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Sheraton Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Sheraton Corporate Office Headquarters

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
One StarPoint
Stamford, Connecticut 06902 USA
Reservations: 1-888-625-5144
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-964-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-203-964-6000


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  1. complaint referred to SHARATON SOMA BAY EGYPT

    Arrived at 02.30 am, the reception staff asked us € 300.00 more than the agreed price, with arrogant, bullying and rude ways, threatening that if we did not pay immediately, in cash, they would throw us out of the structure. After paying the estimate price € 1,700.00 in cash, they did not issue us a receipt but only a computer sheet, unclear. The requests for € 300 continued in the following days in a nagging and overbearing manner, in addition in the canteen (which cannot be defined as a restaurant) we had to pay for the drinks immediately, a very embarrassing situation. Exhausted by the constant requests, we paid € 300 for the new year's "galadinner", which was also of poor quality. The usual dishes a little more messed up and prepared for a few days already, my wife was sick. at 00 am on the day of departure, we had the plane at 3.00 am, we are asked for an additional balance at the reception. Another negative note of all the reception staff not one who spoke a word in Italian and in any case a very bad English. Initially it was not even clear what amount it was and for what further service. Arguing we discover that we still owe € 58.00, for the absurd reason that on 26.12.2021 (day of arrival) we arrived at 02 at night. Even in this situation we were threatened that if we didn't pay they wouldn't let us leave the hotel. Unspeakable ruined vacation. We expect a contact from you to justify the rudeness and arrogance of the reteption staff and manager of the Sharaton soma bay egypt facility. We will consult a lawyer to evaluate any actions against you.

    Mr. Mauro Bizzaro
    mail bizzdixneuf@gmail.com

  2. Hello,

    I stay next to your Sheraton here on I drive. The one right here by sea world and apple bees. For the last few months since I've moved in there has been men dressed in black tees starring into my apt directly. They wear black tee shirts for whatever reason and it's white men and sometimes a black guy. I want to know why??? I know you guys have security there with surveillance. Why is security allowing this. I have put my tiny hidden cameras in place to record this mess. The only reason as to why I haven't hired a lawyer is because I'm financially strapped right now. I'm always home and I have my 8 year old Lil girl here with me who has witnessed this stupidity as well. I'm asking for someone to call or show up and find out what is going on. I'm contacting you so that it is on file that I reached out and asked for you guys to look into this matter. If you view your footage you will see on the side facing pavilion apt. Occasionally you will see men in black tees either standing in the stairwell looking into my apt or on the balcony. Who are they and why??? U can respond to me here . I'm posting anonymous for my safety and my daughter's safety because I don't know what's going on. Thanks for looking into this matter.

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Corporate Office Headquarters