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Megabus Corporate Office Headquarters

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Megabus Corporate Office Headquarters
4400 S Racine Avenue
Chicago, IL  60609-3313
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-773-254-6400
Corporate Office Alternate Phone Number: 1-773-890-6342
Corporate Office Fax Number: 1-773-533-7446
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-GO2-MEGA

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I just read these comments and thought I'd add a comment as well. several yrs ago I took megabus to toronto, niagara falls and wash dc, earlier this yr I went from ft myers to nyc. Never had a problem on any of my trips, price is unbelievably low, service was fine, I recommend megabus as a great way to see tge country at a very low price

So they have a scam going on right now with their website. They are blocking the site so you have to call into purchase the ticket & pay an extra $7. They are saying it's a fraud alert & use another browser. I used 3 different browsers, & 5 different cards. Everyday for 5 days until I just gave in. I talked to 4 reps & received an email from a rude chick named Rassana, Customer Service Specialist. But I guess they should be upset with me, I reports their drivers for being late

I am writing in concern as to why your customer services is so hard to understand. I could not make sense of what two of the women were saying, whom I spoke with. One woman I spoke with rushed me off the phone I was able to get her name, Latoya. I understand your user agreement for no refunds. However, I don’t understand why I am being charged $10 to switch my date as my ticket is for 3:55pm on Dec.21, I will no longer be needing this ticket so wish to have a credit on my account that way I may use it in the future. I have read many horrible reviews on your twitter page. I’d hope that your company is taking these complains seriously. I don’t appreciate being treated as if my concerns did not matter or I was annoying them. This company seems to have no customer service and only cares about making a profit. I will continue to communicate with this company as this is unacceptable. I have had many pleasant trips with your mega bus services, this trip is just no longer needed.

Thank you!

I take the Megabus every week in Tampa Fl. I go to the University of Central Florida, and that's how I commute. The bus is always late. I called to see where the bus was because the routing app wasn't working. Apparently, they couldn't forecast the arrival time for my bus. Now I was standing out in the heat for a long time. I have a heart condition and decided after 45 minutes I'm not waiting anymore. I ask for my bus ticket to be changed to next week. I'm a loyal customer and they told me no. They then proceeded to hang up on me three times. They didn't communicate to their guest. An hour later they sent an email the bus will be 45-60 minutes late. I am very disappointed. #megabustampafl I'm sure the New Jersey one is great. Since I'm from there, but Florida Megabus disrespects their customers. #MegabusMarionTransitCenter #CRYSTALMegabusSupervisor

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