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  • Harley Davidson Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Harley Davidson Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Harley Davidson Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Official Address:

3700 West Juneau Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53208 USA

Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-414-342-4680

Fax Number: 1-414-3434621

Customer Service Number: 1-800-258-2464 or 1-414-343-4056

Harley Owners Group: 1-800-258-2464

Harley Davidson Credit: 1-888-691-4337

Harley Davidson Visa: 1-800-699-2281

Harley Davidson Insurance: 1-888-691-4337


  • Bought a new Tri Glide last year. During the winter the battery wasn't charging on the Tendor. Pushing the bike out we heard a brake pad. Sure enough right rear brake was badly scored. 636 miles. Only one brake. Asked a Harley Davidson mechanic friend of mine and confirmed on the internet both rear brakes work together. Harley Davidson Customer service came to the conclusion that it was not covered under warranty. I must have rode the brake or the parking brake was left on. When questioned why only one brake was scored they never answered. I asked the dealer for the breaks which is legal in Michigan they gladly cooperated. Speaking with Donna at Harley Davidson Customer service she stated i could have altered them. 37 years in two Law Enforcement agencies special Operations and investigations and I was accused of Altering the chain of evidence. If anyone has an issue like this be sure to document it. Report it to keep others from hazerdous rides. If an issue, it will help correct it down the road. And Donna .This is not a humerous issue to me. Play the last tape back to the end.

  • I bought two Harleys{ a 2017 Heritage Classic and an Iron } and had an accident with the Iron and put it in the shop where I bought it to get repaired and the Tech that looked at it wanted to do a lot of unnecessary repairs to it so we looked it over and determined over half the repairs were not really necessary so we settled on what was so I paid for the parts and labor up front. The tech was not too happy with it cause it ment he wasn't getting as much money for the work.We also discussed the problem we were experiencing from the first time rode the bike which was a very bad vibration on the frontend that never seemed to go away and I have less than 100 miles on the bike. Did some checking and found the brake caliper was warpped which probably caused the problem and they agreed so they warrenteed it and now they say the mounting bracket is broke and wants me to pay for that and when I checked the bike earlier it wasn't broke.I believe the Tech is doing things to try and make up for all the other things he wanted to do for the bike to make up for what was not necessary to do in the first place. what do you suggest I do?

  • Harley Davidson should build a better bike use cast iron motors in stead of soft alloy motors. I like Harley Davidson but the cost is to high for the bike if they can make a maintenance free like a rail bike which is a basic bike and cheaper bike to build to keep the cost down so people would buy more of this kind of bike. then the import bikes which are killing Harley Davidson business. Remember you where born to ride and be alive.

  • I would like o recommend Harleyworld chesterfield I the uk , for the last 10 years they have lent me a bike to use as a marshal on the local hospice midnight walk , never a problem always supportive a good dealership and a credit to the brand , do please have a look
    d McDermott
    thanks patrick

  • Good Afternoon, I have a 2015 FXDL. I took to Bayside Harley on December 27, 2015 to get tuned. I had replaced the cams and pushrods in the bike with the SE 259 cams and SE adjustable pushrods. I didn't ride the bike at all except the 8 miles to Harley. I noticed a small knock in the motor and so did Harley. Harley tore my motor down and under warranty replaced my crank, jugs, and pistons. I had to buy a new oil cooler, new cams (feuling 574), new lifters (feuling). The only thing original on my bike after this rebuild was the crank case itself and the heads (which were reworked by harley). Harley then tuned the bike and gave it back to me with 60 miles on the new motor. I rode the bike for another 120 miles. Taking it very easy because of the break in for the new motor. I noticed another small ticking coming from the motor and took back to Harley. They told me to ride it a little bit more. I went straight home and drained the oil and found brass in the oil (When I say brass it looked like I struck gold). I called Harley and they said put some more miles on it. So thats what I did. I rode the bike until it had a little over 500 miles on the new motor. I changed the oil 2 more times before I took it back to Harley. My bike is sitting at Bayside Harley Davidson right now with no motor. Some corporate guy from Harley came and looked at my bike yesterday and stated there was no manufacturer defect that caused this problem. This problem happened twice with two different motors. I asked then what aftermarket part caused the issue? They couldn't give me an answer. How can Harley state there was no manufacturer problem that caused the issue when they don't even know what the issue is? I have a lot of money and time invested in this bike. But, now Harley is pretty much saying I have a bike they are not responsible for even though Harley built the last motor from the ground up. The dealership states they are going to help me out as much as possible but I find this BS. I have probably $2,000.00 in this last rebuild to get 500 miles and have to spend more money to fix the same problem. What can I do to resolve this issue? I don't think I should have to come out of pocket anymore then what I have been. To top everything off not once while doing any work to this bike did anyone at Bayside Harley Davidson state anything about my warranty. SO AGAIN HOW IS THIS MY RESPONSIBILITY????

    Corey R Applegate
    5441 Davis Way
    Virginia Beach, VA 23462

  • I took my motorcycle to centinial park Harley Davidson in Pataskala ohio to get a bearing replaced. when I got my bike back it was leaking from inner primary seal. I had to take it back. after a couple weeks of waiting I had to call them to see what was up. I was then told that there was more wrong with my bike. I explained to them that there was nothing wrong other than the bearing when I brought it there and there is no way that there was more wrong with it. I was then told that they tried three times to fix the leak and finaly got it . but was told I now need a new clutch. I said that was impossible because it was just fine till they got it. I picked up my bike and there was in fact clutch drag. so I had it inspected and found that the primary chain was way to tight. there was used motor oil put in my bike as well as lots of metal and lots of damage from where the failed to tighten my chain to begin with and caused the leak. I contacted them about it and they claimed that they neve make mistakes . and I paid 849 dollars for them to damage my bike even more and then set it up to fail so that I would bring it back. I would never trust these people . be warned

  • Billy W. Godfrey
    700 1st Ave.
    Pleasant Grove, AL.
    Tel. (205)266-4275

    Good day to you,

    My purpose in writing to you today is to introduce myself and my circumstances, and to ask you for help. I will try to be as brief as possible, but would gladly answer any questions you might have.
    I am 53 years old, with no family save a son and a sister, both of whom I see only rarely. I have been in hospice and nursing home care the past five years, having survived pancreatic cancer. I recently lost my second wife, two that have passed away, along with my parents and grandparents.
    I will return to the world this year, and I have a dream. Since I have nowhere to go and an open agenda I cannot help but feel that the Lord has planned it for me.
    Quite simply, my hope is to take a motorcycle and a video camera and travel west, meeting and interviewing anyone of interest, but mostly cancer survivors and the everyday Americans that make this country great. I trust a theme to develop as I travel towards Sturgis.
    As you might imagine, after these past five years all that I had is gone. I have a decent laptop computer for video storage and editing. I bought it to leave to my son when I passed away, but obviously that did not happen.
    I have a pair of blue jeans and a few t-shirts, so clearly I'm prepared to travel light!
    While I can, before diabetic blindness or limb loss grounds me for good.
    I trust in God to provide odd jobs that my health permits me to work to pay for road expenses like food and gas. Having lived out of a single skillet before I know the drill.
    So there it is, in a nutshell. Quite plainly I ask with sincerity and hope; will you help me get a bike? I have a companion to ride with me, an RN who wishes to provide volunteer medical help at Sturgis, on behalf of Harley Davidson if you should wish it.
    I will be happy to provide whatever extra detail I can, including daily reports from the project itself.
    And so I ask, quite simply. This is a dream for many, not just an aging writer…
    Help me get in the wind and come back to life, will you? I'm an American who has served his country as best I could. You are an American legend dedicated to the American way. Please can you help me with a bike? Perhaps you can come up with a way for me to work for you in return. I don't know. I only know that time may be short indeed for me. You are my only, last, best hope.
    35 years ago I had a skull with horns tattooed on my right bicep. My proudest moment was when the letters “H D” were placed with it. I have flown the flag on my body ever since.

    God Bless you all,
    My Thanks,

    Billy W. Godfrey

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