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Cheddars Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Cheddars Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe
6600 Campus Circle Drive East
Irving,TX 75063-2797
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-640-4344
Customer Service Number: n/a online help only

  • After reading so many negative comment about your restaurant, I will never eat there again. Your restaurant treats customers awful. I hope you go bankrupt!!!

  • I have tired your "Southern Style Green Beans" they are awful. Because they are not regular green beans. They are Italian green beans and they are nasty tasting and texture. The first time I ate at your restaurant and ordered them, because I enjoy real southern style green beans. When the server brought them out, I looked at them and knew right away what they were. I told her they are awful. She said she could be something else. So she brought me some spinach. I told her about those southern style green beans and the they were Italian green beans and told her to try them. When she took those beans back and brought the spinach, she said she tried those beans and she said, "You are right they are awful." You should stop using them and use real green beans and not the Italian Green beans. I tried them once years ago and they taste nothing like a real green bean.

  • would you please please please put cheddars back in champaign Illinois – the closest one is over an hour away – I am begging or pouting – this is my most favorite place to eat – Danville Illinois would be just as acceptable – please hear me we need you back here I love love love my email cheddars – on a scale 5 being the best I give you a 10 my email address is badang67@yahoo.com

  • So sorry to see your new menu today that replaces your cornmeal catfish with white fish or swai. This is a very unhealthy fish that is raised on human waste. We usually eat once or twice a week at your establishment but this was our favorite menu item. I hate to know you are using this white fish because it is cheaper. It seems the other menu items have all stayed the same. We will pass this along to our friends and family. So sad.

  • I had never had a problem with the food and I've been eating at Cheddar's since 2006 when I evacuated to Houston from New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina). I visited the restaurant located in Towne Center in Slidell, LA on March 18th. I keep asking my husband to go there and when we finally did – the food was horrible, Plus the manager would not come to speak to me about the meal. It was only a sandwich (Monte Cristo) and still no assistance. I can't believe all of the above complaints for a restaurant I bragged about. Not sure what's going on with this establishment. Maybe they need to hire better management and definitely better cooks. You should never send out food you wouldn't eat – Plain and simple. I won't be visiting this location any time soon.

    Signed – Very disappointed

  • what is the point of a corporate phone number if as soon as I call, the line picks up and then disconnects immediately?

  • I am a worker at ur fort Wayne Indiana location and I find it annoying that a couple of our line cooks drink on the job. Causing long ticket times and messed up food ik certain of two people that drink on the clock because they have offered it to me but I turned it down. I'm a conservative guy I don't even drink often and this is mind blowing how ppl could drink on the job and think it's OK but management are too ignorant to notice. Hopefully milesia houge which is sort of a ring leader is moving back to your south Carolina location. Now she can cause ruckus down there. And stop being a bad influence on the rest of the kitchen ppl at our store I am not the only person tired of this bull crap .

  • I am disappointed in the Cheddars in Irving, TX because after spending another year overseas in the middle east I come home and relocate to Dallas to be told they dont give military discounts and even if they did you had to be in uniform like they require for the Police force. That is ridiculous and makes us all targets putting us in harms way because every soldiers knows the only time we are in uniform is mostly at work or in route to work (traveling). Not for personal leisure (dining out). It is the little things that lets us know that we are appreciated and thanked when we are deployed and trying to keep our country safe and I find it odd that Cheddar's is a franchise and has many restaurants and Irving is the first one I have been to that doesnt offer military discounts. So much for patriotism. SMH

  • If you want good service. DONT GO HERE. My waitress was rude, the manager was rude, and the GM was disrespectful. They made me feel like less than a person over a discrepancy on my bill. The waitress had an attitude and argued with me at the table, then she went to get the manager who also was argumentative. The issue was over a $2 charge which could've easily been handled with a proper explanation. However, I sat at the table with 2 young children for an extra 20 minutes until they decided to correct my bill. There is no such thing as customer service here. I was once a waitress and still work in customer service I would have never made a scene in the middle of the restaurant over such a small discrepancy. The bad thing is that I live across the street of this restaurant and have ate here frequently. If I could give this place a negative star rating I would.

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