my kid. I asked for my and tried to leave. The receptionist persisted in arguing and I asked her why she was trying to argue. I am taking my son and leaving, if you are so worried about a Google review and not losing customers then that’s a different issue. Customer service should be a priority.

I then received a call Monday stating that I canceled both my appointments and if I would like to reschedule. When I mentioned the incident I was told ok, but do you want to reschedule… A real lack of consideration here. Customer service is not a priority. Please do better!

The way that receptionist acted and how confrontational she got in front of clients, staff, and my kids clearly shows she has no respect for others or the company. Again, please do better!


Lovett Dental HQ- I am livid over a broken tooth from one of your hygenists

August 22, 2023

I went to the Lovett in Beaumont texas. Been telling them I needed my wisdom teeth out. While cleaning my teeth august 16 2023, the hygienist broke my wisdom tooth. The Denstist came in and looked at my teeth I told him they broke my tooth. He was too concerned about it. First of all he looked messed up. I was beyond livid this office will not take responsibility about it.

Lauran wilson
Corporate Office Headquarters