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  1. GL Homes lie, wait till your warranty is up, the real problems start from poor workmanship and the warranty department refuses to help. I live in GL Home Marina Bay. one of first 7 home buyers. Now 15 months later I have mold in one bedroom that is caused from some type of seal leaking. GL Homes wont fix. This summer GL Home let Comcast burrow and bury cable under my drive way and now my drive way is sinking. GL Homes refuses to fix it. When we were looking to buy this GL Home in Marina Bay we were told that we were only responsible for our house inside and out and that the association would be taking care of the landscaping, trees, etc. Now after the hurricane damage we are told the we are responsible for the uprooted trees and damaged landscaping.
    to all who are planning to but a house any where and especially a GL Home, if they promise you something during the negotiations MAKE sure they put it in writing. AS they will lie and tell you anything you want to hear to make the sales. Make sure you get a copy of the association rules before signing anything.

  2. I recently moved into my new GL Home in Palm Beach County and had one problem after another. The walk-thru was 3 weeks prior to closing and i was assured everything that needed to be completed prior to closing would be. Well it wasn't. After I closed I encountered many problems including no hot water, keys that didn't work in the locks, inoperable dryer because gas was turned off. The garage floors were a mess and I have a leaky shower and leaky bathtub. Blue tape was still on many walls. I was never entered into the warranty system so I wasn't able to make any
    warranty claims. I was assured at walk-thru that the gentleman from GL who conducted the walk-thru would take care of anything and everything. When I called him to tell him about the leaky shower he said call the warranty department. Don't be fooled by the model houses. Its all show.
    GL doesn't respond until it is a crisis and you are ready to contact an attorney. Very disappointed home buyer. 4/1/17

  3. I bought my first home with GL and it's been a problem one after another. I contact the warranty service every day for something new. It's never ending. If everything would be done right the first time, these problems wouldn't exist. Then it takes forever for them to come out to the home to fix. VERY UNHAPPY. I would not recommend GL homes to anyone.

  4. I purchased a DR Horton home and I am very dissatisfied. I submitted a warranty claim and was brushed off. I am ready to walk away from this house and I recommend that no one buys a house from them.

  5. I dont know if thisis the right company for Valencia Lake homes. We were told that do not except VA Loans and why. To us that unfair to the Veteran who has the right to use his VA to buy a home with Valencia we told by our that this was nice place live since are in our 60 i think you need make some changer with your company.thank

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