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  1. I was shocked to learn that Groupon is a corporate sponsor for Planned Parenthood. This past week has shed the truth on the practices of Planned Parenthood. First, they profile the black community to determine where to open offices. Secondly, and most appalling is the practice of "salvaging body parts and then selling them.
    America has lost its soul. I plead for your company to discontinue the funding of this organization. Groupon is an excellent company and doesn't need to have an image of being callous to the practices of Planned Parenthood.

  2. Bought tickets to Soul Fest San Diego and voucher said redeem at box office o 1/10/15 to avoid lines on 3/27/15. Long story short, after two round trip attempt to the tune of 80 miles, the box office didn't know a thing about it. When I contacted Groupon and complained they told me to read the fine print as it said redeem on 1/19/15. They didn't know that I had already printed out the deal and voucher. I can't believe that a company wouldn't just own up to making a mistake on the printing instead of insulting the customer's intelligence. If a company would lie about something so minimal, why would I want to do any business with them in the future.

  3. Do not ever buy from this fraudulant company!!! I purchased 6 tickets to the backstreet boys and avril lavigne concert at Jones beach , NY, I bought 4 then 2 later on all were in the same exact section and together! now they are saying 5 seats are togeather and one is in a completley different section!! I am taking my grandaughters and my son with me, I cannot be in a different section!!! they said sorry nothing we can do!!! can you imagine?? they changed my seats im sure for one of their friends or another person!!!!!! I have never been so furious at a company before ! NO help at all!!!!

  4. Good day,

    I really need your assistance.

    I have been struggling with Groupon for some time now. I initially bought Nelson Mandela graded coins from their website for R7,790.00.

    With my dis-satisfaction of this product, myself and Groupon agreed that I must send back the items to them and they will gladly refund me.

    Well I did my part of the deal and they received the coins in good condition after which Marescia at Grouppon agreed to refund me. All of this was done early April 2008. After numerous of emails and promisses I did not receive my refund yet. Apparently they did a reversal on my card I used to pay for the goods. This is considering the fact that I gave my banking details to Marescia, she still reversed it back to my debit card aa a credit card transaction. She also notified me that the transaction might take anything from 5 – 7 working days from the 17th of April. Well the time has come and gone.

    It has been two weeks and no refund received yet. Marescia confirmed that they are following up with the bank and paypal( who know why they are involved). But nothing yet. Who can believe that transactions like these takes so long in this day and age.

    My expectation is that I need my refund back today on the 30th of April 2012. These transactions should reflect perfectly on you bank statements as a debit and credit, thus the reason why I think something else is going on and that Grouppon does not want to refund me at all even thought they confirmed it in writing.

    Your assistance and intervening in this situation would be appreciated. It is really bad to struggle like this especially when you want to make use of your services again, it is always not only about buying but also receiving that service afterwards.

    Bertus Botha.

  5. I recently bought two tickets for $39 to watch Britany Spears and DJ Pauly D.It said that I would receive an email to @gmail.com but i never did. The tickets also didn't come up on "my groupons." Could you help me with this problem.I've already made plans just for these low ticket, it would be very convienent for someone to help.

    1. To whom it may concern,
      This is directed to the executive offices of Groupon.
      My wife and I have been loyal customers of Groupon for some time now, appreciating and enjoying the many great deals we have found from time to time. That being said, I was greatly disappointed when checking my morning news to discover that Groupon has decided to cancel all of it's gun related deals, this being mandated, according to the report, from your CEO, Andrew Mason. I am a gun owner who enjoys the sport of hunting and shooting, and, I have many many friends who are, likewise. Be advised that in as Groupon has chosen to take this offensive liberal stance, I will be canceling my interest in dealing with Groupon, too. And you can be sure once this gets out on Facebook and Twitter, I will not be the only one to do so, as there are many many people in this country who enjoy collecting, shooting and hunting with guns. This just has to be one of the most boneheaded, stupid, illogical suicidal business moves any company could have ever made; alienating a huge swath of people who bring in enormous amounts of money for Groupon. But, if the people that run the business at Groupon, such as Andrew Mason, are truly this stupid not to foresee the consequences of their actions before pulling a stunt like this, then they truly deserve to bear the full consequences of their actions. The people you have offended by this action will respond accordingly, of that you can be quite sure!

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