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Best Western Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Best Western Corporate Office Headquarters

Best Western International, Inc.
6201 N. 24th Pkwy.
Phoenix, AZ 85016-2023
Corporate Phone Number: 1-602-957-4200
Fax: 602-957-5641
Customer Service Number: 1-800-780-7234
Best Western Rewards: 1-800-237-8483

  • I would like to tell you about my terrible experience at the BEST WESTERN OUTLAW in Rock springs Wyoming. I have 6 rooms for myself and crew we are going to be here for one month.
    We checked in on 9-27-21. the rooms are old and have a bad smell to them. Also you cannot control the temperature in your room. the AC does not work. IT has been 75* plus our rooms and you ask the front desk about it and there response is the AC system is old.
    We will be checking out of all our 6 rooms in the morning. A big loss for them. We are paying $158 a night X 6 for 30 days. That is $28K for the 30days. We will Be moving to the HOLIDAY INN down the road. We will not stay at another best western.

  • My wife, mother-in-law and three childern checked into the Antelope Blvd Best Western in Red Bluff, Ca. upon checking in there was an issue with the reservation we made the day prior. I made the reservation and used my bank card (a VISA debt card). During the phone call making the reservations not once was i told that my debt card would not be accepted to complete the reservation. So now my wife and mother-in-law had to place on a second card a $250 deposit ontop of the the room fee which was $160-ish. Now that this is all figured out my family goes to the assigned room only to find it in a complete mess. Old sheets, blankets and other laundry laying everywhere; Beds were not made, and there was still trash in the room and garbage bins. When confronted, the front desk could not provide the name or number to a manager, and could only say no one was available cause they were gone for the weekend. I am currently deployed to Okinawa Japan so by time i find out about all this all the customer service numbers are closed. When i personally call the front desk again met with no manager available and also no way of contacting the manager. So now my family has to change rooms, luckly it was right next door which was at least close when moving all the stuff they had brought for the night, but thats besides the point. The point is when you reserve a room and check in you expect that room to be clean and ready. Luckily my children were not hurt cause who knows what was in the trash that was left inside the dirty room. I will never again stay at a Best Western unless a manager or corporate office can work out a solution to this problem and make good on the situation my family has had to encounter.

  • Nathan, I hope you have searched out and found other career opportunities out there. I can tell by the way you write that you are intelligent. I certainly hope you will or have found something or somewhere where you are treated the way you deserve and get the salary you desire and earned.

  • Hello
    I am a Best Western employee at the Bradford Inn in Swainsboro, Ga. I have been employed for Almost four years. I have grown to love my job. I enjoy meeting the many people who stay at this establishment. Although I have grown to love my job, I am becoming weary of the things I see here. I'm concerned about the daily functions and management of this hotel. I am certified in housekeeping and have done small maintenance and pool duties so I know how it should be managed. I know how it should be ran but I see otherwise. For instance, When housekeepers get to work, we are not required to be in uniform. When we go to supply area to load our carts with supplies; sometime there is a lack of it. We go to get our sheets, towels, etc., there is zero % turnover. We do not have enough of these major necessities. Sometimes we have to wait until the soiled laundry gets washed dried and folded to even start. Or we have to wait to get the storage closet key to resupply the samples and things our self. Now if you're working upstairs you have to load up a laundry basket and shuffle up the stairs. Sometimes, depending on the need , it takes three trips to get started. This is how I start my day at work, which is very unnecessary. So when I finally get started, sometimes some of the sheet we use have yellow stains or marks on them. We are told to put them toward the bottom of the bed when making them. Some may have a small hole. We are told the same thing. I know for sure this is NOT a practice of Best Western. We Do Not Have a Head of Housekeeping. There is a lack of leadership from the top (general manager), to the bottom housekeepers. The practices and management of this establishment are NOT being ran properly correctly or efficiently. On top of all this, we are NOT rewarded with raises. I had one raise that I had to evoke. it has been three in a half years since. We ONLY get paid THREE DOLLARS and FIFTY cents. I think this is very low and cheap to have to deal with an Establishment ran like this much less the hard work we do. I'm not sure if writing this will even do anything. I just hope for a change. I hope for a Better Best Western Bradford Inn.

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