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PSEG Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact PSEG Corporate Office Headquarters

Public Service Enterprise Group Inc.
80 Park Plaza, P.O. Box 1171
Newark, New Jersey 07101-1171 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-430-7000
Fax Number: 1-973-430-5845

  • In chronicle logical order, Jun 11, 2015 we were informed by an automated recording system that our meter had not been read, and it was schedule to be read on Jun 12, yet with all occupants present no one arrived requesting any assistance to gain access to the back gate, and the meter reading was estimated to approximately 81840 kilowatt (kWh). On Jul 14, 2015 without our assistance gaining access to the back yard, the meter was actually read recording usage of 88530 kWh which devastatingly increase to our electric bill that we received on Jul 27, 2015. On the same day I received the bill, I called customer service I spoke with Ms. Jenkins who informed me of the following: the meter had not been read since Nov 2014, the bill reflected a computed amount from last time meter was read bringing the total forward to present date, explained our meter is read at approximately 8:30a.m. monthly (at the time all occupants of the household are at home), and notes on the account indicated we had a dog in our back yard. For the record, we had a small Jack Russell Chihuahua mixed dog that was under 10 pounds who was stolen in 2007. On Aug 12, 2015, I was outside when the meter reader approached, assisted him with gaining access to the back yard, and I was fortunate to obtain and witness the meter reading of 55698 kWh while in his presence. Now I am baffled because the meter reading on Jul 14, 2015 was 88530 kWh, so I proceeded with calling customer service to discuss the significant decrease in kWh. Ms Carter is the representative that honored my call back request. I initially explained the decrease in kWh and then became highly upset when Ms. Carter continuously indicated that the previous reading in Jul was an estimated, and I continuously contested the opposite of her statement because her response reflected that I was illiterate as well as beyond comprehension of the bill that I had on hand while speaking with her at the time of the call. She finally stated,"I'm not going to sit here on this phone going back and forth with you and I'm going to let my supervisor handle your call. I need your number so my supervisor can call you back." I gave her my number and ended the call still without any clarified resolution as to how kWh usage decreases by 32832 kWh from Jul 14, 2015 to Aug 12, 2015? Please contact me with a explanation and resolution to the above inquiry via e-mail at bessietru@yahoo.com.

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