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  • Holiday Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Holiday Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Holiday Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

InterContinental Hotels Group IHG


3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100

Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000

Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846

Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555

Reservations: 1-888-465-4329


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  1. Made a hurried trip to Shreveport La on May 12,2023 due to family emergency. Stayed in Holiday Inn on Lake St. down town. It took the shower at least 10 mins to heat up, then the water pressure was a joke. Something very gross growing in the vent in bathroom. Plug in bathroom worked once…. Yes I pushed the reset button to no avail. Coffee pot didn’t work either. Changed hotels the next morning. Also, asked for senior discount…. Was told online I would get a $20 discount…. Told at front desk I wouldn’t….Too tired and upset to argue. Will NEVER stay at Holiday Inn ANYWHERE

  2. We stayed at the Holiday Inn on Spring Street in Shreveport due to a power outage at home. However, we developed rashes all over our bodies due to scabies infesting the hotel room, and the overall condition of the room was unhygienic. We won’t be returning due to our disappointment.

  3. On 5/4/23 I looked at my credit card and I noticed that my balance was extremely high. When I reviewed my statement, I noticed that Holiday Inn Express New Orleans, 334 O’Keefe Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112 had fraudulently billed $847.78. This was booked on Expedia, and I had the option to pay now or pay at the Hotel. I chose the option to pay at the Hotel. The reservation is for 12/30/23 – 01/02/24. I am 74 years old, and this hotel is trying to steal my money. My grandson plays college football and I always save my money so I can attend his games.
    I contacted Expedia and Justin (agent on chat line) stated that Expedia did not bill my card and I would need to contact the hotel to get a refund. I called several times to try to reach someone in the billing department each time I reached a voicemail, and my call was never returned. Finally, I found a number for Expedia and spoke with Handann. She said she would call the hotel and ask them to give me a refund. Handann did call the hotel, she said she spoke with the General Manager. She said the manager told her that they would not give me a refund because that is a special event weekend; but I if wanted to go to my doctor and get a note from my doctor stating that I could not travel and fax that information to the Hotel, then they would give me a refund. I said no absolutely not, I will not ask my doctor for a note, I am 74 years old, and I will not lie about my health. The hotel was not supposed to bill me until I checked in and they have already billed me; I want to cancel the reservation and I want my money. This Hotel and no hotel have the right to request a statement from a customer’s doctor, this is illegal. This is also abusing a Senior; Gen Mgr. needs to be fired. Someone needs to train her on age discrimination. About 30 minutes later I called the hotel (504 524 5400). Coderra (I am not sure how she spells her name) at the front desk answered, I advised her that I wanted to speak the Gen Mgr. I said I just talked Expedia, they called about 30 minutes ago and spoke with Gen Mgr., and I would like to speak with that person. Coderra did not place me on hold, and she did not press the mute button. I could hear her talking to the manager, she told the manager that I was requesting to speak with her. The manager said I do not want to talk to her; tell her that I have already left for the day and tell her to call tomorrow. Coderra’s tone of voice is not friendly at all. Also, why would a manager tell an employee to lie for them? I called Expedia again and spoke with April, I explained everything to her. We talked for several minutes, and she said let me transfer you to my supervisor and she will try to get a refund for you. The reservation that you booked is refundable and you should not be charged at this time. Sarah (supv) was talking with another customer, and I was told she would call me back, she called me back at 9:45PM. She put me on hold and tried several times to get through to the hotel. Sarah said she would keep trying to reach the hotel and they would get back with me in 72 hours. She said if the hotel refuses to give you and refund, you can dispute this with your credit card company. She said because the hotel billed you, we do not have a way to give you a refund. On 5/5/23, I called the hotel again, I spoke with Gen Mgr Brandi, she was rude, nasty, talked over me and would not listen. She was screaming at me and hung up on me. I asked her for the number for the Corp office and she said they cannot help you and they will refer you back to me. She kept saying over and over, you booked this through a third party. She said are you an IHG member, I said yes, she said why did you not book through them. I said, because I always use Expedia, and this is the first time that a hotel has billed me in advance and refused to give me my money. The entire conversation she was rude, nasty, and refused to cancel the reservation and refuse to refund my money. Several times I tried to explain to her that this is for a college football game, and I am not sure if the game will be there that weekend. I would never pay that far in advance because I am not sure about the schedule. Brandi was very rude, nasty and would not give me a refund and this is not my mistake. The reservation shows that I can pay at the hotel, and I will get a full refund if I cancel before 12/28/23. The hotel billed my card on 4/26/23, that is several months before December. She was screaming at me and hung up on me. This hotel is trying to take advance of me because I am a Senior and they want to keep my money. People like her try to take advantage of Seniors because they think we are stupid. During football season I travel every weekend to go to his games. I have stayed in a lot of hotels, and this is the rudest, nastiest person with which I have ever dealt. Someone in the Holiday Inn Organization needs to fire her for abusing Seniors.

    1. I am having the same problem with this hotel chain about getting a refund for a reservation that I canceled. I booked through booking. com They said I needed to talk to the hotel. The hotel will not return my calls, left several voice and emails. Corporate headquarters needs to look into what is going on and how these hotels are run. I am also a senior citizen and this is a disgusting abuse by this hotel chain charging hundreds of dollars to my credit card for a reservation that I did not use. The hotel was Holiday Inn in Carol Stream, Illinois

  4. I called corporate office and got no real concern from them, I talked to the Holiday Inn and I got no real resolve from them, I went to the Best Western and the little girl working behind the desk did your company no service, she was rude, and she lied to her mgr when I finally forced her to call someone to discuss our situation with a mgr. She woulnd't let me talk to the manager, which made things even worse after driving for 16 hrs straight. I don't see the previous comment that I posted on this sight. Your customer service is the most horrible I have ever encountered, they have no empathy, no consideration, that says to me that they don't give a damn about their customers or their customer service. In my business, my customers always come first. I'm not happy with the Holiday Inn or more so with Best Western. I have sent my entire wedding party and all guest from out of town to the Hampton Inn in Castle Rock, CO. They have been nothing but kind, curteous and so respectiful and antentive to our needs. Thank god they cam through for us, I cannot be more thankful for their kind service. From now on, we will be looking for the Hampton inn for all of our outings.

  5. I'm hoping this gets to the right person in management . We stayed in Panama beach this past January . Do to the ice and snow storm at the last minute we where forced to stay a couple more days . After calling the on line reservation center we made reservations for the Holiday Inn resort on the beach . Being 900 miles from home, and not able to return home was very upsetting . Arriving at the front desk to check in. The wonderful man Bobby was a life saver . The person that took our reservation had filed it wrong . Bobby spent time above and beyond I've ever had someone make sure our stay was the very best . Everything I asked about he was able to answer . Everyone was so nice and friendly . But I want to make sure the management recognizes what a asset he is to your company . He would bee a perfect Trainer to show what customer service should be . When we return and will definitely recommend to stay there . Bobby was a life saver . Sorry about taking so long to leave my message . Couldn't fine the complement department . Just the complaint one . But I in all my years dealing in retail and customer I've never meet with anyone so sincere and accomplished .

  6. I am the family member of an employee in cordele, ga and y'all need to look into how those "managers" do their employees.

  7. I received an opportunity for survey, while I appreciate the opportunity to take this survey, it needs to be pointed out that 25,000 points is no longer what it sounds like. In the past, you could get a room for 15-20,000 points but now it is 25-30,000 points to get a room. I have saved my points for use in the future purchasing rooms with cash instead but now they are worth 40-50% less. Holiday Inn should adjust point values to the increased rise in rooms. I recently transferred Holiday Inn Vacations Club points Holiday Inn points. I transferred $1700 in points which will now only get me about 10-12 rooms depending on locations. I am very disappointed in the rewards program!

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