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  • Land Rover USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Land Rover USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Land Rover USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC
Attn: Customer Relationship Center
555 MacArthur Blvd.
Mahwah, NJ 07430 USA
Customer Service Number: 1-800-637-6837
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Browns Lane Allesley
Coventry, CV5 9DR UK
Corporate Phone Number: +44 24 7640 2121
Fax Number: +44 24 7620 2101


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  1. Wow! 37 complaints and I am writing the 38th. It seems rudeness and unprofessionalism is the is the character trait for Land Rover USA in general. I am in New York, on Long Island and 2 of the three dealers located in Freeport and Huntington have unprofessional service people, to include the receptionist answering the phones. It would appear the amount of the car and the luxury classification assigned to these cars would garner more respect to the buyers or leasee's of these vehicles. however the service people of Toyota, Honda or Acura are much more professional, Also the perks they rave about in advertising is much more problematic than beneficial. the car does not perform as advertised and I have been very disappointed in driving this car. I am presently leasing which ends this August. I asked for a 6 month extension to give me time to find another car

  2. My 2018 Velar Range Rover has been a complete lemon and has been in the shoppe more times than I've driven the car. It's now 2021 and I've had to put in five batteries, yep you read correctly. After writing my last review, the service technician told me yesterday to my face, "you know that review you wrote the last time you were here? Well, it affects no one but me, me only and it cost me $3000, I just wanted you to know that". Have you ever heard of a service or sales person talking so unproffessionally to you like that? I imagine if he'd been doing his job correctly, I wouldn't have had the poor experience I've been having with this vehicle. This dealership is the newly remodeled Houston Central dealership on Old Katy Road in Houston,Texas.

  3. worst customer service and worst car buying experience ever our 2017 evoque in shop 10 times and still there legal help has been called

  4. 2017 range rover evoque in shop 10 times since October and there again suppposedly a rodent issue that I have to pay for and the eco start stop doesnt work correct no help from corporate guy are anyone so we had to get legal help

  5. Anyone understand Land Rover's latest ad with the white dogs barking at the car? Whoever thought this one up should be fired. It absolutely makes no sense. The gate opens and the dogs bark at the car that hesitates and then drives up to the house but the dogs whine and stay in place. They must not know the driver since they didn't follow to where car stopped. And if it was a stranger they would have gone at him/her. There are a lot of ads out there that are entertaining and some informative, but I truly hate when my intelligence is insulted.

  6. I suggest that someone find a good class action attorney and then advertise for customers with similar experiences to join the lawsuit. This company needs to be sued for the way it treats customers. It also needs to pay up for all of the financial loses many of you have suffered at the hands of these unscrupulous criminals. They spend millions of dollars on the most ridiculous TV commercials that make no sense whatsoever and then refuse to stand behind their faulty vehicles. I guarantee that if enough of you join in this lawsuit and provide documented proof of how these crooks operate, they can be made to pay. They need to be slapped with heavy financial penalties that will help make ill-treated customers whole again. It costs nothing to ask a law firm to get the ball rolling. Then sit back and watch all of the TV commercials inviting people to join the list of plaintiffs.

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