Cheddars Corporate Office Headquarters

Cheddars Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Cheddar’s Casual Cafe
6600 Campus Circle Drive East
Irving,TX 75063-2797
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-640-4344
Customer Service Number: n/a online help only

  • After reading so many negative comment about your restaurant, I will never eat there again. Your restaurant treats customers awful. I hope you go bankrupt!!!

  • I have tired your "Southern Style Green Beans" they are awful. Because they are not regular green beans. They are Italian green beans and they are nasty tasting and texture. The first time I ate at your restaurant and ordered them, because I enjoy real southern style green beans. When the server brought them out, I looked at them and knew right away what they were. I told her they are awful. She said she could be something else. So she brought me some spinach. I told her about those southern style green beans and the they were Italian green beans and told her to try them. When she took those beans back and brought the spinach, she said she tried those beans and she said, "You are right they are awful." You should stop using them and use real green beans and not the Italian Green beans. I tried them once years ago and they taste nothing like a real green bean.

  • would you please please please put cheddars back in champaign Illinois – the closest one is over an hour away – I am begging or pouting – this is my most favorite place to eat – Danville Illinois would be just as acceptable – please hear me we need you back here I love love love my email cheddars – on a scale 5 being the best I give you a 10 my email address is

  • So sorry to see your new menu today that replaces your cornmeal catfish with white fish or swai. This is a very unhealthy fish that is raised on human waste. We usually eat once or twice a week at your establishment but this was our favorite menu item. I hate to know you are using this white fish because it is cheaper. It seems the other menu items have all stayed the same. We will pass this along to our friends and family. So sad.

  • I had never had a problem with the food and I've been eating at Cheddar's since 2006 when I evacuated to Houston from New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina). I visited the restaurant located in Towne Center in Slidell, LA on March 18th. I keep asking my husband to go there and when we finally did – the food was horrible, Plus the manager would not come to speak to me about the meal. It was only a sandwich (Monte Cristo) and still no assistance. I can't believe all of the above complaints for a restaurant I bragged about. Not sure what's going on with this establishment. Maybe they need to hire better management and definitely better cooks. You should never send out food you wouldn't eat – Plain and simple. I won't be visiting this location any time soon.

    Signed – Very disappointed

  • what is the point of a corporate phone number if as soon as I call, the line picks up and then disconnects immediately?

  • I am a worker at ur fort Wayne Indiana location and I find it annoying that a couple of our line cooks drink on the job. Causing long ticket times and messed up food ik certain of two people that drink on the clock because they have offered it to me but I turned it down. I'm a conservative guy I don't even drink often and this is mind blowing how ppl could drink on the job and think it's OK but management are too ignorant to notice. Hopefully milesia houge which is sort of a ring leader is moving back to your south Carolina location. Now she can cause ruckus down there. And stop being a bad influence on the rest of the kitchen ppl at our store I am not the only person tired of this bull crap .

  • I am disappointed in the Cheddars in Irving, TX because after spending another year overseas in the middle east I come home and relocate to Dallas to be told they dont give military discounts and even if they did you had to be in uniform like they require for the Police force. That is ridiculous and makes us all targets putting us in harms way because every soldiers knows the only time we are in uniform is mostly at work or in route to work (traveling). Not for personal leisure (dining out). It is the little things that lets us know that we are appreciated and thanked when we are deployed and trying to keep our country safe and I find it odd that Cheddar's is a franchise and has many restaurants and Irving is the first one I have been to that doesnt offer military discounts. So much for patriotism. SMH

  • If you want good service. DONT GO HERE. My waitress was rude, the manager was rude, and the GM was disrespectful. They made me feel like less than a person over a discrepancy on my bill. The waitress had an attitude and argued with me at the table, then she went to get the manager who also was argumentative. The issue was over a $2 charge which could've easily been handled with a proper explanation. However, I sat at the table with 2 young children for an extra 20 minutes until they decided to correct my bill. There is no such thing as customer service here. I was once a waitress and still work in customer service I would have never made a scene in the middle of the restaurant over such a small discrepancy. The bad thing is that I live across the street of this restaurant and have ate here frequently. If I could give this place a negative star rating I would.

  • Ordered a salad to go from the MacArthur Irving branch, when I got to my office, half way thru my salad there was a huge piece of glass in it. I called to voice my concern about this and the manager Carlos did not give a damn about what I was telling him. Would never eat there again.

  • We work for a non profit organization in which we help individuals with disabilities get jobs in the community. Our job coach went to Cheddars location in Huntsville Alabama on University to ask abut opportunities and the manager mentioned " We don't hire people like that." This was a manager!

  • Had Cheddars yesterday daughter had saved some of her Monte Crisco to eat today and when she was eating if felt something in her mouth and plastic was baked into her sandwich, Called to report this get the oh Iam so sorry spill like your lyin about it told them that I still have it if they want to look at , but Manager says I'll send you a discount for your next meal, Yeah right you honestly think we want to eat there now sorry but last few take out orders have sucked fries not cooked all they way to very dry cheeseburger also yesterday.

  • 5/31/2015 was the first time I have ever been to Cheddar's. The one I visited was located at 3609 Walton Way Augusta, Ga. My visit lasted maybe ten minutes after being seated. The place was so nasty I don't think the floors had been clean in a week the menus was stuck from not being cleaned tables were dirty plates were on empty tables. But after I let and went to Texas Road House I was one happy customer. Thanks Cheddar's get that place cleaned up the building and food looks to good to have people running the show that don't care.

  • I have never dealt with anyone as rude as the management staff at Cheddar's in Avon, Indiana. I worked there about a year ago and as of April of this year I had yet to receive my W-2. I called them and asked about it and they told me to some in and they'd give me a packet with information on how to receive my W2. I drove 30 minutes to the restaurant and waited another 20 because Roxanne was "out." Someone eventually had to go back into the office and get the packet from her, apparently she couldn't even walk it out to me. I assumed it had the correct information…so I left. I got home to realize that the packet contained 3/6 "steps," all out of order, and none of the codes I needed to access my W2. I called the restaurant back and asked for Roxanne. I told her about the packet and she told me I'd need to drive back up there to get the correct packet. I asked if she could just tell me the codes I needed since I had already gone to so much trouble. She told me, and I quote, "Sweetie, I don't have time for that." I said, "Seriously?" She told me to hold on and then put me on hold for 15 minutes, during which two different people got on the line to say, "Hello, how can I help you?!" Finally I got transferred to the office and Josh answered. I told him my situation and he cut me off and said, "Oh, Roxanne printed off the right one so you can come get it whenever." It took me 5 minutes of talking and 5 more minutes of holding for them to finally just read me the code. Josh was so rude and practically hung up on me afterwards. I quit working there because of Josh who once "slyly" inferred that I was a "LOSER" because serving was my only job. I can't believe people this rude actually work in the service industry.

  • As a frequent customer at the Dothan, AL Cheddars I was very displeased with the level of disrespect and incompetence shown on this past Saturday evening (7Feb15). I, amongst the person with me and 2 other (separate) guests arrived at about 10:50p where we were told through a closed and locked door (by Haley-who's information was found out later) that they were closed. Myself, as well as the other 2 guests who arrived a few minutes after me and my date were under the impression this location closed at midnight as it states online but were informed by a cook leaving that they closed at 11p. Understanding that your establishment was ABOUT to close I waited in the parking lot and decided to call the MOD after she allowed a customer who pulled up after me and the other two guests to enter. I called in, still before 11p and immediately asked to speak with a manager. I spoke with Moneshia (?) who transferred me to Justin (who informed he was not a manager but would transfer me to one. Chelsea answered, addressing herself as the service manager, was extremely rude and quite unhelpful as she refused to even listen to what I had to say. I called the corporate office at about 11p and left a message requesting a return call about 11:02p.

    My overall issue with Cheddars Dothan, AL is that, I worked in a restaurant for 4 years in Atlanta, GA and quite thoroughly understand hospitality and customer service, I didn't not even receive what one would consider MEDIOCRE hospitality or customer service on this evening. 1) There were no posted hours of operation nor management information in view (important because I was refused this information by the service manager via phone as well as the hostess through a locked door). 2) I was informed by one of the cooks who was leaving that the GM's name is Ian and Tony is manager, neither of whom I've been able to reach at this time. I will be attempting to call the local restaurant again today as well as sending them a letter of complaint.

  • The Manager Brett at the Cheddars in Desoto, Tx is VERY unprofessional. He talks to his employees with disrespect and curses them out. I've personally seen him do it right in front of the customers not just myself. He treats the employees who come in off the clock to eat with no class of how cheddars is suppose to work. He comes in with an attitude EVERY day. Never seen him smile once but in my perspective you are suppose to be a role model of how you want your servers to work. He changes the times of co workers who have WORKED for their money while he changes his times to increase his paycheck while he is not there. He doesn't know how to address people in a professional way especially the servers.

  • Couldn't wait for Cheddars to open at 4865 Pan American West Fwy Ne, Albuquerque, NM 87109. We wanted to take a large party there and were told no reservations. We arrived early so we could get a big table and were told they didn't have one. The hostess was cold and rude. They finally sat us at two booths and when we noticed a large table we were told it was reserved. Which is it reserved tables or not! Then the service was terrible. Waitress was cold, unfriendly and slow. Food is good, but you need better wait staff and more help, because by time we got our food it was just warm not hot. When we went to pay one of my co-workers change was supposed to be $10.07 when she only got $10.00 back she asked and was told I couldn't find change do you want me to try again like it was a big problem. Not a happy experience from what I'm used to in Texas. Get it together or you will be losing business Albuquerque.

  • Just spent 10m typing a complaint that is very much similar to all the others. I could not copy and paste it. Just know that Bobby Byttner is an idiot and his staff is a reflection of his poor leadership. No one should have to wait 20m to be served disgusting food. The manger didn't care about our dining experience at all and by reading the comments I can say that this company is the absolute worst!! My family and I will NEVER EAT AT CHEDDARS AGAIN! Oh and don't bother contacting corporate because you'll never hear a response. We dined on 12/16/14 and still have not received and contact from anyone. I did the stupid survey and also complained on the corporate website. I called the corporate store today in Irving, Tx today only to be told that someone would contact me after some big wig gets involved. The lady didn't ask any questions nor did she seem shocked that they were receiving the call. She just asked for my name and confirmed phone number suggesting that someone would call me back. They haven't called me yet, it's 12/22/14 and I have no response from anyone. This is coupled with the horrible experience we had at the LBJ location in Dallas. Bobby an his staff are another black eye for the company!

  • I have filed a complaint on 11/11/14 and even though they say someone will get back to you no one ever does. tried to comtact them twice and nothing

  • I had an experience at the Cheddars in Brandywine, MD November 10. When we finally got seated, our waitress came & got our drink order(4 at this table). Once our drinks came out, we ordered our food. There were other people in our party but at separate tables. They did not place their order and after waiting for a while, they went to find a waitress to complete the orders. 2 waitress came to get their orders. A person at my table asked if our order was put in-they said someone took y'all order so it should be in. The other tables food came out and my table who ordered first was told at that time-2 hrs later! that our order was not put in and that the waitress who took our order walked out & quit. At this time I have been at Cheddars for 3 hrs only to have a soft drink. I was ready to go. I spoke to the manager on duty Sunny Rivers who really didn't seem to care that we waited so long. Said he wasn't even suppose to be out on the floor b/c he was helping in the kitchen & he can't help that someone quit. But if that was known, another waitress should have been sent over sooner than 2 hrs. Said they can make our food now which at this time I was ready to go. The staff was really unorganized and this is unacceptable. At the end of the conversation I asked about a credit. He got my information and it is suppose to be sent to corporate so they can send a gift certificate. I have tried to call the corporate number but I keep getting a busy signal.

  • Chandler, AZ
    Come to Cheddar's very often and have never had a bad experience until tonight. My boyfriend and I had walked into Cheddar's around 4 pm. There was nobody up front at the host stand and there were many parties waiting to be helped. I told the host my name when it was our turn and she just scribbled my name onto a white board and said it'd be a couple minutes and walked off.

    We waited for about 15 minutes and still hadn't been taken to a table even though it was nearly empty. By this time there was a huge crowd at the door of unhelped parties. So two managers and a couple hosts walked up and just started taking the people standing closest to the host stand even though they had barely walked in. They had no structure or organization with a list of names or party numbers so that was very frustrating.

    So after a few parties had walked in and were taken to a table immediately, I walked up to the host stand and told one of the managers that we were before the multiple parties they had taken already and the manager said in a rude tone looking down at the floor board, "We're seating you now, that's all that matters" then turned over to a host and asked her to take us to a table so I didn't really react to how she spoke to me.

    It did take our server a minute to get to us but my boyfriend and I have both worked in the restaurant business so we know what it's like to be overwhelmed when you're being double and triple sat. So we just waiting to be helped. As we were sitting down a different manager was taking a family to their table and we didn't catch what the family had said but all we heard was the manager say, "We've already apologized countless times, there's not really anything we can do about it anymore" but we assumed it also had to be about how they were running things in the front of the house.

    We were both truly disappointed because Cheddar's is our go-to restaurant at least once a week. We really just couldn't believe that as a manager you could talk to and treat your customers with such disrespect when they make their business off of us. We did not complain because we weren't mistreated by the employee's, but by a manger so we'd basically be complaining to the same lady who was rude to us about herself! So we thought we'd come to Yelp and give a call or email to corporate.

    All we hope is that Cheddar's can be more professional and organized in the way this restaurant is ran.

  • Since when did Cheddars see it necessary to add a TIP SUGGESTION on the receipts????
    I find it somewhat offensive and even insulting that they feel a need for this. First of all, they start the suggestion at 18%. What they also fail to calculate properly is that the 18% is based on the total AFTER taxes. Who do you guys think you're fooling??? I certainly don't want the server feeling insulted because I don't follow the tip suggestions. I've always tipped with a minimum of double the tax (16.5%). And most people know it's automatic to tip 18%+ when you have a party of 6 or more. REALLY CHEDDARS????????

  • management issues and I'll Paso Texas as well specially their janitorial management they will cut your hours down to 3 days a week for no reason I'm wanting to know how a family of three supposed to survive on less than 30 hours a week something needs to be done or I'm sure there's some legal actions we will be taking

  • Hello, I will like to submit a personal complaint about the customer service received at Cheddars Restaurant Brandywine Maryland on Saturday August 2nd between the hours of 9:40pm. We went straight to the bar of the restaurant to avoid the long wait times. We noticed there were high top tables there as well. We asked a server near by what the policy for seating was and he told us it was on a first come first serve basis. Immediately we noticed there was a table that was about to be empty and proceeded to tell the guests of our intent to sit there when they left. They told us no one was waiting on their tables. We never left the area. When they left, we sat there waiting for our tables to be cleaned.
    Waitress Jasmine comes over greeted us like she was taking care of the cleaning of the table for us but shocked us when she told us "actually, someone else already is waiting for these seats you will have to leave" In total dismay we told her we thought this was a first come first serve basis table but she insisted that's not the case. The guest beside us were so irate at what they saw that they confirmed this was not the right way to treat people and we called manager. We saw Manager Sonya and explained to her what happened. She even confirmed that was not right and did not take any further actions. She did not even come by to our table as she claimed. Long story short, it was the worst dinner I ever had as feelings of maltreatment filled my minds as we sat there waiting for the manager to address the issue but none was taken. I will not stop writing to the headquarters until I obtain proper address to this issue. Such behavior is uncalled for and no one should be expected to spend money at your restaurant to be favored over other friends.

  • I was in the Cheddar's in Norman OK on 7-9-14 @ 1:00 in the afternoon. Had a nice meal with my husband and son and after leaving realized I had left my phone on the table. I returned within 5 minutes and someone had cleaned the table and took my phone. The manager was very disinterested as were the waitstaff. I asked who cleaned the table and all they would say to me was "they said they didn't see it" ! I contend that if the bussers are ripping phones off then how much tip money is also being taken. If it was a patron, they would also have taken the $$ I left on the table!

  • Cheddars in West Knoxville on Kingston Pk is one of my families favorite places to eat. The food is always good, service is usually above par and I think its a good value. Unfortunately, there is a BUT.
    Tonight we went in, got seated in one of the "wings", there was a table of approximately 8 adults and 2 children, and the 4 of us in this dining room. As soon as we were seated, we noticed how LOUD the other table was talking/literally yelling at times. As the dinner hour got later, the dining room filled up as usual. The loud table got louder and louder. I asked our server to please ask them to tone it down and he said he'd see what he could do. He never approched them. They co tinued to get EXTREMELY loud, to the point that people at other tables around them could not even communicate with each other. I asked for the manager, who never showed up. They finally left. Our waiter offered our single dessert on the house because he knew it was so loud. The table across from us was complaining to their waiter. I ended up asking the hostess to send the manager to us. He came to the table, squatted down and began to appoligize and said, his words, "I cant co trol what people do while they are here". I asked why he hadnt come and asked them to be alittle quieter or even come to MY table and he said noone told him. Well, he obviously knew there was an issue and chose to do nothing about it. He asked if there was anything he could do for us… really, now that our evening had been basically ruined. He didnt offer to comp anything, offer coupons, NOTHING at all, just kept saying he cant control his customers. I informed him that as manager of the business, he has every right to ask them to quiet down or even have them removed. He just said he was sorry again. I told him that if that was how he managed his restaurant, he needed to find a new career. As we got up to leave, the next in what I have a feeling was going to be at least 8 or 9 tables called him over and started to complain. We love the place and will go back, but you really need to have some management training or find management that will be accountable for the store. The next table was a group of people visiting from out of town and I heard them say they would never be back to that location…

  • Slidell cheddars store is awful, don't go there to eat. No class, no professionalism, no courtesy and no respect. I ordered food to go and 3 people were working at the bar and it just set there then finally 20 minutes later I asked about it and they said oh here it really! What a bunch of loosers! And then they expected a tip. REALLY!

  • Cheddars suck there management suck and their employees also. What a bad experience! Oh corporate must suck also!

  • Looking at the number of comments listed above, it appears that this one will just add to the list, with no corporate action. My wife, daughter and myself went to the Cheddars in south Austin, TX yesterday around 1 PM and I ordered my favorite Cheddar's offering-Shepards Pie. Waiter said we don't have that on the menu any more. Then my daughter ordered green beans-they were out. Manager came and explained both situations. I stated I would send an e-mail to corporate and request the Shepards Pie be put back on the menu. Imagine, no e-mail access to corporate! Almost all businesses have an e-mail contact. However, the waitstaff and manager were pleasant.

  • I have been to the cheddars in baytown tx about 20 times i enjoy going there because the staff are always nice and go out of their way to make shure you are taken care of but the past 4 times i have gone there the restraunt has been really loud and when i mean loud it reminds me of going to a bar and it's so loud i couldn't even think about what i wanted to eat and when i went to order i couldn't hear the waitress and she couldn't hear me, this restraunt at the baytown location is like a zoo. also while i was there there was a hispanic group that couldn't keep there kids under control all i heard was their kid crying and throwing a fit, also the father of the kids were picking at the youngest kids hair like he was looking for bugs. just before the hispanic group came in there was a group of women that were so loud more than 3 couples complained to the manager and he went over and asked them to lower the noise 4 times after 30 min from the time he told them last, they finaly left. this restraunt's location use to be a good place you could go and eat and have a peaceful meal but now it is not, i could go to mcdonalds and have more peace and quiet . the only good things at the baytown cheddars is the waitstaff and the food the rest is like a zoo. they need to control the noise level in this restraunt of they will loose more customers including me.

  • We waited 1 1/2 hours for a table for 10 that never happened. When we voiced our dissatisfaction to the manager , he said it was Chedders policy not to hold tables and it was their busiest day of the year. We left and went to Chicago pizza where we received immediate wonderful service. Will never go to chedders again.

  • Cheddars in Arlington on little road is the worst place ever.. One of the managers yari really sucks she doesn't even speak English .. The GM todd what a piece of tool.. John hi is a freakin pervert…..

  • I visit Chedders in Gastonia and Asheville. NC as one of my favorite restaurants.
    but thinking all Chedders were the same was a joke. Stopped in Greenville, SC
    on May 7, 2014 was a bad experience. The health rating of Grade B was posted
    on the front door and I should have went elsewhere. The food was not what I was
    expecting I would never go to a Chedders if this was my first experience.

  • My Boyfriend and I got food Poisoning. No one seems to care, just keep brushing me off. We had to go to the ER the following day.

  • My family and I went to Cheddars and it couldn't have been a worse decision! We were seated immediately but had to wait an eternity before being approached by wait staff. The service was HORRIBLE and it didn't change after we spoke to management. Our drinks went unnoticed as they sat empty nor did our waitress ever offer to refill them. She went on to casually remove them from the table without offering to refill them. Part of our food came out ok and part of it was terrible and cold. After returning the disliked entree, it was removed from the bill – fine, but after returning PART of my dinner that was cold, it never got replaced. Our idiot waitress asked if we wanted desert and then proceeded to bring the check before ever returning my entree. The manager came back out and asked if I wanted a box for my entree that was never returned. He never offered to remove it from the check. By this point, we just wanted to get the hell out. I opted not to "bother" the manager or waitstaff further and paid the bill. We won't be returning to Cheddars in this lifetime. You will avoid too if you know what's best!

  • I read this on a friend's Facebook page and felt that I should make you aware of it. Coming from someone I find credible, it has certainly colored my impression of Cheddar's. Interestingly, I'm reading this in Paris, France. I've got friends all over the world and the United States who have been exposed to this writeup. Not surprisingly, I've found several complaints about the owner/manager of the Wellington location being aggressive with customers. That should be stopped immediately. Hopefully, you'll find the following instructive: "Open letter to Cheddar's in Wellington, Florida.
    I was speechless after visiting your Wellington, Florida branch yesterday afternoon. We came to celebrate a friend's birthday and we could not be seated until everyone had arrived (which was not a problem at all, but usually half of the party must be there to be seated). Secondly, I thought a company’s job is to make easy for the customers; the waiter made clear that he will only provide us with one check. As the waiter approached to sit us down outside, some of us were speaking a different language (French and Creole). What I heard from his mouth next was very inappropriate and rude, "I hope they have money to pay" he uttered. His prejudice comments took me by surprise; I immediately asked some of the other members from our group if they had heard the same comment; a couple of them quickly confirmed it. We asked to speak to a manager and he came out to assess the situation. We told him what had happened and he quickly defended his waiter, “he would never say something like that and I’m not going to take your words against my employee” he said. Now, I hold an MBA in Global Management from a well respected University and work for a Fortune 350 company and I’ve never seen a manager (he claimed that he’s the owner) with such a bad attitude. One of us uttered “you don’t want our business” he replied “damn right, you could leave now. That’s exactly what I want, leave my building now.
    I found this on your company's website, "At Cheddar’s, our goal is to live up to that original, simple idea: be a great restaurant that serves quality food fresh from the kitchen in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere at a fair price."
    This was not service issue, this was a value issue. I will not let this experience make me formulate a general opinion about your company like the waiter and GM/Owner did to our group. I will eat at other Cheddar's, but I will never set my feet inside the Wellington, Florida branch. This was my 4th visit in the past 2 months and usually the staff is very friendly, I have to be honest. But at the same time, the manager showed us that he doesn't value every customer."

  • We went to Cheddars tonight in San Angelo, TX to have dinner. I ordered fish tacos and they came out very undercooked. They had a grey tint to them and were very slimy. We were able to catch the manager we have been told his name is Shay. I told him that my fish looked undercooked. His response was "if they were undercooked they would be pink". This was said in a slightly rude tone and after which he immediately turned around and left went back up to the host stand and started talking and laughing with the hostess. Didn't ask me if I wanted them to put it back on the grill, if he could bring me something else, nothing. he said the above comment and left. My entire party and I were FURIOUS!!! I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, I worked in the restaurant business for over 6 years and I understand sometimes you just have bad days. We called our waitress back over for Togo boxes because the other member of my party was not able to recompose themselves after this incident. Our waitress Cassandra was so sweet and an incredible server. We told her about the incident and she did very good at remaining neutral in the matter while also being very apologetic. We told her we would be in touch with corporate and as soon as the manager heard corporate he came back to our table and listened to our entire conversation with Cassandra will standing behind a ledge all the while saying nothing. Cassandra brought us the check and said he felt really bad about the situation and "Discounted" the fish tacos for us "because they did appear to be undercooked". This again sent my table into a tizzy. He made his employee deal with an irate table and clean up his mess and then to say they actually did look undercooked is appalling. Had I eaten these I could have become sick, gotten food poisoning all because he was more worried about his conversation with his friend. I would love to talk to someone at the corporate level about this. Because had I eaten these and gotten sick this would have been a far bigger issue. I don't want this guy to be fired because Cassandra spoke highly of him and I am really hoping tonight was a rare occasion for him, however I know when I worked in the business I would have wanted to know if someone was creating potential liabilities for the company and if somebody was representing my restaurant in this way.

  • I use,to work at chddar's in Fort Wayne,Indiana I applyed too ne a cook an when I went too my interview I was told I was too big to be a cook cause I would knock over the other cooks even know I have 15 years of cooking an I got stuck in the dish area an got screwed I got 2 days a week but everyone else got 50 to 80 houra a week when I got 11 to 15 hours a week then I seen they hired a new xook that was just alittle bit smaller then me a gave him 40 or more hours a week an they always left me by myself on sunday but the funny thing is if it was.anyone else they would have gave them help not sure if I can do anything aboout it or not

  • I had a totally satisfactory experience at the Cheddar's along the Gulf Freeway in Webster, Tx. I brought 2 grandchildren along. The server, Carl, was very attentive to our needs. The food we ordered was very good. We will definitely come back.

  • Me and my family just left Cheddars in Little Rock, AR 400 S University Ave, Little Rock, AR 72205 to be exact! We came in with about 10 people and it dawned on us that we were going to need more space for about 15 more people. We asked two waitresses if they could hold a table for us, but due to there being a full house and lobby they were unable to accommodate our wishes. That was understandable and we told by the waitresses that if our guest weren't there in a certain period of time they would have to fill the spots that became vacant near the area we were already seated in. Again that was completely understandable!! Minutes later we were greeted by what was told to us to be the General Manager. He was completely disrespectful and told us in a terrible manner that we weren't to request any vacant seats to be held for our guest that wasn't there yet. AGAIN completely understandable!! After the General Manager made his disrespectul mannered comments I then went to the kitchen entrance area to fgreet him about the situation. I told him, "Sir, everything you said was understandable but you should mind how you say things and how you handle your guest". He then walk up to my face and told me to get out of his space, and then told me to leave as if I were the one who came to him disrespectful. I could have easily felt disrespected but I was so in shock by the way he came into my face with complete disrespect and made remarks as if I were the one who initiated the situation by violating his space. I could have easily pulled the race card but I feel that is so typical! I feel he was wrong and I will be calling corporate first thing Monday morning March 10, 2014.

  • Cheddar's on Winchester in Memphis TN is the most horrible place to eat. First it took almost an hour to be seated, after that it took 20 additional minutes for a waiter to come to the table. I ordered an appetizer, I never received it. When we finally got our food, I had hair in mine. I made to manager aware of it, he was soooooo rude and didn't care. He didn't offer an apology, or replacement or anything. He snatched my food up and said "oh I believe you" and walked off. All the servers knew as that his first name was Tim, and the general manager's name was MACK, no last names. I asked for a manager several times, Tim nor the other manager on staff ever came to my table. I asked for the cooperate office phone number, I was provided with a wrong number. I WILL NEVER GO TO CHEDDAR'S AGAIN!!!

  • My family visited the Cheddars in Tuscaloosa Alabama at 4:32PM and a waitress came to our table and took our orders and we waited until 5:36PM to see was anyone going to come serve us. After a while we knew that something was wrong because we normally are waited on sooner. We were never waited on. Dont know what is the problem but that a little too soon to be loosing customers. They just came here.Poor management or something.

  • Cheddar's is my favorite restaurant, but they need to offer free wi-fi. My job requires me to be on the road a lot, and it would nice to be able to get some work done while enjoying their delicious food!

  • It's funny how when I looked my waiter in the eye and asked him to please make a special note on the ticket "for the cook to cut into my ribeye to make sure it's medium well – just a little pink so that I don't have to send it back and wait while the rest of the table eats without me. " The waiter assured me. Sure enough, the steak was well done. So there I sit. Finally, the second ribeye arrives. The chef did slice into it, but it too was well-done. I ordered medium well. How difficult is this? You grill cook isn't paying attention. Pissed me off to the max. The five other people at my table were finished before my meal ever arrived…precisely what I asked NOT to happen.

  • I am writing this complaint regarding the Cheddars in Lubbock, Tx. We are regulars there, and almost every time we go we have a problem with something. Which makes us wonder why we continue to return. We work at a very busy dental office and therefore only have and 1 1/2 lunch. So you would think that is plenty of time for our food the reach our table. Well upon todays visit we will never be returning. One of us found food in her drink, the other a fingernail in her drink and a hair in the appetizer ordered. Two of us ordered the same exact thing, only one was brought out 15 before the other which by this time its cold. One of the other girls ordered a bowl of soup, which we never got. We called the manager and he didn't seem to be bothered by the lack of service. After waiting an hour and 15 mins we didn't our food. They kept telling us it was on its way so we asked to have it boxed. 10 mins later no food, no manager and no server SO WE WALKED OUT!! We now have to return to work!! WE KEEP ASKING WHY DO WE KEEP RETURNING……WE ARE SOOOO DONE WITH CHEDDARS d

  • I am writing this complaint regarding the Cheddars in Johnson City, Tennessee. We are regulars there, and almost every time we go we have a problem with something wrong appearing on the receipt. We don't get upset over it, we understand how busy the servers can be and the managers are always very kind and apologetic about it. Except for the last time we went the G.M. John Long came to our table and practically mocked my mother in law for simply wanting them to fix the price on her receipt. He then walked away to another server and laughed about it as if he were making fun of her. Hands down the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  • Hi I had a sweet waitress named Courtney Reed at the Bloomington, Indiana location on Franklin Rd, I do believe. She said she goes to I.U. and she is now Senior there, she is very personable and very bright from what I encountered at the restaurant. She is very aware of customers needs, and try's her hardest to comply to anything a customers wants. Just letting you know this with all the negativity of these comments, their are some waiters and waitress's that are very caring and professional. Maybe management material? Thank you .

  • Ok where do I start. I went to Cheddar Charlotte N.C University. 1/16/14. Which was my five year anniversary. So we go in and get seated. We order salad and the spinach dip. The salad was water down like the salad you buy out of Walmart in the bag. The spinach dip was disgusting. I didn't want to let that spoil the nite so we ordered the alfred chicken. So the food gets ther and it was so dry we couldn't even it that. So a lady walks buy and ask us were we ok (us not knowing that she was the manager). She look at the alfred and ask if we wanting more alfred sauce. We said yes which it never made it to our table. So at this point my husband had enough ask for the manager. The same lady came back to the table. We told her about how all the food was. And basically she told us that our alfred look dry because it's been seating on our table for a while. She was very unapologetic goin back and forth tryna to defend the restaurant, and told us that she couldn't take anything off our tab. Sat this time we were done with her. I pay and left. So Friday a called the GM at the store and all he could say was that they stick to policy about taking thing off the the end of our conversation all he could offer me was a gift certificate for when i come back. Why would I want to come back to the restaurant after a experience like that.

  • I am writing regarding an incident that took place at your Brandywine Md. location January 12 approximately 7:50 p.m. Another patron seated at the bar across from me and my party became belligerent an exchange of words ensued at which point the manager, Terri, walked up and said NOTHING he did NOTHING to diffuse the situation. He did not remove him and clearly he was the aggressor nor did he even move him to the other end of the bar nor did he call the police. After this patron berates us verbally for 5-10 minutes and leaves on his own the manager then comes to my party and tells us we have to leave. There was still food we had ordered and not eaten as well as drinks on the bar. We were not provided a to go container nor were we refunded for the food and drinks. I am appalled that a manager would allow a paying customer to be berated and verbally abused the way we were. I am even more appalled no apology was offered. The only apology received came from the friend of the person who was being verbally abusive apologizing for his behavior. On top of all this it took us forever to even get our food in the first place. I had been patronizing this location since its opening and your staff can verify there have never been any incidents while I was there. I will never patronize your business again. This is unacceptable I felt totally discriminated against.

  • I purchased a gift card for Cheddars and the recipients attempted to use it at the Cheddars in College Station, TX. They were practically chased out the door informing them that the gift card was no good. (How embarrassing for them!) Once inside with the manager, they were informed that this franchise didn't have the scanner needed to process the gift card so it could not be used. I then contacted the manager once I was informed of their experience and was told that gift cards sold in stores for Cheddars are "Corporate bulk sales" and that their restaurant does not accept them. What??!! How is the consumer supposed to know this? I purchased this specific gift card because I knew the recipients frequented this particular restaurant. – I am still waiting on a contact back from the corporate office and have no contact information for the franchise owners because the manager pretty much stated that the buck stopped with him. I am so frustrated with this experience.

  • Cheddar's-Sanford, Florida
    We have visited this restaurant on four different occasions, and each time it took over 30 minutes from the time we ordered to receive our simple food. I believe this is too long to wait for dinner or lunch. It appears that the Managers do not have time to properly manage the restaurant. This afternoon, we attempted to go back one more time and decided to sit at the bar (in fear of a long wait). Again, it took 30 minutes before I asked the bartender about our order. She went back to check and we noticed her delivering bread to a table (at the 40 minute point). I stopped her, and she stated that the kitchen had an issue. The manager came behind the bar, however, he never came over to address the situation after the bartender stated that he was coming to address the situation. We decided to leave at that point and went to another restaurant. There are many other good restaurants in the area to choose from and I recommend that you pass on Cheddar s if you prefer to have your food delivered within 30 minutes.

  • Went to Cheddars with 7 other people and was very unsatisfied. This being my favorite restaurant I was very disappointed. I asked for a well done steak with the steak and shrimp dinner and it was pink in the middle, they offered to bring me another steak which I never received, andanother person had the dijon chicken and the chicken was burned and could not be cut into. We also had the Alfredo and the noodles were over cooked. We spoke with a manager that stated he would take care of the issue but obviously he didn't b/c I never received my steak. My name is Tameica and we ate at the Valdosta, Ga. location.

  • Went to Cheddars with 7 other people and was very unsatisfied. This being my favorite restaurant I was very disappointed. I asked for a well done steak with the steak and shrimp dinner and it was pink in the middle, they offered to bring me another steak which I never received, andanother person had the dijon chicken and the chicken was burned and could not be cut into. We also had the Alfredo and the noodles were over cooked. We spoke with a manager that stated he would take care of the issue but obviously he didn't b/c I never received my steak. My name is Tameica and we ate at the Valdosta, Ga. location.

  • First of all,allow me to thank whoever turned in the $120 from the parking lot at the Evansville,IN Cheddars and a big thank you to Dee the manager,a truly marvelous person,who from table to table sought me out and returned the money,it was a little wet from the rain,but, 🙂 and also told me, they said, there is more under my truck and there was, another $40,so my dining experience was very delightful,along with a great waitress and great food….but most of all my beautiful companion ! Thanks and God bless to all….Micah !

  • Jerre Snider

    Have eaten at Cheddars in Morgantown, WV and York, PA numerous times. Everything was excellent all times, food, service, atmosphere, etc.

  • First time visitor to Brandywine, MD location. Waiter, David was good & attentive. The meal was served by Angela who handed me an extremely hot plate that burned my thumb. I asked her why she didn't warn me that the plate was hot and she replied she did. I asked the other guest if they heard her warn me and they said she lied and did not warn me. The Mgr apologized as if she was reading a script and not sincere at all. No offer to comp my meal or make things right. I will never visit Cheddars again and definitely will not refer my friends/family to do so.

  • We came to cheddar's for our twin sisters birthday. We invited our entire family so we had a party of forty. We called ahead of time considering the large size, they said there was nothing they could do, we had to come and wait. it took them 2 1/2 hours to seat us so some of our party opted to leave. The greeter at the front Tamara told us the reason it took so long is because they had parties ahead of us but it clearly was not. The restaurant was half empty when we arrived and they constantly sat people and ignored us until we started complaining. Needless to say I was very disappoint with them and will find another restaurant to spend money at.

  • I work at the cheddars in angelo.and our general.manager is a complete Dick and he is only polite I and acting how he should be when corporate is there

  • I'm am employee at cheddars.and I agree sometimes the servers are slow and we have an extremely rude general manager and he's a jerk he told employees that went in to eat that they were wasting space in his restraunt!! He told th to leave…

  • Chedders in bedford texas off of central and airport freeway i have a complaint the customers are great the job is fun but you know what ruins the experince working at chedders ? The managers there horrible dont.know how to.treat the staff with respect or anything there rude inappropriate i would love to see corprate investiagte this problem them may seem friendly in frontof house but back of house there unproffestional why do you think there always hiring ? Because people quit because of the managers they dont know how to treat there employees i would love for chedders corpraite do something about this please because the GM there has to go or be a professional and help there employees instead of treating then like crap.

  • San Angelo Texas chedders managers protect the ability to do whatever they want to do AND only clean up act and get in order only when corporate come. Im in love with the theme of cheddars but there makes a bad rep

  • Cheddar's is about to open a new location in Pleasant Prairie WI. They claim to be an equal opportunity employer but after applying this was not the case. I am an ex felon, who has been out of the system for over 10 years. When I got to the question about my background, I answered truthfully and was immediately told I was unqualified for the position. So out of curiosity, I changed my answer and was able to finish the assessment. So my conclusion here is they are NOT an equal opportunity employer,and are biased against anyone with a felon,without any background knowledge. I will not be visiting this new location or any location to apply for a job or as a customer. They can continue to serve the 1%, its obvious they are not here for the average working class person, who is making an effort to earn and take care of their families. I will be contacting the Labor board regarding this issue.

  • Im tryin to get in touch with corporate because I am very disappointed with how the restroom was looking and how the servers handled us once we were seated.

  • My family and I have been to 3 Cheddars the one in Wheeling, WV and Morgantown, WV and Erie,PA they were all amazing. The service was perfect. Our food was Amazing! We love cheddar's and will be back again. I only wish we had one closer to where we live in St.Marys,PA its a very long drive for us to any of them.

  • Just returned from Cheddars in Mishawaka In. The worst customer service and management I have ever encountered. Took our elderly parents out to dinner, we had to wait over 50 minutes before we received our meals. Watched several tables come in after us get their meals. We had to ask for water, twice and then for straws. Waitress did not have a clue what she was doing and not even friendly. When asked where our meals were after 45 minutes, she replied it would be 1 more minute. About 10 minutes later the manager showed up with our meals and not a word about what he could do to please us. When we left the manager, Brian, was standing in the hall area and I let him know that I was very unhappy with his service and how unprofessional both he and the waitress was. His response was, it's only my second day! What kind of place hires a person to manage a busy restaurant without any management skills!!!!!!!!! I rate this place a -10 !! don't go there if you want to be respected as a valuable customer.

  • Cheddars in McDonough, GA has an employee who has been arrested over 11 times since 2008 working in their kitchen. Just think about what he might be putting in the food of someone who didn't like what he was cooking. Maybe some of that special stuff they serve in the Henry County Jail!

  • We were there for 30 min before we even got drinks. They were out of the things to make 3 different drinks for others in our party. We then noticed our silverwear was very dirty, so asked for a manager. The server then walked away from our table rolled her eyes and shook her head saying i swear people. So at this point I went to the hostess and asked for a Manager right away. While we were speaking to him we were once told AGAIN that they were out of certain things to make 2 people in our parties food. The manager then offered to take care of those 2 meals. My husband stated "Is that really all you are going to do, that is bull crap." The manager then told my husband he didn't need to speak to him that way or he could leave. REALLY?? This is how business is handled at Cheddars? We were there for my brothers bday. They live there and go at least once a month. This was our first and last visit ever! he just threw a good $300 down the drain, especially since beverages were being ordered. he offered nothing except a couple meals, especially after the rude server. Then after we left we watched from the parking lot as they all stood in the window making fun of the fact that we were all angry. The server was making threatening gesture out the window towards me. but the Manager could have cared less and said nothing to her. This type of behavior in customer service is bvery uncalled for. I will be letting everyone that I know about this issue, and to stay away from cheddars… Do not waste your time or money because needless to say customers that pay that salaries do not matter to them?? HMMM Lets see how long they could stay open without them??

    • Why wasn't them taking care of two of you meals ok…and why did you think you should get more? They are not in the business to give things away and will need to break even after every opportunity customer. And to tell someone that's bull crap…I would have asked you to leave because you do not have a right to talk to someone like that! You should be ashamed of yourself!

    • It sounds to me like they were trying to be nice and helpful but with your snarky attitudes and being nasty to then you were making it very hard for them to do so I would had asked you to leave also and I hope you realize your post makes you sound worse then anything else

  • My family and i went to Cheddar's in Washington Dc area at the In Brandywine MD on 06/14/2013 which we were told it would be a hour wait, we got there at 06:30 PM and was seated at 07:35 which was ok, the promblem we had our order was taken at 07:47 PM our food was not bought out until 09:15 PM be for that order was bought out we ask severl times to why was the order taken so long, the waiter stated that it was the kitchen, they were back up, so we ask for the manager, who was no help at all, he stated it was the waiter who for got to put our order in, we could not stay to finsh our dinner, due to my grand son just had ACL surgery and was in pain, so we left at 09:21 PM. THIS WAS A NIGHT MARE and wanted you to know the service was the worst.

  • My husband and I, while traveling, will actually arrange trips around Cheddar's locations. Living in the Indianapolis area, we now have a Cheddar's in Avon, IN. Last time we ate there, and there was seven of us in the family, it took 3 1/2 hours after we had been seated, to complete our meal. The waiter took forever before coming to our table and when he did, he had the orders all wrong. Let me add that we went early and were seated right away. The problems began at that point. Five of us ordered sweet tea. Took forever to get it and when it arrived, it was not sweet tea. The waiter said he would bring new tea. Ten minutes later, he brought more tea and it was also unsweetened. He tried for a third time and still didn't get it right. A half hour went by before taking our orders. Another half hour goes by and the food appeared and the orders were all mixed up with items we didn't order. Oh, we did order an appetizer of onion rings, ate them all and ordered a second thing of rings which we never received. Back to the original meal. The waiter took five meals back and after I was done with my ribs, I finally got my french fries. The others were just getting their meals. The food was good but it's been better at other Cheddar's. It took forever to get our check and when we did, it was wrong also. The waiter tried to figure it out and had to have the manager come out and help. He had a hard time as well since everything we had was messed up. A long time went by before getting the corrected bill. While the manager was trying to figure things out, we all told him the experience we'd had and how long everything took, etc. He, instead of taking some or all of the amount owed, he said he would send us all a free dessert. Big deal!! That should have been seven desserts which in my estimation was a wrong comfort deal. I gave him my name and address to send them all to. Anyway, we finally paid the bill with four of us paying and it took another eternity to get change or the receipt to be signed. All in all, it took us from the time we sat down till we walked out the door a total of 3 1/2 hours. To top it off, I finally got a coupon from the manager and it was a $10.00 coupon. What a bunch of crap!! None of us will eat there again. I have had other situations at that same Cheddar's with my shrimp being burnt to a crisp, then having them replaced with more burnt shrimp. My neighbors won't eat there anymore because the last couple times they were there, there food was cold and the baked spagetti was frozen in the middle. Cheri Innis, Danville, IN

  • Today 6/7/2013, 1:30pm at the York, Pa location Cheddar's Casual Cafe. I witnessed a manager by the name of Mary remove food from a customer plate after assisting the customer and consumed pieces of the dish (chicken) from the plate with out consent of the customer and without paying for the dish. In the Cheddar's Employee handbook it states that employees are NOT ALLOWED to consume or eat a product of Cheddar's Casual Cafe without paying for the the full dish. If this action is performed by ANY employee of Cheddar's should be and will be noted as STEALING product from Cheddar's Casual Cafe Corporation. I felt this service to be unacceptable and down right DISRESPECTFUL to the customer!

  • Im am a fomer employee of cheddars i worked for this compant for almost 10 months and loved my job but i lost my car and had to start riding the bus which I had no promblem and when i work at night I got a ride from co-workers I showed paper work of my issue to the manager he said he would work with me, but after so long I was told that I neede to work weekend the bus did no run on week end so i wal to wrk as long as I could the was took several hours i coun no longer take the walk cause of my high blood pressue and age at 50 it became to much the cold rain and heat I was told if if I dont walk to work on the weekend that I better find another job that day caume I was fired. They knew for months what I had to indure but did not care I showed proof and was laugh at. Coporate ask me why we cant keep employees this would be one of them. My nome is Sharon Williams and I work at Cheddars in Baytown.

  • My family and I visited Chedders on Winchester Rd Sat. May 25,2013. Worst service ever, I will not be back. The food was cold, orders came out one at a time, the staff very unprofessional. I'm on the phone as we speak for phone number to the corporate office and have been waiting for 6 min and 14 seconds. Really does it take that long to get a number. Still waiting….. ……..

  • Well it looks like you can add Dallas, TX to the list of complaints for the SORRIEST table and customer service EVER! I went to the restaurant on Greenville / 635 on Monday, May 27, I called in my order to go at 3:19 pm and when I got there at approximately 3:45 pm the girl that waited on me in the bar area said the order was not put in, I said, I called it in at 3:19 pm , she said, you must have a called another restaurant. I said, no I called this store, I live in this area, and then I showed her the number I called from my cell phone, her response, well I put it in now. No apologies, No concern that I was inconvenienced, I was mildly upset, so I thought that I would talk to the manager, and he (I didn't get his name, silly me) was of NO help, he looked at me dumb-founded, he had NO apology, he did not offer any assistance! Well Cheddars, I will NOT be visiting your restaurant again! I will take my business to someone that wants and appreciates it! Oh by the way, thanks for sending me Kroger's to get my ribs, they were DELISH and they thanked me for coming AND wished me Happy Memorial's Day! WOW!

  • We were at the Cheddars at University area, charlotte NC. Have never ever seen a more disorganized place in my entire 64 years!! First of all, Mike a new server is a bit hot headed and very angry. He actually scared me with his actions! He arrived at our table with not "hello" was..I have 8 other tables and running a little behind and I will get to you as soon as I can! :(…Wow! When he finally did come back..we ordered our coke's. Ordered onion rings to eat before our meal. That was fine. Then came our meal of ribs. He forgot our salads..and when he did bring them, had to wrong salad dressing on them. Acted like it was my fault that he was lame! Kept talking to himself about having so much to do. He said other employees had called out due to racing activities. (not my fault) I have never been treated this way by a young punk college student. He almost got in a fight with a table of 3 men and was told he better get out of their face 3 times before customer took off hat and was ready to fight him. He had told that customer that he didn't have time to take his money and he would have to wait. Hummm Where in the world did he learn his skills from? It was plain to see he had no experience and no business dealing with the public. I will never ever go back to this place again. McDonalds has more class then this place. They need to clean up their act or they will not be in business much longer! Saw 3 others complain about the meal and service. Plan on calling Corp. when they open up tuesday am.

  • I was at the Mesquite, TX location and the service was awful. The hostess sat me in the bar. On the way to my seat she past several clean tables to sit me at a dirty table. Then when I complained that the table was dirty she walked off and never came back. Then when I was finally seated at a clean table the menu was filthy. Then I complained to the manager and he got pissed and walked off. This place just hires anybody. The waitress was awful and had an attitude. This place needs new management or to be shut down!!!

  • Your massive growth has caught up with you!!! Your new store (6 mos ) in Murfreesboro TN is a joke!! It's time to fire the district mgr., most of the servers, all of the cooks, and all of the management. I've eaten at several stores in TN they are mostly well managed, consistent and clean. But not this store, the food is served warm to cold at best. They still haven't figured out the batter on the onion rings, served too thick and chewy! Sweet tea is always weak and not sweet! Floors in dining area and restrooms are filthy, paper and napkins on floor, employees never even notice or don't care. Eaten there 10 times, rarely see a mgr. on floor. Mgr. has never checked our table. I will never eat at this store again!!! I have many years in management, shame on corp. mgrs. to allow this to continue for so long. Mgrs. should have been replaced long ago. I will have to drive to another town to find a decent Cheddars.

  • Tonight, My family and I had a horrible experience at the Cheddars restaurant in Avon, Indiana. We got there at 5:00 pm and didn't get out of there till 7:30 pm. It started when we ordered the drinks. We ordered 4 sweet teas. How can you screw that up? Well after 3 attempts they still didn't get it right. Then we ordered two orders of onion rings for an appetizer. We received one of them but not the other. Nor did we receive the salads we ordered. The dinners we ordered were also incomplete and missing items.
    My cousin ordered the ribs with corn and she had so much corn on her plate she could of fed everyone at the table. The server which seemed to be a nice kid but poorly trained and apparently new. We asked him for several items and he forgot several times. We did ask to see the manager whose name was Bill Harris and he reeked incompetence. He seem to make a joke out of the whole situation with just pissed me off more. He offered to pay for our appetizers; which one of them we never received, and that he would buy our desserts.
    Now remember they have already screwed everything else up and wasted our time so what makes you think they would of got that right. Then to top it off, we asked to have separate checks which it was also a predictable mishap. They screwed that up too. My family and I have ate at Cheddars several times in the past and even in different states and have never experience such poor service.
    I am extremely disappointed! After the treatment we receive and reading some of the other complaints, I think we may think twice about ever returning to this restaurant. I want to leave you with one final note. In case you don't realize that we live in a technical age with smart phones, blogging, apps and social media. Your reputation can be destroyed just like that. So you need to clean up your act and train your employees properly and treat your customers with the respect they deserve or you will be out of business! I hate to say it but most people realize that you know what, rolls down hill, and ultimately it reflects back on upper management and corporate in their decision making.

  • Love the food and price not the Mgt.see below how they handel a small problem… But didn't

    Mr. Williams

    I tried one time to call you just today at 0906 and you were out of pocket.
    I never did receive any (next week to make sure you received the gift certificates) I would really like to talk with you on this, My wife, 3 granddaughters and daughter with Col. Web.
    was not to happy on our visit there, after waiting an hour or more, they tried put us in a booth.
    for 6. I had 7. then we waited 15 more minutes for a table to just get cleaned.
    No people just a messy table. My appetizer never came out so we cancel it.
    the food was 30 minutes and counting. after Manager came out and said it will just be 3 minutes more.. was 15 minutes more, I was going to leave until the Manager said it's out on your table. while he was holding two plates of it in his hands at the time. We did not get a sorry for service or anything. I would not leave a tiped but Col. Web took care of it. we counted 186 minutes of time at your establishment.
    "our butts actually hurt standing up to leave"

    Thank you.

    G.S. Long
    100 Northridge dr
    Centerville Ga 31028

    —- Cheddars Warner Robins wrote:
    > Col. George Long,
    > I want to thank you for taking the time to inform us of your
    > recent visit to Cheddar's. Our goal is to ensure our guests are
    > satisfied when they leave, and would like to apologize for not meeting
    > your expectations. We will continue to look into the issues that took
    > place Tuesday April 30, 2013, and address this with our staff. I
    > called to speak with you about the matter that took place, on the telephone number that you left in the email.
    > I placed a couple of gift certificates in the mail, to the address
    > that you left in the email, and would really like to have you back as
    > a personal guest of mine. I will follow up with you next week to make
    > sure you received the gift certificates. If you have any questions, please give me a call.
    > Dustin W. Williams
    > Manager
    > 2915 Watson BLVD
    > Warner Robins, GA 31093
    > Tele: 478.971.1527
    > Fax: 478.971.1530
    > Email:
    > cid:image002.png@01CDE419.DBAA2A50

  • My family and I went to Cheddars on University in Little Rock Arkansas for Mother's Day(5/12/13) it was the worst service! We knew there would be a wait due to it being Mother's Day, which we didn't mind. We told the hostess that we could sit in booths if that would help. We checked with the hostess after 1 1/2 hours and she said our area was ready but the waiter had to leave to take another employee home due to them being ill. We knew the employee that was ill and the waiter was gone for over 1 hour and our area had been ready for quite sometime but they wouldn't set us until she returned. We were finally seated after 2 hours…(arrived at 3:15 pm and got seated at 5:32 pm). They did put us in booths but they put us side by side they spread us out, and the whole area was empty, until other people started coming in they put them around us. We placed our order and it just got worse from there!!! I guess since we were in booths the kitchen wasn't told we were all together so they would bring food for a booth and about 5 – 8 minutes later they would bring another booth, we were in four booths so needless to say by the time the 3rd booth received their food the first booth was finished….and by the time the fourth booth received their food all of the other booths were finished and had their leftovers in to-go boxes. At two tables 2 childern never received their food and at the last table one of the mothers never received their food! We did talk to the manager about the service and he said due to it being Mother's Day they were really over worked and the kitchen could not keep up. OK I have worked in the Restaurant business waiting tables and during the holidays like Mother's Day we made sure everything ran smoothly! I have never written a complant about any restaurant before but I just want people to know NEVER GO TO CHEDDARS!!!!!!!! The Mother that didn't get her food had McDonald's…that was better than the service at Cheddars.

  • post by Ken. My wife and I went to dinner tonight. She was tired from a long flight and we just wanted a comfortable dinner, near the house. We went to the Cheddars on Greenville, in Dallas. Service was terrible. The waiter was obviously stressed (or incompetent). After waiting at least ten minutes without getting service we left. We ended up nearby at Outback where we had a nice dinner. BTW, the tab for us at Outback was about $50 and tipped $9…… we had a trainee as a server. She was still excellent. We will not go back to Cheddars.

  • worst resturant ever!!!! would never reccommend it to anyone. poor service. rude manager and the staff is ghetto

  • This place is horrible! I have been there now 2 times at the Mishawaka, IN location, and both times the food was horrible. The first time the servers were bad AND food was horrible. This time our waitress was wonderful, but the food was bad. I even wrote and complained about the experience almost 3 weeks ago, and I still have not had anyone contacting me concerning the complaint. Would never recommend this place, at least the Mishawaka, IN location to ANYONE!

  • My friend and I ate at the Cheddars in Jackson, TN and we have never been treated so rudely by management in our lives. The manager, Ruch Weaver is very unprofessional. We each ordered the rib and chicken tender combo. Well we ask our waitress could we send the ribs back and get additional chicken tenders instead of ribs. After a slight weight Mr. Weaver came to our table with much attitude. He preceded to quote the policy that Cheddars has for returning food and stated "if the food is prepared properly we would still be responsible for paying our check. He insinuated that we were trying to get out of paying. We had no issue paying, we just could not eat the dry, tasteless ribs that we were served. He then looked at me and said half of your ribs are gone and you should know after a bite or two if you like them! I told him if he looked close he would see they are picked over. Maybe they were going to recycle them! And the Cheddars Corporate Number is not working! Go figure!

  • I just visited Cheddars in Memphis, TN. The service was horrible and I was not greeted by the bartender at all when I sat down. I was ordering togo and it took nearly an hour for me to get my food! No one apologized, no manager was sent over, NOTHING! The entire staff there is rude. And when I got my food it was cold and the fries were stale. Is there anyone I can contact about this experience?

  • May Name is August p. Godfrey live in San Antonio Tx.. I went to your Cheddars in San Antonio Tx # 460 gave a tip at the table off $10.00 then gave my debit card to paid for the meal. the next day I checked my bank and I saw that another $10.00 was add to my mael WHY? then I call the manaager he said sorry and said the money will be back in 3 to 4 day I said ok. know it been six day and NO MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT> so I call him again he said that Corporate Office had to research it and another 3 to 4 till I get the money back into my account again WHY?

  • Fayetteville N.C. I wrote to them about the experience, never got a response. Went there with a friend for lunch, around 1:30 on a Saturday. We sat at the high tops in the bar area. After 10 minutes with no one speaking to us we asked a server that was passing by if we could get some help. She was polite and told us that she was not our server, and pointed out the lady that was. Our server was at one of the booths in the bar. While we sat we noticed a man sitting at the next table. We struck up small talk, he told us he had been there for 15 minutes, and no one had spoken to him either. We tried getting the attention of our server and were ignored. The man at the next table finally just got up and left. At the 20 minute mark we decided to leave as well.

    Keep in mind there were two other servers working in that area, and even though we were not their table you would have though one of them could have let someone know we were being ignored. Could have offered to get us some water, something. The bartender was just 10 feet away and didnt notice, or didnt care that we were being ignored. She was not swamped. She was standing at the end of the bar chatting most of the time. All the time our server was hanging out at one booth with her back to us.

    On leaving I asked to speak to the manager. He was up at the front. When I let him know were leaving without being served and why, He was polite, and asked what table we were sitting at. I showed him, and I could see he was really frustrated. He asked if there was anything he could do. I said no and thanked him for asking. My friend and I left and weny to Ruby Tuesdays, and had a great lunch.

    Just something to think about, the man that left, my friend and I are all of the same skin color. Our server is of a different skin color. I would hate to think that was the reason we were being ignored. If it was, you have a real issue that you had better get fixed. This was my first experience in a Cheddars, and lets just say it fell way short of enjoyable.

  • I worked at the cheddars in Joplin No. I am 50 years old and have been in food for 35 years.. I have never seen such a disorganized filthy mess.. The F word is like hello. The manager Kelly cusses her team members. That is the most disgustingly dirty kitchen ever. The employees eat of the customers plates before they take the food out. The employees grope each other men and women. The manager dresses like a homeless person. I had a debate with Renetta and mysteriously
    The next day my tire is slashe's $181.00 to replace.. Then a week later a debate with a girl named Tara and my car gets keyed the same night… Horrible management. Filthy kitchen, waste of my time cost me more to with there for three weeks than I made…

  • My fiance & I had an amazing experience at the location in Wellington, FL. The service was amazing, the food was EXCELLENT, and it was a classy establishment. This was our first time ever dining, and it will not be our last time.

  • Cheddars in little rock arkansas terrible service, very RUDE host & servers. I was bought a gift card specifically for cheddars after I ate they told me they do not take gift cards only the ones purchased from their location, mine was bought from sams club they told me I could only use my gift card at the corparate cheddars, HOW EMBERASSING cause I had no cash just the gift card !!! And again very RUDE Servers & host. Today was my first & last time at cheddars atleast the one in LR, ARKANSAS

  • My family and i went to the cheddars in flowood ms. The service was horrible, our food took almost 45 minutes to be served, The quality of the food was horrible. My husbands food was dry like it had been sitting under the heat lamp.

  • I ate at the Cheddar's in Wellington Fl on Sunday, February 17, 2012 and it was so crowed due to the Presidents Day Holiday and "season" the parking lot was full, so I, along with many, many others parked next door in the overflow lot. (I had done this on another occasion when I ate there previously.) There were people waiting outside the main doors and in the entryway and there was about a 40 minute wait for our meal. The food was ok, there wasn't that much meat on my meal, but it was tender. The hostess was nice, but the problem began when I left. My car was gone. I thought it was stolen, but when I came back in the restaurant to call someone and tell him what happened and call the police, I saw a small piece of paper on the door that said to be careful about parking next door or you may get towed. Of course, no one warned me or the many other patrons when we entered the restaurant and put our names on the list, as of course, we would have left to go eat at another restaurant. Since the restaurant was so crowed with people when I came in, the sign was obscured by the many people in front of it, and there was only one small do not park sign next door, which I didn't see because I had parked my toyota next to a large truck. Every single car in the lot next door was a patron of Cheddars, as the other establishments were all closed, and all of the cars were towed. It cost me $154.00 to get my car that night. I had to call someone to come get me and my two grandchildren, and wait out late on a Sunday night, and of course it is not in the best part of town. When I told the manager, he said he would try to take care of me the next day and to call him. He also said it had been going on all night. I told him the sign obviously wasn't working and why wasn't he warning people? (Can you say kick back???)As I waited for someone to come get me to get my car, I saw more cars being towed!! When I tried to call him back today, he was not available three times when I called, so I went back in personally to speak to him and he told me it was my problem and he couldn't help me. When I asked him who I could contact in order to get my money refunded, he said,"I don't care if you contact President Obama I am not giving you your money back." This is Richard, the GM of the Wellington, FL store. At this point, I quit being nice, and became quite irritated, as I felt that this was uncalled for. I told him that I felt it was his fault for not verbally informing all of the customers as they arrived about the risk of parking next door, as he already was aware of all of the customers who had their cars towed and this was not something that had happened on previous visits so I was not expecting it. Of course he just asked me to leave and let him "run his business." I will make it my business to let all of the facebook community in Wellington NOT TO EAT AT THE WELLINGTON CHEDDARS UNTIL I GET MY MONEY!!!I won't be letting him run his business until I get my money back. This will be VERY, VERY, BAD for his business. I can tell you nobody likes a manager who treats his cutomers like this. He is giving Cheddars a BAD NAME!!!

  • We go to the Cheddar's in Omaha, Ne. It is usually one of our favorite places to eat. We went a couple of nights ago. The food was cold. As the waitress came up to take plates I pulled out not one, but two hairs from the butter croissants right as she was standing there. She then proceeded to ask if she could take away some plates. I told her I just pulled two hairs out of the croissants. She said that's fine. That's fine!? She said she would talk to the manager, and he would take them off for us. The manager didn't come over and apologize, and because we didn't raise a big stink about it, the waitress acted like it was no big deal. I'm sorry, but that is disgusting. I can't believe we received that poor of service.

  • Recently ate at a new Beckley WV location and very much like most of the above comments our service was horrible, half of our food was cold and the 2 different managers on duty couldn't have cared less. We left paying the total bill and told them there was way too many places to eat in this area to have this kind of service and we wouldn't be back. If anyone at the corporate office cares you can contact me by email to start with at

  • I ordered Take out in Huntsville , Alabama. The food was cold, & horrible. We spent 65.03 on 4 orders of 12 oz steak dinners. When my son arrived to pick them up it was only 3. He had to wait on the other one. One of the take out boxes had a hole in it. The rest looked nasty. I called to ask for a manager, the young lady Felicia said it wasn't a manager available. I asked for a supervisor and kept getting the runaround. So I called on my house phone same thang. That took 30 minutes or more, so one of my sons ate his meal. By the time I finally spoke to a manager he wanted me to bring the food back. Ok it's 30 minutes before closing & I'm really pissed. This wasn't the first time. They didn't even had the sides right. I read the order 4x to the girl who took our order. I'll . Management is also sorry. I'm still gonna call corporate and also let everyone else know about the service. Cheddars clearly don't care about there customers

  • I was at cheddars in my Juliet, tm this evening. Had a very nice waitress. But in the background was an African American female manager yelling and cursing at another employee. My waitrelssl apologizeld because there were small children at our table. To my waitress Kayla, thank you. As for the manager, we will not be returning because it is no longer a nice atmosphere.

  • We live in Texas Home of the Chicken fried Steak. I visit Cheddars regular however the Mesquite location has different issues different days. Sometimes it's the Service, some days it's the food. I rarely eat the chicken fried steak however for the first time in a long time Friday I and my friend ordered it. It came out greasy and a pre breaded patty, both our steaks was totally flat oval smooth and exactly the same size and details, before I tasted it I knew, however I did take a bite and it tasted like crap! Lol… This is not Sonic which would have been better! How can they show a photo of a great chicken fried steak and serve this crap? I don't know if management took the real steaks home and replaced them with this dime store steak or they have change this item at all the locations! Also the week before friends and I went and the Comp. was down. The first thing the waitress said was " are you sure you want to eat here today our Comp. are down and it may take a while. Lol… Duh well yes I am already setting here also I make a long out of town drive to go there! How would that slow anything down, Do they not know how to do it the old fashioned way before Comp.? Lol…. We got the food steaks cooked wrong and food cold. Now pray tell me how is that the fault of computers? I have taken them many New costumers however never again! Find another location and who knows they may be all the same now! Cheddars has gone to the Dogs! What a waste of a nice place! Linda