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  • Tim Hortons Corporate Office Headquarters

Tim Hortons Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Tim Hortons Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

874 Sinclair Road
Oakville, ON L6K 2Y1 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-905-845-6511
Fax Number: 1-905-8450265
Customer Service Number: 1-888-601-1616
Tim Hortons USA Corporate Office Regional Headquarters HQ

4150 Tuller Road Unit 236
Dublin, OH 43017  and
565 East Grand River Avenue Suite 101
Brighton, MI 48116

  • So first I want to say how much I love Tim Hortons coffee been drinking for years and years I am now getting more and more upset with the Tim Hortons in the States which is where I live, they are charging 10cents more because I ask for a double cup because your cups are so flimsy you need 2 cups especially for the XLarge which is what I order all the time. I have just about had it your cups! They are becoming more and more weak and if you don’t get 2 cups you burn your hands.. I have just started making my own coffee for work. Shame on you Tim Hortons

  • To All,
    It just unbelievable how bad “Tim Horten’s” sales and service is. Sind more than 3 week’s I try to get a ”Farmers Wrap” for breakfast, but became only excuses to hear. The rage is from “ the delivery not come jet, some ingredients’ not available, and the newest is, the oven is damaged. When I ask for other dish, more than 50% are not available! I don’t know if this is the bad management at the store in the Vista Mall Sta.Rosa only or a general problem of Tim Horten here in the Philippines? Anyway I’m very disappointed about this, since I know the perfect services in Canada. Maybe I should make this letter also available to the main office in Oakville.

  • I live in Hamilton and travel to Brampton/Mississauga regularly. In short every single Tims location will screw up my drink and order 9 out of 10 times. This is why sales are dropping and you can't hire anybody. Things are so rushed it's putting you out of business.

  • They, most likely Tina C., have to stop hiring language translators to assist drive – thru speaker box employees at the BLACK creek/Weston Rd. location. Drive thru line backs up for wayy too long for ESL lessons through customer ordering and is a waste of corporate funds! Please stop them!

  • Today were out shopping and decided to stop at a Tim Hortons for a bagel and tea. My husband ordered a cheese bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese, I ordered a everything bagel with
    strawberry cream cheese only to be told you didn't have strawberry cream cheese. I had my bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese which I did not enjoy. I would like to know why you no longer have strawberry cream cheese. Thank you.

  • Tim rip off Horton's s is overcharging on their online ordering . How does 2 bagels at $1.29 each + TX come to $4.58. What kind of math does Canada use??? The order shows correct price and total until you send the order, then poof it changes to higher prices. This is fraud and most people probably aren't aware this is happening. You have to review your receipts! I have contacted "customer service" 8x by phone / emails with no refund as of yet. Not even an email telling me they're working on it. Dead silence! Please reply if this happened to you because I'm considering filing a class action suit!

  • I used the online ordering to get the discounts. I ordered 2 bagels with cream cheese. They rang up on screen at $1.29 each + tax and it showed the correct total until I sent the order!!!!!!! The total came to $4.58??????????? What kind of math do they use in Canada? This happen 3x before I became aware of this "glitch". I have been calling the " customer service line" since February 11,2021 with a total of 7 calls and 2 emails and zero reply. I'm told they will pass it on to the tech department for review and refund. Again no refund, no gift card and not even an email saying they're working on it! I am so irate I have stopped going to Tim rip off Horton's. I am not a well person and the stress from this bull has made things worse. Its the principle. How many thousands of people had this happen and don't even know! Unless you review your receipts or keep careful track of purchases so you'd recognize the overcharging most wouldn't notice a couple bucks here or there on their credit card. PLEASE let me know if this happened to you because I'd like to start a class action suit. Than you

  • I apparently won a $20 Skull Candy prize this week but when I go to the web site as directed there is no where to enter the code I was given. How am I supposed to claim this prize? Last year I lost out on a $25 Tim Card because I couldn't load money onto my app in time. This new system sucks!

  • There is a Tim Horton's in Englewood Ohio and I used to go there all the time. I have your app on my phone and have money on it. Then about a year and a half to two years ago, for some reason they couldn't scan my phone. They could scan for the points but when it came to scan for the payment it wouldn't scan. I go to other ones and have no problem. I went back to Englewood a couple weeks ago thinking that it would be fixed but when I put my phone up there to pay, they told me I couldn't use that. I won't go back there anymore. I think that maybe someone should contact them and see what is wrong with the scanner. This has to be hurting their business because I wouldn't think that it is only me.

  • I have a complaint about your coffee cups you are using at the lansing store on m99 Hwy . They dont fit on the cup tight enough there fore the lid came off and it went all over me and my car seats console and phone and every thing else i had on my seats Then i had to go back home and chang my cloths . Witch made me late to where i was going . Very unhappy . large coffee cups . .7/28/2020 About 640 Am . Not the first time this has happened to me .

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