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PSEG Corporate Office 

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Public Service Enterprise Group PSEG corporate office is located in Newark, New Jersey. This post provides detailed insights into PSEG, including their main office address, contact numbers, and an overview of the company’s services in the utilities and energy industry. Also included are customer reviews, ratings, and complaints regarding PSEG.

How To Contact PSEG Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

PSEG Headquarters Address:

Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated
80 Park Plaza
Newark, NJ 07102
United States

PSEG Headquarters Contact Information:

PSEG Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-973-430-7000
PSEG Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-436-PSEG (1-800-436-7734)
PSEG Complaint Department: Use the customer service number provided
PSEG Email Help and Chat: Contact Page

PSEG Corporate Office

Map and Directions to PSEG HQ

PSEG Company Bio:

Founded in 1903, Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) is a diversified energy company with a primary focus on electric and gas utility operations. PSEG is one of the largest utilities providers in the United States and is committed to delivering safe, reliable, economic, and greener energy.

Services and Products:

PSEG provides:
– Electricity generation, transmission, and distribution
– Natural gas supply
– Energy efficiency solutions and programs
– Renewable energy initiatives

Customer Focus:

PSEG focuses on serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers in New Jersey and the surrounding region, with an emphasis on reliability and sustainability in energy services.

PSEG Competitors:

Key competitors in the utilities sector include Eversource, FPL, Consolidated Edison, National Grid, FirstEnergy, and Xcel.

PSEG Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Customers often comment on PSEG’s reliability in energy provision, customer service responsiveness, and efforts in promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. Reviews can vary based on individual experiences with service and support.

PSEG Complaints and Issues:

Common complaints may include issues with billing, service outages, or customer service interactions. PSEG addresses these concerns through its customer service department and emergency response teams.

PSEG Official Website:

For more information about their services, billing, and customer support, visit PSEG’s Official Website.

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We invite you to share your experiences with PSEG’s utility services, customer support, and overall service quality. Your feedback is valuable in helping others understand the company’s performance and customer satisfaction levels. Feel free to leave your comments and reviews below

PSEG Appliance Promotion

January 23, 2024

WorryFree 70% Promotion on new appliances!

PSE&G is offering a 70% discount to home owners who are enrolling new appliances in your WorryFree program. I’ve been paying about $1,000.00/year for this program on 7 of my appliances (refrigerator, washer, wall oven, dryer, water heater, furnace and A/C). Customer Service is saying that existing customers don’t get any discount on existing appliances that are currently being covered. I’d like to know why existing customers aren’t rewarded and are subsidizing new coverage for new or existing customers. This is ridiculous. And you can’t cancel and then re-apply for the discount as there is a 12 month? re-enrollment wait period.

I’m retired and looking to save where possible. I’d like to have someone from Corporate call me as this is about a $715.00 potential savings for 2024.


Attention PSEG's Corporate Headquarters - Financial Failures Results High Bills for Customers

August 22, 2023

Despite PSEG’s consistent failure to meet performance targets and its soaring debt, now exceeding 12 million dollars, the company persists in awarding substantial bonuses to its executives. Paradoxically, it does not address the numerous customers who exploit the system, neglecting their payment responsibilities. As a result, the financial burden falls on responsible customers who face indirect avenues for increased charges. PSEG often deflects blame, citing rules set by LIPA. But who sets LIPA’s guidelines? Our elected officials play a significant role in this. Thus, responsible consumers, who are also constituents, might need to reconsider and re-educate their representatives. Basic financial principles are straightforward: If one doesn’t pay for services, they shouldn’t receive them. Similarly, if an individual fails to perform their job adequately, they shouldn’t receive a paycheck, let alone bonuses.

Corporate Office Headquarters